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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Paladin class. You may be looking for the SRD:Paladin Spell List.

Paladin Spells

1st-Level Paladin Spells

Ablative Jacket: Create a magical vest which grants a bit of temporary hit points.

Aligned Water Bomb: Convert thrown water into the appropriate aligned water on the fly. Cheaper, but costs spell slots.

Asepsis: Creature touched becomes immune to non-magical diseases.

Aura Pulse: You fire a ray made of your aura, dealing magic bludgeoning damage.

Beam of Radiance: The Paladin shoots bright lasers from his eyes, causing discomfort.

Bonfire's Rest: Magically infuse a bonfire or larger fires to increase rest's effectiveness.

Condemning Smite: You condemn someone to be smote, and smote they shall be if you can hit them.

Curative Touch: A rework of cure spells, designed to be more effective in and out of combat.

Cure Friendly Fire: Heal the target of friendly fire damage incurred since the previous round.

Cure Wounds: Repair hp damage with a touch. Designed to replace the cure series of spells.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Desolate, Lesser:

Detect Disease: You determine whether a creature, object, or area is diseased.

Detect Laws: Determine the rules in the nearest settlement.

Detect Parentage: Disc determines if subjects are parent and child.

Detect Power Level: You sense the presence of life force in an area.

Detect Virgin: A favorite of princess-kidnapping dragons, suspicious kings with princesses, evil cultists looking for sacrifices, and juvenile wizards in school. Detects if a creature is a virgin.

Discern Birthdays: Reveals birthdays

Divine Brand: Your holy symbol burns the impure.

Divine Mount: Summons a steed from the outer planes to serve as your mount.

Empower Smite: Smite harder, better, stronger.

Faith's Inspiring Encouragement: Increase the bonus from aid another.

Fast Reload: You reload fully a firearm.

Force Fence: You create a weaker miniature wall of force to act as a barrier.

Force Pulse: You generate a quick pulse of force to knock people away from you, and possibly stagger them.

Gossamer Thread: Create a thread that binds a target. To them, it is strongest steel.

Guilt: Make your opponent feel guilt for what they've done.

Healing Gust: A minor amount of healing to a wide area, at low levels.

Holy Bolt: A bolt of holy power that can be charged up for greater effect.

Identify Symbol: Gain 5 + your caster level as a bonus on checks to identify symbols for what they are.

Judge Naughty or Nice: You call upon the power of the Holidays to detect a creature's behavior, much like the detect evil spell.

Karmic Justice: Retaliate with the accumulated spite from your enemies' assault.

Lesser Dispel Magic: As dispel magic, but +0 on check and fewer options.

Lesser Refresh Magic: As refresh magic, but +0 on roll and fewer options.

Lightning Arrow: You fire an arrow made of lightning which deals damage, even if it fails to pierce SR.

Lockstep: Sets your base land speed to 30 ft. Useful if you would be slower otherwise.

Miracle Morning: Have a good start each morning!

Moral Guidance: Conjure an invisible mental celestial, fiend, slaadi, or inevitable to advise you on moral matters.

Perseverance: Grant a creature or several allies a second saving throw against a negative magical effect.

Practice Field: Create sphere that allows creatures to deal nonlethal damage.

Prismatic Point: You generate a fine point of light that inflicts damage of various types.

Protection from Alignment, Variant: A remake of protection from alignment.

Punish Violence: If the afflicted target attacks, they take non-lethal damage.

Rag Doll: You loosen the targets muscles which gives them a nice massage... and makes them easier to bind.

Regal Presence: Your knowledge of nobility gives you a commanding presence none can ignore.

Resuscitating Jolt: Bring a target back from the brink, with a shock.

Retort: Gain a barrier which damages those who strike you in combat.

Share Perception: See as someone else sees, colors by their perceptions

Solar Lance: Call force spears of sunlight and attack with them.

Stork Call, Lesser: Makes one adult, conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another willing creature of the same species.

Suppress Influence: Suppress the influence and sign or one or more vestige, however doing so prevent the binder from using the vestige's powers.


War Wizard's Parry: A more effective, but also more limited variant on the shield spell.

Withstand Energy: Grant resistance to one element based on caster level.

Withstand Energy Variant: In an instant, protect yourself from energy damage.

2nd-Level Paladin Spells

Bond of the Obnoxious Commander: A spirit of an ancient legend of war guides your martial maneuvers.

Brand Heretic: You mark a target creature as an alignment of your choosing.

Brilliant Blade: The Paladin blesses a melee weapon with bonus damage against armored targets.

Burden of Sin: Your opponent's sins weight them down.

Concussive Blast: Create a shockwave that knocks targets away.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Defiance: Harden your body against foes, or make them regret outnumbering you.

Directional Shielding: A six sided barrier appears around you, ablating damage and providing protection against flankers.

Empower Royal Kiss: Give aristocrat the ability to break an enchantment with a kiss

Enchant Item: Magically enchant weapons, shields or armor.

Focus Spell: Increase DC of next spell cast.

Graviton Implosion: Pull targets together to a single point.

Immolating Holy Water: Turn a flask of holy water into a potent flaming weapon.

Keepaway Shield: Summon a pair of shields which block flankers and provide cover.

Lethal to Nonlethal: Convert lethal damage you have into nonlethal damage.

Manacle of Guilt: This spell place a powerful enchantment on a bond creature, forcing it to follow it command and reinforcing what bind her.

Nonlethal Field: Create field that blocks most lethal damage.

Power Word The Game: You shout "The Game" at somebody, instantly making them believe they have lost whatever game they were playing.

Rebuild the Body and Mind: Restores ability score drain.

Reveal Greatest Sin: Reveals the target's greatest sin.

Sacred Weapon: Casts a weapon in holy light that repels the dark and vanquishes evil.

Safety Bubble: A layered bubble of force protects you from a single attack.

Scan: Identifies creatures, and maybe their abilities as well.

Scorching Smite: You empower your smite with divine flames, dealing extra fire damage and potentially dazing a valid target,

Sealing Force: As a ranged touch attack, deal 1d6 damage per level, deals increase damage against evil spirits and immobilize them.

Sedah’s Counterspell of Superfluous Detail: A counterspell that adds erroneous rules and excessive detail to another’s spell – thus making the other’s spell unusable for a time. All who use the spell in the region are also affected.

Shatterblade: You break a blade to produce a shower of sharp edges to all creatures in the area.

Shinespark Weapon: Enhance your weapon with magical light which not only deals more damage, but leaves explosive spheres upon a miss or critical hit.

Solar Bolt: You fire a bolt of sunlight that roasts people alive and hurts the undead a lot more.

Solar Flare: A blinding flash of light erupts from your body.

Stork Call: Makes one adult, conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another willing creature of the same species.

Supercharge Bullets: Enhance the damage from your shots.

Suppress Enchantment: As break enchantment except temporary.

Taunt: Taunt creatures to attack you.

Temper Curse: Convert hard-to-handle conditions into easier-to-manage counterparts.

Totemic Power: A replacement of the Animal's X spells.

Unrelenting Focus: You fortify yourself to take less damage, and be immune to effects which would inhibit your actions or movement.

Warmth: Creates an orb of warm healing light.

3rd-Level Paladin Spells

Bond of the Harden Crusader: Learn to model your martial techniques with magic.

Chain Solar Bolt: You fire a bolt of harmful positive energy that roast people alive and hurt undead a lot more. Arc to other targets.

Contract Seal: Touched creature immediately loses all contracts with called creatures.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Deific Light: You call beams of light from the heaven, allowing you to heal or damage creatures.

Greater Endure Elements: Endure elements now will protect you from any temperature extreme, and allows you to perform acts of physical endurance.

Holy Light: The Paladin calls forth holy beams of light from the sky to heal his allies and purge the undead.

Last Rites: Choose the afterlife the dead character goes to.

Miracle Morning, Mass: Have a good start each morning for all your friends!

Refresh Magic: The antithesis of dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Stork Call, Greater: Makes one conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another.

Throw Force: Throw a pulse of kinetic force that damages and knocks creatures away.

4th-Level Paladin Spells

Asepsis, Mass: As asepsis, with multiple targets and improved protection.

Brilliant Blade, Greater: The Paladin gives his weapons Brilliant Energy.

Charge of Darkness: Charge at your enemy cross-country, encountering them harder than a Rhino.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of the Silent: The target will lose hp and spells until it casts a spell.

Daunting Ray: A ray which breaks your opponent's will to fight.

Divine Shield: The Paladin shields himself from everything.

Enlightened Fist: You deliver a ki-enhanced attack per caster level.

Great Lightning Arrow: An upgraded version of lightning arrows, which pierce through targets.

Greater Nonlethal Field: Create sphere where lethal damage is not.

Holy Hold: Create a large ring of light that shrinks into a singularity over the course of 5 rounds, perfectly binding any who fail to escape.

Lie Detection: The long-overdue counter to glibness, this spell grants a +30 bonus to Sense Motive checks.

Luminaire: Conjure a radius of light, which damage all enemies around you.

Path to Redemption: Provides instructions for target’s atonement.

Pearlescent Cloud: a silvery cloud that blocks sight for non-good creatures and creatures you exempt.

Right the Wrongs: The Paladin raises the dead

Soulbinding Sword: Enhance your weapon so that instead of killing a creature, they are subject to trap the soul instead.

Stygian Blackness: a smokey cloud that blocks sight for non-evil creatures and creatures you exempt.

Summon Instant Fortress: Summon a Instant Fortress.

Sunlight Spear: Creates a crackling spear fashioned from raw sunlight that pierces foes.

Switch Health: Switch hp totals for yourself and your target. This could be used to heal allies at your expense, or harm enemies.

Templar's Declaration: Any nongood character who currently opposses you is evil to you. None shall obstruct the cause.

True Daylight: Call forth true daylight

Warding Shell: Create a bubble which magic can neither enter nor leave, by breaking line of effect.

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