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Author: The-Marksman (talk)
Contributors: Franken Kesey
Date Created: 04/13/19
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Golbez System

System Traits:

  • Gravity: Planets in the Golbez System have normal gravity. But the vacuum of space has no gravity.
  • Time: The Golbez System experiences normal time.
  • Shape and Size: The Golbez System is eight light-hours in diameter. Is composed of one medium-sized star, seven planets, three of which are inhabitable.
  • Alterable Morphic: The Golbez System is alterable morphic.
  • Elemental and Energy Dominance: The Golbez System is mostly minor positive energy dominated.
  • Neutral/Good Aligned: The Golbez System is mostly neutral; but Lian is minor good aligned.
  • Magic Traits: The Golbez System has mostly normal magic; but Lian has enhanced magic and psionics.

Plane Links: As the Golbez System is located on the Material Plane, it is connected to the Astral Plane as well as coterminous and coexistent to the Plane of Shadow and coexistent to the Ethereal Plane.

Movement and Combat: As an Earth-like planet.


Only three planets are inhabitable; Aralhal, Lian and Is. The three inhabitable planets have widely different creatures.


The Golbez System’s star is blue, medium-sized and gives off a minor positive energy glow. This is the source of positive energy throughout the solar system. It was named after the major god of the system (Celesdra), who spreads the value of knowledge.


The first planet in the system. Completely uninhabitable.


The second planet, mostly covered in water and a scorching mist. The surface is 80 degrees celsius, killing most things, and the air is poisonous. All odd, noting that it was named after a god of healing.


The third planet, is a savage world filled with giant mountains, wild plains, and unexplored canyons. There is a much smaller civilized presence on Aralhal due to it being protected by Aralhal. Aralhal has a much more savage weather, with regular hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and blizzards; one of which occurs on average each month. Additionally, global temperatures in the daylight on average are 40 degrees celsius, and 5 degrees at night. A full rotation of Aralhal (or a day and night) is 18 hours.

Inhabitants: Aralhal is composed of more primitive cultures, such as the dag, half-giants, ronso, rylvain and skandar. This is not only due to the hostile environment, but also the presents of giants(1-17), dinosaur(3-9), giant crocodile(4), primeval dragons(5-42) and behemoths(20) which are common. Aralhal also has most known species of animal.


The fourth planet is a planet of great wonder, Lian has three different continents. The first is the largest and filled with dense forests, large rivers and majestic mountain ranges in a temperate climate, most of the large cities are on this continent. The second is much smaller and tropical, it has a massive mountain range that separates part of it from the rest. The secluded part is a large valley with a rain-forest; while most of the continent is dry desert. The third is an arctic wasteland that few can live in. Lian is one of the hospitable planets in the Golbez System, home to the Liantia. A full rotation of Lian (or a day and night) is 24 hours.

Inhabitants: Lian is mostly composed of liantia, aasimars, lesser archon hound, asuta, energon, half-nymph and elven nymph. But inhabitants will welcome most other species (so long as they are not inherently evil). Lian has a wide range of flora with towering trees in its forests, colorful fungi in its jungles, and cacti in its deserts. Even the rare cactuar(8) can be found within its deserts, and olympus dragons(9-40) can be found soaring on all continents (though are rare).


The fifth planet is covered in lava and fire, completely uninhabitable.


The sixth plant is a green gas giant, also uninhabitable.


The final planet is a land of spiders and webs. It is the only plant in the system considered evil. Though it has no alignment changes, the positive energy of the system has no effect on Is (energy neutral). The planet is not inherently evil, just covered in shadow. Recently, a few colonies have been built on the planet to find more about it. But much of its surface is unknown. The planet is circled by six moons, which obstruct sunlight throughout most of the day, but provide decent light at night. Form above the planet looks like one continuous forest, with thirteen great lakes covering 30% of its area (total; a tiny portion). A full rotation of Is (or a day and night) is 48 hours, with a moon completely blocking the sun six times in the daylight hours for 30 minutes each.

Inhabitants: The inhabitants of Is are mostly unknown, explorers have found: drow, feline, half-drow, half-elves, grey vampire, take and tieflings, along with a host of creatures that they have been unable to name yet. But with so little of the planet explored, there could be an entire civilization hidden.

Marksman's Homebrews
Classes Battle Juggernaut, Bewitcher, Bounty Hunter, Cat Burglar, Divine Healer, Enchantress, Footpad, Grimslayer, Half-Nymph, Half-Rylvain, Hunter, Ki Warrior, Martial Artist, Noble, Platinum Dragoon, Radiant Champion, Rylvain, Saiyan Warrior, Scout, Socialite Deluxe, Spy, Undead Slayer, Undead Stalker, Warlord, Wolverine
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Character Options Ascended Super Saiyan, Ascetic Juggernaut, Awesome Blow, Enhanced Ki Pool, Full Power Super Saiyan, Saiyan Elite, Tail Defense, Ultra Super Saiyan
Equipment Cloak of Bullshit, Cloak of Greater Bullshit, Cloak of Lesser Bullshit, Dragon Balls, Excalibur, Potion of Youth
Spells & Powers Condition, Eternal Charm Monster, Eternal Charm Person, Eternal Slumber, Reraise, Restore Youth, Steal Youth, Summon Wyvern
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