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Making An Alien[edit]

Races: A player chooses one of the following: Eldritch Horror, Energon, Ethergaunt, Gear Actua, Human, Kremen, Octoxeno, Osteon, Seppia, Setenall, Skandar, Tempus, Uongo-mijusi, V'Kai, Zeitgeist, or Zherihnghil.

Base Classes: Then the player chooses one of the following: Apex, Barbarian, Bard, Explorer, Fighter, Psychic Warrior, Ranger, Rogue, Soulknife, Autoplate Pilot, Electric Mage, Force Conduit, Force Initiate, Golem Domineer, Gunslinger, Marksman, Metal Slug, Psyblade, Tenken or Wildknife.

Prestige Classes: A player can advance in any of the following prestige classes: Airship Pilot, Battle Robot, Horizon Walker, Loremaster, Psionic Fist, Wildhunter, Wolverine or Xenophile.

Paragon Classes: Certain races can advance in the following paragon classes: Evolutionist, Guide, Tempus.

Alternate Class Features: A player can choose to change their features with: Machinist Fighter, Raging Hulk, Variant or Survivor Spell-less Ranger.


Feat Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Absorb Energy Deflect Projectiles You can absorb the energy of incoming attacks to recover your bio-energy.
Adamant Defense Adamant Focus, Setenall Your defenses improve while you're focused.
Adamant Focus Setenall, Concentration 4 ranks. Your have improved upon your innate ability to focus.
Alien Infiltrator Shapechanger subtype. You are an alien infiltrator from a distant world, allowing you to mesh very well with the primitives.
Antennae None You are able to sense things you cannot see.
Astroadaptation Con 15, Must not have to breathe, Natural Armor +5 or higher You can survive in the near vacuum of space.
Bio-Energy Suffusion Ability to cast spells or manifest powers. You can use your bio-energy for casting spells or manifesting powers.
Bio-Restoration Healing Surge You use your bio-energy to restore yourself.
Biotic Initiate Int 16, 4 HD, Able of Manifest 1 Psychokinesis Power of level 1 or Higher A mysterious human, only known as The Shepherd, ventured far away from their home galaxy at the end of a brutal war for survival. After leaving, he began to teach naturally psionic races to harness biotics, a higher level form of telekinetic control by manipulating the Dark Matter that permeates through the Universe.
Biotic Vanguard 6 HD, Con 18, Biotic Initiate By delving deeper into the teaching of The Shepherd, you now understand the ideals of the Vanguard. To be the forward force of your party to lead them battle with brute force and disrupting the front line of any enemies you face.
Bioweapon Con 13 or Int if the desired bioweapon is psionic (+4 for every subsequent instance of this feat) By altering your own genetic structure, you have gained a powerful special attack.
Centric Impact Centric Strike You can drive a weapon with immeasurable force by expending portions of you life force.
Centric Strike None By expending portions of your life force, you can land massive strikes, and seem to rewrite the shape of space with mere willpower.
Chameleon None You can blend in with your surroundings by adapting your body to the colors and textures around you.
Creation Ex Xeno Con 18, Craft Xeno-Alchemy 5 ranks Can't make something out of nothing, unless you're an alien or something...
Duraskin None Either through chitinous shell, rubbery body, or even nanomachines coursing through your veins you possess significant natural armor against danger.
Empower Bioweapon Bioweapon, Con 17, 8 Hit Dice You can use bio-energy to forcibly increase the power of your bioweapon.
Energy Vision Con 19+ You are able to fire rays of energy from your eyes.
Gravatic Charge Constitution 15 You can lay Eggs! Only instead of eggs, it's semi-formed rifts between planes that go BOOM!
Gravatic Node Con 17, Gravatic Charge By controlling your DNA which grants you your Gravatic Charge ability, you can make gravity cry even more.
Healing Surge Con 13 You can use your bio-energy to heal your wounds.
Hyper-Efficient Metabolism Three or more Xenotheric feats, 6 or more HDs. Your body is extremely efficient, gaining incredible upgrade without the aid of magic items. (see below)
Hyperwarp Dive Warp diver You can go superluminal, however it is much more draining.
Improved Bio-Regeneration Con 17 Your bio-energy pool recharges faster.
Improved Resistance Fort +4 Your inborn energy resistances improve beyond the ordinary.
Improved Speed Heartbeat Uongo-mijusi, 9 HD, 24 Constitution You push your heart rate to even greater speeds
Increased Biocapacity Con 15 Your maximum bio-energy charges are increased.
Memetic DNA None Your alien biology holds the code to even your basic memory and experiences.
Mental Backlash None Your mental defenses make you hard to detect magically, and even harder to divine.
Metabolic Boost Reflex +4. You can use your bio-energy to speed up your body and increase your response time.
Necro-Energy Undead type or Augmented Undead subtype Even though you are dead you still possess bio-energy.
Neo-Genesis Con 15, Healing Surge Your lifeforce swells, and spills out into the world around you, granting you powers.
Novacharger Must be a Novaen You have a stronger and more versatile nova blast.
Quicken Bioweapon Bioweapon, 12 Hit Dice You can use bio-energy to make your bioweapon fire more quickly.
Supercharge Bioweapon Empower Bioweapon, Quicken Bioweapon You can supercharge your bioweapon and recover it nearly instantly.
Synaesthetic Perception None You are able to sense vibrations in the ground.
Varia Skin None Your body is adapt to stand extremes in temperatures rather than magnetic and chemical threats.
Warp Diver Astroadaptation, Natural armor +5 or higher, Con 15, must not have to breathe. Able to traverse space and time, you can slip into the warp to travel at high speed.
Weaponize Bio-Energy None You can use your bio-energy to power energy weapons.
X-Ray Vision Con 15 You can see into and through solid matter.
Xeno Fighter Effective Fighter level 1 You are an alien fighter.
Xeno Warlock Must have the eldritch blast class feature and able to use least invocations. Your eldritch power do not stern from devil, feys or demon. Instead alien did it.


Future Technology[edit]

In this setting, players can only use FT Series weapons and armor, plus frag, specialized and sticky grenades, and pulse shotgun.

Name Cost Damage Range Damage Type Summary
FT00 Energy Shield 300 gp 1d4 Bludgeoning A circular one-handed energy shield, which is 3’ wide.
FT01 Clip 200 gp Various Ammo for most FT weapons.
FT02 Pistol 300 gp 1d6 40 Piercing A small pistol.
FT04 Energy Sword 500 gp 1d8 Varies A two-foot long energy sword.
FT05 Battlerifle 400 gp 2d8 200 Piercing A high-range assault rifle.
FT06 Sniperifle 600 gp 3d6 300 Piercing An accurate sniper rifle.
FT07 Gravity Pick-Hammer 700 gp 2d8 Bludgeoning, Piercing One side of head has a pick the other has a hammer.
FT08 Force Ray 5000 gp 1d6/3d6 300 Force A powerful force ray.
FT10 Plasma Shield 600 gp 1d6 Bludgeoning An oval one-handed energy shield, which is 4’ long and 3’ wide.
FT11 Cell 600 gp 3d4 Varies The ammo used for all FT series siege weapons, and powers hyperdrives. They can also be used as mines.
FT12 Ice Pistol 600 gp 2d6 40 Cold A pistol with cold damage.
FT14 Plasma Sword 1000 gp 2d6 Electric, Fire A 3' blade that can cut through most materials and block ranged attacks.
FT15 Laser 800 gp 3d6 300 Electric A high energy laser weapon.
FT16 Launcher 1200 gp 3d6 200 Fire A rocket launcher.
FT18 Ice Ray 10,000 gp 2d6/5d6 300 Cold A freezing ray, which slows creatures within its effective area (20’ ray).
FT19 Siege Weapon 20,000 gp 2d6/6d6 1000 Piercing, Electricity, Fire A crew-served siege weapon.
FT20 Defense System 2000 gp 3d8 300 Electricity A FT20 has missile defense, an energy shield and defensive weapon.
FT25 Assault System 4500 gp Varies Varies Varies A multi-weapon system with an energy shield, sniperifle, laser and launcher.
FT28 Ship Killer 60,000 gp 3d8/9d8 3000 Electricity, Fire, Piercing Designed to break through most ships.
FT29 Moon Killer 120,000 gp 3d12/12d12 5280 Piercing, Fire, Electricity Does not in fact destroy moons but destroys most ships in its path.
FT40 Energy Armor 400 gp Light alien armor.
FT41 Space Suit 200 gp A FT41 is a self-contained individual suit with its own air cycling unit
FT42 Plasma Armor 600 gp Medium alien armor.


Star Ships: Speeder, Fighter, Transport, Stealth, Utility, Battle

Other Vehicles Lancer, Treadscout, Annihilator, NSF-03T Jaguarundi, SM-20 Hisser Mecha, Tank Scarab


Adventuring Gear: Senali Mask

Armor and Shields: ZK-23 Energy Shield