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[Combat] Feats[edit]

Combat feats are a type of scaling feat that grants increasing bonuses based on your Base Attack Bonus. They were created to replace feat chains entirely, in order to grant feat abilities more on par with spellcasting abilities regardless of acquisition level and make the acquisition of additional thematic ability sets possible at higher levels. As a result they have no prerequisites and provide a significant benefit at whatever level they are taken.

They were originally written up in Races of War, part of the Tome series of Homebrew.


Combat Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Acceleration Combat Let your legs get you out of danger Movement speed of 60ft. Dex 16 Moderate
Dancing Swordsman Dance around your enemies and poke them a whole lot. Inspired by Dashing Swordsman. None High
Dispersion Reflect damage reduced damage. Damage reduction of any kind/source. High
Great Fortitude, FPL A version of Great Fortitude meant for feat-per-level 3.Tome games. Inspired by SisterAcacia/Koumei, but scaled back a bit. None High
Iron Will, FPL A version of Iron Will meant for feat-per-level 3.Tome games. Inspired by SisterAcacia/Koumei, but scaled back a bit. None High
Lightning Reflexes, FPL A version of Lightning Reflexes meant for feat-per-level 3.Tome games. Inspired by SisterAcacia/Koumei, but scaled back a bit. None High
One with the Weapon You can wield a certain weapon so well it's like a part of you. Proficient with chosen weapon, improved unarmed strike.
Scorned Heart You gain a cumulative bonus on damage roll against enemies that ignored you. BAB +1 Moderate
Weapon Focus, FPL A version of Weapon Focus meant for feat-per-level 3.Tome games. Inspired by SisterAcacia/Koumei, but scaled back a bit. None High

Scaling Combat Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Aegis of Health, Tome As long as you have not been brought low, you find yourself able to overcome even the worst effects thrown at you. None Very High
Angelic Appearance Your celestial heritage transforms you into a holy icon. None Very High
Armored Tank You are invulnerable, invincible tank while wearing heavy armor. Truly none can kill you. Must be proficient with heavy armor. Very High
Armoured Combat You are more comfortable in armor than out of it. None Very High
Arrow Sniper "The arrows never missed, but we never saw the archer!" None Very High
Bender Dabbling You've picked up a bit of the Bending arts in your spare time. None Very High
Blind Fighting You don't have to see to kill. None Very High
Blitz You go all out and try to achieve goals in a proactive manner. None Very High
Blitzkrieg, Tome "sprinting through the hoards hitting as I go!" None
Born of Thunders You are connected to the primal forces of Nature. None Very High
Burning Fist You have fists of fire, daggers and short swords of fire too. None Very High
Buster Weapon Yours is the sword that will pierce the heavens! None Very High
Child of the Heavens You have some special connection to the forces of Good, whether you wish it or not. None Very High
Cock Fighting Rock out with your cock out. None High
Combat Looting You can put things into your pants in the middle of combat. None Very High
Combat School You are a member of a completely arbitrary fighting school that has a number of recognizable signature fighting moves. None Very High
Combat Thief A Combat-style feat based on the Pathfinder Steal maneuver. You are an expert at stealing things in the middle of combat, plundering your foes before their very eyes. None High
Constricting Tail You have a serpentine tail that allows you to squeeze the life from your enemies. None High
Crimson Blade Your blade is red with the blood of your enemies. None High
Crit Fisher You have a tendency to unexpectedly stab people in their important organs far more often and effectively than the average fellow. None High
Danger Sense Maybe Spiders tell you what's up. You certainly react to danger with uncanny effectiveness. None
Debris Wielder You enter battle unarmed, but not for long None High
Deceitful Fox Style The Deceitful Fox Style combines a shoddy looking stance and overly flourishing move to make you look like an amateur and hiding your real skills. A master of the style learns how to feint her opponents and take advantage of their overconfidence. Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Feint High
Deflect Arrows You can protect yourself and allies from ranged attacks. None High
Deflect Arrows, Red Rob Version You are so fast you can hit projectiles before they hit you. None High
Demonic Appearance Your appearance changes to match the taint within. None Very High
Desert Commando You fight better when surrounded by sand. Must have spent at least a year living in the desert.
Diehard You can take a licking and keep on ticking. None Very High
Diehard, Tome You've been stabbed, poisoned, shot, dragged through the dirt and left in the freezing night to die. You didn't. And now you are back to kick some ass! None High
Divine Agent Not every believer becomes a Paladin or Cleric. You're on a mission from God. None Unquantifiable
Draconic Heritage Your grandmother was a Dragon. None Very High
Einhander, Variant You fight with a one-handed or light weapon in one hand and nothing in the other. You mastered the ability to parry incoming blow and strike targets through their defenses. None High
Electro Fist You have fists of electricity, daggers and short swords of electricity too. None Very High
Elemental Bodied Your body changes to resemble your elemental nature. None Very High
Elusive Target You are very hard to hit when you want to be. None Very High
Endurance of Stone Your ancestors were one with the earth. None
Experimental Stock Perhaps your parents were experimented on by mad arcanists. Or you've just been hit by one spell too many. None High
Expert Staff Fighter You are a master of quarterstaff combat, learning both offensive and defensive technique while fighting with the grandfather of weapons. Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff or other staff-like weapon) High
Expert Tactician You benefit your allies so good they remember you long time. None High
Extra Arms, Red Rob Version You have more arms than is normal for your race. None Very High
Feint Attack You juke enemies out of their shoes and onto your waiting blade. None Very High
Fire Dancer Dance around your enemies and watch them burn. Inspired by Ignan Soul. None High
Frigid Snap You have the innate ability to supercool the air around your body to channel it into your weapons. None High
Frostwalker You are at home on the frozen wastes. None Very High
Frozen Fist You have fists of ice, daggers and short swords of ice too. None Very High
Frozen Heart Your icy aura freezes everything around you. Must have the [Cold] subtype. Very High
Gaia's Wrath You channel the power of the Earth Mother through your body, empowering your weapons. None High
Ghost Hunter You smack around those folks in the spirit world. None High
Giant Slayer Everyone has a specialty. Yours is miraculously finding ways to stab creatures in the face when it seems improbable that you would be able to reach that high. None Very High
Great Fortitude You are so tough. Your belly is like a prism. None High
Hatchet Hands You chop down trees bare-handed None High
Horde Breaker You kill really large numbers of people. None Very High
Hunter You can move around and shoot things with surprising effectiveness. None High
Ignan Soul Your soul is linked to the elemental planes of Fire. None High
Infallible You don't fail at things you could not fail at. None Very High
Infernal Taint Your blood has the taint of the lower planes. Maybe you were born this way, or maybe you just stepped in some Evil. None Very High
Insightful Strike You hack people down with inherent awesomeness. None Very High
Ionic Spark You have an ionic charge that can run through your natural and held weapons. None High
Iron Will You are able to grit your teeth and shake off mental influences. None High
Juggernaut You are an unstoppable Juggernaut. None High
Know Thy Enemy Learn the habits of a particular quarry and put that knowledge to good use. None Very High
Kraken Style Grappler You have learned the kraken style of grappling, which show you how to crush your opponent into submission, much like the legendary beast itself. Tentacles optional. Improved Grapple Very High
Learned Archery Your high intelligence lets you know just where to strike to penetrate an opponent's armor. Int 17 or higher. High
Lightning Reflexes You are fasty McFastFast. It helps keep you alive. None High
Lightning Soul Your soul is linked to the elemental planes of Electricity. None High
Mage Slayer You have trained long and hard to kill magic users. Maybe you hate them, maybe you just noticed that most of the really dangerous creatures in the world use magic. None Very High
Magekiller, Tome You are adept at stopping magical creatures. None Very High
Master of Judo You are a master of moving your opponents and using their own Strength against them. Improved Unarmed Strike, Dex or Wis 13 High
Monkey Grip When all else fails, get a bigger sword. Strength 20+, Weapon Focus, Epic Weapon Focus Very High
Multiweapon Fighting, Tome Why fight with only one or even two weapons when you have more than that many hands. Three or more hands. Very High
Murderous Intent You stab people in the face. None Very High
Natural Fighter Because sometimes you need to fight with what your mother gave you. None Very High
Natural Heavyweight, Tome You are very strong for your size. None High
Natural Weaponry As your body grows, all of your Natural Weapons gain power along with it. None Very High
Occam's Duelist Your wit is sharp enough to see through deceptions by pure analysis. This makes it evident when stabbing is a good plan - almost always. None Very High
Opportunist You punish anyone who lets their guard down. None Very High
Phalanx Fighter You fight well in a group. None High
Point Blank Shot You are crazy good using a ranged weapon in close quarters. None Very High
Professional Wrestler Big, small, you grapple them all! Strength 13 or Dexterity 13, Improved Unarmed Strike Moderate
Quality Build, Scaling You combine you strength and dexterity in equal measures. None High
Quick Draw, Tome You can draw items increasingly quickly, become difficult to disarm and can strike extremely quickly. None High
Radiant Champion You are the light that stands against the darkness. None Very High
Rapid Fire You shoot people in the face really fast. It leaves women disappointed, but your enemies quite dead. None Very High
Rapid Shot, Tome You shoot extremely fast, like real fast. None Very High
Rapid-Strikes Style You have learned the Rapid-Strike Style, allowing you to perform multiple high speed attacks! Improved Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows Very High
Saddleborn Warrior You are at your best when fighting with an ally that you are sitting on. None High
Shield Specialization You are an expert at putting a piece of metal between you and harm's way. None Very High
Shieldbearer You are the ultimate master of sword-and-board. Or, if you're feeling creative, you could try board-and-board instead. None Very High
Siege Shot, Combat You can shoot a single, devastating shot. None Very High
Single-Blow Style You have learned the Single-Blow Style, which allow you to perform a single extremely deadly attack. Flurry of Blows Very High
Skeletal Lord Become an unkillable undead king! Must be able to cast at least 1st level necromancy spells and have the Corpsecrafter feat and already be an undead Very High
Skychild You are a creature of the air. None Very High
Slayer There are worse things out tonight than Vampires. None High
Sniper Your shooting is precise and dangerous. None High
Sonic Pulse You have the ability to channel sound and sonic vibrations through your body and weapons. None High
Spines of Fury, Red Rob Version Barbed spines cover your body. None Very High
Spirit Warrior A variant of the Zen Warrior feat, use your wisdom in combat and do spirit-related stuff. None Very High
Stand Still, Tome You can stop enemies in their tracks. None Very High
Steel Vanguard Style The Steel Vanguard Style is practiced by those who protect others, even at the risk of their own lives. Combat Reflexes High
Subdued Smiting Gain a Smite Attack or just make your own better. Then use it to knock people out instead of finishing them off. Charisma 13, non-True Neutral Alignment or Smite special attack High
Subtle Cut You cut people so bad they have to ask you about it later. None Very High
Surge of Ki You have learned the ability to project your inner force in various applicable methods, including deadly blasts of energy. The monk benefit the most from this feat, but other character may as well. None Very High
Thrown Weapon Master Some warriors take their chosen style very seriously. You are a master of throwing your weapon at those who oppose you, and your countless hours of training show as you develop new abilities. Quick Draw, Dex 13 High
Tome Cleave Cleave through your opponents with a series of cleave-related abilities. None High
Toxic Fist You have fists of acid, daggers and short swords of toxic waste, too. None Very High
Two-Weapon Fighting When armed with two weapons, you fight with two weapons rather than picking and choosing and fighting with only one. Kind of obvious in retrospect. None Very High
Unarmed Combat None
Unearthly Flames Your body burns with unnaturally hot fire. Must have the [Fire] subtype Very High
Vampire Hunter You take the "Un" out of "Undead". None High
Verbose Assault Make your opponents feel inferior to yourself in every way. None High
Weapon Finesse You are incredibly deft with a sword. None High
Weapon Finesse, Tome You're good with your fingers None Very High
Weapon Mastery You have given your all to the mastery of a single weapon. None Very High
Weapon Splitter "Are you fighting with a stick? That sword's at least going to break like one." Str 15
Weapon of Righteous Destruction Your hands make whatever is being held by them Magical and on Fire. For some reason this doesn't make them melt or burn up. None Very High
Whirlwind You are just as dangerous to everyone around you as to anyone around you. None Very High
Wolfpack Tactics You like ganging up on people. None High
Wuxia Master You fight like a character from a Wuxia. None High
Zen Archery You are very calm about shooting people in the face. That's a good place to be. None Very High
Zen Warrior Zen warriors uses wisdom and inner spirit to enhance their fighting. None Very High
Zen Warrior Variant Using your inner peace, you strike with power and purpose. Use Wisdom on attack rolls and more. None High

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SummaryCombat feats are a type of scaling feat that grants increasing bonuses based on your Base Attack Bonus. +