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Author: The-Marksman (talk)
Date Created: April 2019
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The Namekians are humanoid race with plant and slug-like characteristics, and incredible regenerative capabilities. They possess green skin and antennae on their bald heads. They are the exclusive creators of the legendary Dragon Balls.


The Namekians are generally a very kind, wise and spiritual people but are often reserved around strangers and outsiders. Like Dwarves they are slow to laugh or jest and suspicious of strangers, but are generous to those few who earn their trust. They do not like rude, gruff or abrasive people. Namekians seem to have a strong connection to nature and Namekians live simple lives as farmers and gatherers who willingly trade their goods with other peaceful races.

Namekians actually have a rather intricate caste system that helps divide the species based on their opposing talents. Namekians are born into either Dragon Clan members, or Warrior Clan members, with each of them serving a vital purpose. Roughly 86% of the population is hatched as Dragon Clan mebers and the remaining 14% are hatched as Warrior types. Dragon Clan Namekians are the the cunning magic users of the race and their most advanced members are the ones responsible for creating the Dragon Balls. Alternatively, Warrior types are obviously better suited for battle and are the defenders of the race. The Warriors sometimes later become elite warriors called a Dark Warrior (which is to them like a marine or green beret).

Physical Description[edit]

Namekians are humanoid in general shape who are completely hairless with bald heads that have large pointy ears like those of an Elf and 2 slug-like antennae on their forehead that are sensitive. They have exclusively black pupils and white iris' that blend in with the background white of their eyes. They have green skin that is a lighter shade of green when they are hatched that slowly darkens with age and they have several pink patches appearing throughout their bodies on their shoulders, biceps, forearms, abs, thighs and shins. They have three red conjoined rings of tough, thick skin on their ankles and wrists, making them look like they have ankle bands and wristbands. A Namekians skin darkens as they age and elderly Namekians have darker green skin and less prominent pink patches (these appear to become dull-orange as the Namekian advances in age). Namekians also have purple blood.

Namekians are hermaphrodites that possess physiques similar to those of human males. Despite the fact that hermaphrodites can reproduce sexually, the Namekians only reproduce asexually, using a mode of reproduction similar to parthenogenesis, where they spit an egg out of their mouth. Despite this asexual reproductive system, there is still visual diversity in the species as the offspring is usually not an exact copy of the parent and Namekians are usually close to their children.


Namekians get along well with most anyone who is peaceful and kind in general, but get along best with Humans and Half-Elves who are generally very accepting of the Namekians and helpful towards them. Namekians can sometimes be found on the outside of Human developments. They get along great with Dwarves with whom they share a lot of personality traits and with Elves who can make life long friends due to their long age and who share a reverence of nature. Namekians tolerate a Gnomes practical jokes better than some other races and are fascinated with their engineering prowess. Namekians are impressed with a Halflings daring and ability to survive or escape danger and even more fascinated with their collections. Namekians tend to be extra reserved around the gruff Half-Orcs and often timidly shy away from abrasive ones.


Namekians have long deep traditions and are kind just people who always strive to keep their word. As such most all Namekians are lawful in nature. Some are occasionally neutral, but a chaotic Namekian is all but unheard of. Namekians all start life with a small seed of evil in their hearts that is a fickle thing, but it is an urge that is very important to deal with early on in their lives. When the evil within a Namekian gets curbed early on they can go on to lead eventful, pure hearted lives, which, in fact, the vast majority of Namekians actually do. However, if this evil is allowed to flourish then there will be some serious consequences leading them into a downward spiral of evil from which they rarely ever return.


Namek is a planet in a trinary star system located at coordinates 9045XY within the Universe 7. It is also home to a host of ambient life, such as fish, frogs, slugs and dinosaurs. Since Namek has three suns, it is never night time. Despite this, there is a side of the planet that appears to be a dark side. The planet is tidally locked to the star group, resulting in the lack of a day/night cycle, with the Nameks living on the daylight side of the planet. A Namekian year is much shorter than an earth year, at 130 days long. The Namekian atmosphere consists partly of oxygen but not as much as some other life giving worlds.

The surface of planet Namek is covered in lots of rolling hills and small cliff edges with MANY cave systems and small shallow cave openings scattered along them. There are many long branching and traversing river systems in most land masses. The hills are mostly covered in an almost teal colored grass that is more blue than green. The waters are a light green color but are safe for the Namekians to drink. The majority of the trees on the planets surface have very, very tall trees with narrow trunks that have a spherical bush of greenery at the top and no branches or greenery on the trunk itself.

Namekian villages are often small simple farming villages that are usually hamlets or villages. Their buildings are usually white brick buildings that are dome in shape and have spherical outward facing windows with green tints, and sometimes have a couple white spikes coming off them for defense against the dinosaurs that inhabit the planet.


Namekians do not have a chief racial deity but many revere Obad Hai or Ehlonna. Namekians do however have a sacred tradition of being the creators and guardians of the Dragon Balls. A major wonderous item that is crafted by the most powerful and wisest Namekians. The Dragon Balls are a series of 7 spherical balls that are exclusively orange in color and have small red stars in them to number the balls 1 through 7, with only 1 star in the "1 star ball" and 7 stars in the "7 star ball". When gathered together and the secret phrase is uttered it summons a mystical dragon that grants the user 3 wishes. The Namekians create these and consider themselves the protectors and guardians of the orbs to keep them out of evil hands. They fiercely and secretively guard the process for creating these balls and those few who do know how they are created, would willingly die to keep these secrets.


Namekians speak common mostly, but they do have an ancient racial language called Namekian, which is written in the Draconic alphabet. It is of about the same difficulty to learn as Draconic itself and has strong harsh sounds almost like orc.


Namekians have names that are often variations of words that mean slug or snail or are puns on words that mean slug or snail.

Name Examples: Piccolo, Kami, Dende, Nail, Guru, Slug, Moori, Moolin, Tanissh, Katas, Tsuburi, Toomlin


Namekians generally live quiet peaceful lives as farmers, gatherers and hunters. As such a Namekian adventurer would be among the most audacious and ambitious Namekians in the race. As long as his accomplishments bring honor to his people, his deeds will earn him respect and status among other Namekians. Depending on his relations with his home tribe of Namekians, an adventuring Namekian may be seen as a vagabond or even something of a traitor (for abandoning his tribe responsibilities).

Namekian Racial Traits[edit]

  • Dragon Clan: −2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, −4 Charisma Dragon clan Namekians have below average strength and average agility but are very wise and practical with cunning intellect.
  • Warrior Clan: +2 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, −2 Wisdom, −4 Charisma Warrior clan Namekians are stronger and much more agile than their Dragon clan counter parts.
    All Namekians have great control over their physiology but are very reserved with strangers and can be very awkward in social situations.
  • Monstrous Humanoid (Shapechanger): Namekians are humanoid in shape but have monstrous traits including changing their size and length of their limbs.
  • Namekians are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Namekians base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Low-Light Vision: A Namekian can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to distinguish color under these conditions.
  • Namekians do not require food for sustenance only water. Namekians have certain enzymes that flow through their body that turn water into essential nutrients. This means that they only require water to survive. A Namekian can eat for pleasure or social functions when or if they want to, but will not suffer any ill effects from the lack of food.
  • Namekians have excellent hearing and have a +8 bonus on all listen checks and can very clearly hear casual conversations up to 60 feet away and clearly hear hushed conversations from up to 30 feet away. Anytime a Namekian makes a DC 25 Listen check, they can pinpoint the location of all foes within 30 feet, by sound as long as they has line of effect to them this includes invisible opponents as well. This benefit does not eliminate the normal miss chance for fighting foes with concealment, but it does ensure that they can target the correct square with thier attacks. If they are deafened or within an area of silence they can't use this ability. If an invisible or hidden opponent is attempting to move silently the Namekian's Listen check is opposed by the opponents Move Silently check and the invisible opponent gains no special bonuses on the check.
  • Sonic Vulnerability: Because their hearing is so good, Namekians have very little tolerance for high pitched noises. Softer high pitched noises such as whistling can cause them a fair bit of discomfort and maybe even quickly give them a headache. Higher pitched noises such as sonic attacks cause 50% more damage to Namekians. A sonic effect that lasts for more than 1 round causes them to become nauseated until the noise stops, and if they take more than 15 sonic damage at once they become deafened for 10 minutes.
  • Regeneration: Namekians heal at an accelerated rate and have regeneration 1 granting them 1 hit point per round and allowing them to regrow or reattach lost limbs. A Namekian can regrow an entire lost limb in 1 round as a full round action with a DC 15 Concentration check causng the new limb to burst out of the stump where it should be, fully usable. Forcing a speedy regeneration in this way causes the Namekian to become fatigued until he can gain 1 hour of uninterrupted rest. Unlike other creatures with regeneration any and all damage is lethal damage to a Namekian and a Namekian cannot regrow it's head.
  • Extend Reach: A Namekian has the ability to extend the length of their arms as a standard action and can extend their arms 5 feet per round up to a maximum of 15 feet. Doing this causes his arm to become rubbery and he can weave the arm through various obstacles provided he has line of sight to where he wants the arm to go and can grasp onto objects or opponents out to his maximum reach. He does not have fine enough motor controls to make attacks while his arm is extended and the arms movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal for opponents aware of the arms movement. A Namekian's carrying / lifting capacity with the arm is 1/2 his normal while the arm is extended. A Namekian may retract his limb as a swift action. Because of the flexability of his limbs a Namekian gains a +2 bonus on Escape Artist checks. If a Namekian grasps on to something while his arm is extended and then retracts his arm, he can make a strength check (DC 18) to drag his body to the location of his hand until his arm is normal length again.
  • Gigantification: A Namekians control over his physiology allows him to inflate his mass granting him the ability to increase his size 1 category to large. This acts in most ways as a casting of Enlarge Person, but is purely biological in nature. He becomes a large creature and takes up a 10 foot space with 10 foot reach and granting the Namekian a +2 bonus to Strength, -2 Dexterity, and a -1 on attack rolls and AC due to his size. He gains powerful build as a large creature letting him count as huge for the purposes of opposed checks such as grapple and bulrush when it would benefit him. His lifting capacities are double of their normal. In this form he can extend his limbs at twice the normal length (up to 30 additional feet on top of his 10 foot reach) and he may maintain this form for a number of rounds per day equal to his hit dice. After reverting from this form he becomes exhausted.
  • Hardened Skin: A Namekian has thick, tough, rubbery skin that acts to protects them from harm and grants them a +1 natural armor bonus to AC and resistance 5 to cold damage.
  • Namekian Fusion: There is an ancient and secret technique that the Namekians rarely speak of that allows one Namekian to give his life to empower another. To do this 1 Namekian must willingly sacrifice his life and transfers his life essence and power into 1 willing Namekian target touching him. The process takes 2 full round actions and causes a bright blue glowing light around the two. Afterwards the sacrificing Namekian completely disappears and the receiving Namekian gains the following:
  • +1 hit dice at the highest hit die the sacrificing Namekian had ever achieved.
  • The receiving Namekian gains a stat bonus equal to the stat modifiers (if positive) of the sacrificing Namekian. If the sacrificing Namekianhad 14 strength, 10 dex, 12 con 12 int, 8 wis and 6 cha the receiving Namekian would permanently gain +2 str, +1 con, +1 int.
  • +2 ranks in the 3 highest skills the sacrificing Namekian had ranks in. This can allow the receiving Namekian to exceed the normal maximum skill ranks allowed in these skills, however, if he does exceed the normal maximum ranks for his current level in these skills he may not add new ranks in these skills until the cap for ranks is higher than his current ranks. Example.
  • 1 feat the sacrificing Namekian possessed that the receiving Namekian did not (the receiving Namekian must be otherwise fully qualified to normally take the feat).
  • The sacrificing Namekians full lifetime of memories.
These memories do not normally change the base personality of the receiving Namekian, he merely remembers all life events and people known to the sacrificing Namekian, but remains himself. A Namekian of any level can sacrifice themselves in this way, but it is very taxing on the receiver and a Namekian must be very powerful to receive this gift without dying. A Namekian can only receive this once per every 10 hit dice they obtain. Once starting at 10th level, a 2nd time at 20th and a 3rd time at 30th, etc. A Namekian that has received the gift cannot ever sacrifice their own essence for another, if attempted it simply fails to function.

Example: For this example we'll assume both characters are level 10. The sacrificing Namekian has 13 ranks in climb, hide, move silently, knowledge (local), 10 ranks in jump, 5 ranks in swim, and the receiving Namekian has 13 ranks in climb, jump, swim and hide, 10 ranks in move silently and 5 ranks in ride. The receiving Namekian would choose 3 of the sacrificing Namekian's first four skills which are at 13 ranks to gain a +2 ranks in out of Climb, Hide, Move Silently and Knowledge (Local). We'll say he chooses Move Silently Hide, and Knowledge (Local) he would go up to 12 total ranks in Move Silently, go up to 2 ranks in Knowledge (Local) and go up to 15 ranks in hide. Because the receiving Namekian now has 15 ranks in hide he cannot add any new ranks to hide until he reaches 13th level and his cap in hide is now 16.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Race Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
16 years +1d8 +2d6 +4d4
Table: Race Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
150 years 250 years 350 years +2d% years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Race Random Height and Weight
Clan Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Warrior 5' 10" +2d6 110 lb. × (2d4) lb.
Dragon 5' 8" +2d4 80 lb. × (2d4) lb.

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SummaryThe Namekians are humanoid race with plant
The Namekians are humanoid race with plant and slug-like characteristics, and incredible regenerative capabilities. They possess green skin and antennae on their bald heads. They are the exclusive creators of the legendary Dragon Balls.
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