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The rules for using spheres are given in the Tome of Fiends.


Name Spells Special Effect
Air Expeditious Retreat (Also applies to Fly speed) , Wind Wall, Gaseous Form, Gust of Wind, Quickened , Control Winds, Overland Flight, Summon Nature's Ally VII (Cast as an [Air] spell only) , Whirlwind, Telekinesis, Quickened (Violent Thrust only) , Summon Elemental Monolith (CArc, Substitute: Elemental Swarm) (Cast as an [Air] spell only, no need to concentrate)  Elemental: Your Fly speed improves by one maneuverability class and 10'. If already perfect, it improves by 20'. Fiend: You gain the (Air) Subtype and the above ability. If you have no Fly speed, you instead gain a Fly speed of 15' (Good).
Arctic Chill Metal, Icy Sphere (as Flaming Sphere, but cold) , Sleet Storm, Ice Storm, Fire Shield (Chill Shield only) , Polar Ray, Prismatic Spray (has [Cold] descriptor for no reason) , Flesh to Ice, Quickened (Frostburn, Substitute: Temporal Stasis) , Comet Swarm (as Meteor Swarm, but Cold) , Earthquake with added Ice Storm (covers entire area of Earthquake for full duration, does damage every round).  Your spell-like abilities with the [Cold] descriptor leave a frozen slick over all surfaces in their areas or touched by their Effects. This slick functions as a Grease spell, and lasts for two rounds.
Blood Holt’s Hemorrhaging Hematoma, Blood Brothers, Rapture of Rupture, Ishara's instant infarction, Freeze Blood, Avasculate, Blood Storm, Elush’s Explosive Exsanguination, Avasculate, Greater, Black Blood Chains(The spell count as Transmutation and the chains are made of blood instead of shadows) Stanch – You gain fast healing equal to your level, which can heal you up to a maximum of half your total hit points. In addition, when reduced to below zero hit points, you automatically stabilize and are not at risk of dying of blood loss.
Bone command undead, desecrate, animate dead, black sand (Sandstorm), summon undead v (LM), animate dread warrior (UE), revive undead (LM), awaken undead (LM), general of undeath (MoF), plague of undead (LM) Any creature of 10 HD or less killed by one of your spell-like abilities rises as a zombie under your control, with no control limits.
Brutality Enlarge Person, Bull's Strength, Haste, Stoneskin, Crushing Despair, Telekinesis, Eyebite, Finger of Death, Iron Body, Time Stop When taking this sphere, you're considered to have a +5 bonus to BAB to determine the bonuses you get from [Combat] feats.
Bubbles flaming sphere, water breathing, magic circle against good, resilient sphere, binding, telekinetic sphere, forcecage, prismatic sphere, temporal stasis, time stop Three times per day, you may use the Sculpt Spell metamagic on any spell-like ability you can use, but only if you do not use the cone option of this metamagic feat.
Carnage seething eyebane (BoVD), blade of pain and fear (LM), lahm's finger darts (BoVD), blade barrier, fleshshiver (PGtF), disintegrate, flensing (CA), horrid wilting, mass harm (as mass heal, but based on harm instead), implosion All of your damaging spell-like abilities do vile damage.
Cold cone of cold, creeping cold (CDiv), ice storm, wall of ice, freezing sphere, control weather, heat drain (SpC), freezing fog (CArc), fimbulwinter (Frostburn), frostfell (Frostburn) You gain the [Cold] Subtype.
Creation Unseen Servant, Make Whole, Minor Creation, Stone Shape, Major Creation, Fabricate, Wall of Iron, Magnificent Mansion, Wish (Wealth and Magic Item only for free, spend for Raise the Dead and Increase power of item only) , Genesis You gain a bonus [Item Creation] feat.
Death death knell, ghoul gauntlet (SpC), vampiric touch, enervation, raise dead, symbol of death, finger of death, death pact (SpC), wail of the banshee, implosion You are immune to any magical death effect. You are also healed by negative energy like an undead creature (this does not interfere with any existing ability to be healed by positive energy).
Diplomacy Comprehend Languages, Calm Emotions, Tongues, Suggestion, Charm Monster, Lesser Planar Ally, Telepathic Bond, Mass Suggestion, Planar Ally, Demand When taking this sphere, you gain the ability to make rushed Diplomacy checks at no penalty.
Dominion obscuring mist, web, wall of fire, solid fog, black tentacles, programmed image, wall of force, teleportation circle, gate (travel version only), storm of vengeance Once per month, you may make one of these effects permanent.
Dust Gust of Wind, Glitterdust, Sleet Storm, Disintegrate, Cloudkill, Mass Blindness, Creeping Doom, Horrid Wilting, Summon Golem (Clay Only) (PHB2) , Disintegrate (You may use this ability as an immediate action.)  Your area spell-like abilities may, at your option, stir up a stinging dust cloud, inflicting a -2 penalty to Perception checks and a -1 penalty to attack rolls for one minute to any creature that does not successfully save against the spell. The cloud lasts one round, and its effects last one minute after the affected creature takes its last increase.
Electricity Lightning Bolt, Shocking Ray (as Scorching Ray, but electric) , Orb of Electricity (CArc) , Chain Lightning, Electric Shield (PHB2 Sonic Shield, but Electric) , Thunder Field (PHB2) , Power Word: Stun, Greater Shout, Electric damage and [Electricity] descriptor, not sonic. , Lightning Bolt, Maximized, 6 damage per caster level with no maximum , Chain Lightning, Quickened  You gain Immunity to Electricity.
Ether Alarm, See Invisibility, Blink, Baleful Blink (PHB2) , Mage's Faithful Hound, Ethereal Jaunt, Greater Arcane Sight, Maze, Etherealness, Gate (Travel version only)  Your equipment all gains the Ghost Touch property for as long as you carry it.
Fire fireball, scorching ray, fire trap, wall of fire, fire shield, incendiary cloud, blackfire (CArc), fire seeds, meteor swarm, flame strike (this ability can be used as an Immediate action). You gain the [Fire] subtype.
Force Mage Hand but can lift 50 pounds., Floating Disk, Levitate, Telekinesis, Wall of Force, Crushing Hand, Forcecage, Telekinetic Sphere, Time Stop, Singularity You gain the feat Telekinesis
Frostbite shivering touch (Frostburn), freezing ray (as Scorching ray, but Cold subtyped and doing cold damage), cone of cold, flesh to ice (Frostburn), entomb (Frostburn), flesh to ice, chained (Frostburn), frostfell (Frostburn), iceburg (Frostburn), soul bind (uses a piece of ice to hold the soul), shivering touch, lesser (Frostburn) Any creature taking cold damage from your spell-like abilities is frostbitten (treat as fatigued, which is removed when the damage is healed). If you have It's Cold Outside, you may use those frostbite rules if you want.
Gravity Shield, Levitate, Fly, Greater Floating Disk, Telekinesis, Quickened Greater Mage Armor, Reverse Gravity, Telekinetic Sphere, Crushing Hand, Singularity You gain hover ability with perfect maneuverability.
Heresy align weapon (evil only), desecrate, magic circle against good, unholy sword (as Holy Sword but has the unholy property instead of holy), lesser planar ally, dispel good, unhallow, blasphemy, gate, miracle Gain immunity to the Destroyed result of Turning and the Commanded result of Rebuking.
Horizon expeditious retreat, nondetection, haste, mind fog, passwall, mislead, simulacrum, mind blank, maze, shades You gain the ability to, once a day, use one of the spell-like abilities granted by this sphere as an extraordinary ability.
Justice Doom, Zone of Truth, Detect Thoughts, Bestow Curse, Discern Lies, Lesser Geas, Mark of Justice, Geas/Quest, Forcecage, Binding Once per day, you can make a Smite attack against an opponent who attacked you or an ally within the last minute. This attack gains a bonus to hit equal to your HD.
Metal Magic Vestment, Heat Metal (special bonus: Chill Metal) , Keen Edge, Rusting Grasp, Major Creation (metals only) , Wall of Iron, Blade Barrier, Iron Body, Binding, Summon Golem (Iron only) (PHB2)  You may burrow through metal using any existing Burrow speed.
Oracle Identify, Augury, Tongues, Divination, Commune, True Seeing, Vision, Discern Location, Metafaculty, Wish (Undo Misfortune and Turn back Time only, no EXP cost to Undo Misfortune if you don't undo the same round more than once)  Roll all chances for every divination you cast to work or backfire twice, and take the more advantageous result.
Permafrost Chill Touch, Gentle Repose, Hold Monster, Wall of Ice, Stoneskin, Transmute Mud to Rock ([Cold] descriptor, rock appears as frozen mud) , Waves of Exhaustion, Horrid Wilting, Imprisonment, Simulacrum Three times per day, whenever you cast a spell or spell-like ability with the [Cold] descriptor, you may apply the Extend Spell metamagic feat to it for free.
Plant Entangle, Wood Shape (bonus: Warp Wood) , Plant Growth, Command Plants, Wall of Thorns, Liveoak, Animate Plants, Control Plants, Shambler, Mass Awaken (Trees only) (SpC)  You gain the Druid's Wilderness Stride ability.
Psionics protection from chaos/evil/good/law, blur, telepathic bond, dimension door, telekinesis, plane shift, telekinetic sphere, mind blank, foresight, implosion You can use feather fall at will as a spell-like ability. This takes the same action that a feather fall spell does, and counts as Psionics.
Pyre burning hands, flame blade, fireball, charnel fire (BoVD), parboil (Sandstorm), ashen union (Sandstorm), fireball, Quickened, incendiary cloud, gate (calling version only, fire subtype creatures only), storm of vengeance (all elemental damage is fire damage) Fire damage from your spell-like abilities bypasses Fire Resistance, but not Immunity to Fire.
Quicksand Soften Earth and Stone, Earthen Grasp (CArc, Substitute: Entangle (requires earth, not plants)) , Water Walk, Stony Grasp (CArc, Substitute: Black Tentacles) , Transmute Rock to Mud, Acid Fog, Flesh to Stone, Sympathy, Gate (Travel only, always oriented flat horizontally and facing up) , Imprisonment You can walk and stand on soft or sticky ground, even quicksand, as if it was firm. You still can't normally walk on water.
Radiance Color Spray, Faerie Fire, Daylight, Continual Flame, Invisibility Purge, Widened, Sunbeam, Prismatic Spray, Sunburst, Prismatic Wall, Prismatic Sphere You can cast Light as a swift action at will, and gain resistance to damage from [Light] sources equal to your character level. This resistance is subtracted from each source of such damage you take, to a minimum of zero.
Roots Pass without Trace, Barkskin, Poison, Antiplant Shell, Antiplant Shell, Ironwood, Transmute Metal to Wood, Regenerate, Clone (Self only, must grow in earth) , Soul Bind (Uses a seed to hold the soul)  You can heal yourself by one hit point per spell-like ability this Sphere has granted you as a standard action as long as you are in either light as bright as natural sunlight or standing on earth (or, stone if you can burrow into it).
Sand black sandSand, control sandSand, wall of sandSpC, sandformSand, transmute stone to sandSand (bonus: transmute sand to stone, transmute sand to glass), awaken sandSand, mephit mobSand (maximize number called, earth, salt, ash, dust, mineral, salt, and glass mephits only, desert bindingSand, quickened gale force, gorgon's glare (targets are turned into sand sculptures instead) You are immune to desiccation damage, and gain the earth subtype, as well as a burrow speed of 30ft in sand, ash, dust, cinders, or loose soil.
Seduction entice gift, suggestion, glibness, charm monster, sympathy, mass suggestion, mass charm monster, simulacrum, programmed amnesiaCAr, mind rapeBoVD You gain a +2 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive.
Shadow Darkness, Mirror Image, Displacement, Shadow Conjuration, Shadow Evocation, Shadow Walk, Project Image, Greater Shadow Conjuration (bonus: Greater Shadow Evocation) , Simulacrum, Shades You can see in any kind of darkness, even magical darkness, out to 60', or 30' more than you normally could, whichever is more.
Sleep deep slumber, waves of fatigue, waves of exhaustion, dream, nightmare, symbol of sleep, demand, weird, programmed amnesia (CArc), astral projection You can Coup de Grace a sleeping foe as an attack action.
Smoke Heat Metal, Pyrotechnics, Stinking Cloud, Flame Blade, Quickened , Cloudkill, Mirage Arcana, Delayed Blast Fireball, Horrid Wilting, Implosion, Summon Efreeti (as Summon Monster IX, but summons an Efreeti)  Any [Fire] spell-like ability you cast that affects an area may, at your option, produce a smoke cloud that provides concealment to any creature more than 5' away through it, and total concealment to any creature more than 10' away through it. This smoke cloud lasts for one round per caster level and fills the entire area.
Stone earth glide (RoS), spike stones, stone shape, stone tell, wall of stone, move earth, transmute rock to mud (special bonus: transmute mud to rock), earthquake, meteor swarm, genesis (SpC) You gain the Tremorsense ability, allowing you to detect and target anything touching the ground within 60 feet of yourself.
Telepathy Command, Suggestion, Detect Thoughts(or Quickened Greater Command), Modify Memory, Dominate Person, Mass Charm Monster, Mass Sugesstion, Dominate Monster, Quickened demand, As Dominate Person but effects 1 target/level Gain the telepathy special quality. If you already have this special quality, or later gain it from another source, then you gain Detect Thoughts as an at-will spell like ability.
Terror cause fear, scare, halt undead, fear, phantasmal killer, symbol of fear, eyebite, fear, Quickened, weird, wail of the banshee Gain Intimidate as a class skill, and may make an Intimidate check to Demoralize Opponent as a free action once a round.
Trickery Silent Image, Mirror Image, Invisibility (Extended), or Invisibility Sphere, Confusion, Persistent Image, Mislead (Quickened) , Project Image, Mirage Arcana (lasts for 1 day per level) , Astral Projection, Mind Rape You can take 10 on bluff checks. You also gain a +2 bonus to diplomacy and sense motive checks.
Venom desecrate, poison, bestow curse, mind poison (SpC), cloudkill, major creation (poison or venom only), circle of death, finger of death, shapechange (venomous creatures only), symbol of death Gain immunity to poison.
Violation hypnotism, suggestion, modify memory, dominate person, lesser planar binding, geas, greater planar binding, dominate monster, gate (Calling verson only), mind rape (BoVD) Gain the telepathy special quality. If you already have this special quality, or later gain it from another source, then you gain Detect Thoughts as an at-will spell like ability.
Voracity death knell, shadow spray (SpC), vampiric touch, enervation, magic jar, power leech (BoVD), steal life ((BoVD), energy drain, reaving dispel (SpC), absorption (SpC) Any time one of your spell-like abilities grants negative levels or ability damage/drain to a target, you heal 5 HPs of damage per level or point.
Water Grease ([Water] descriptor) , Quench, Control Water, Freedom of Movement, Transmute Rock to Mud, Acid Fog, Telekinetic Sphere, Arctic Cloud (as Incendiary Cloud, but cold damage) , Summon Elemental Monolith (Water only) (CArc, substitute: Elemental Swarm) , Crushing Hand You gain the (Water) subtype and a Swim speed equal to your base land speed. If you already have those, your Swim speed improves by 10'
Weather Obscuring Mist, Sleet Storm, Call Lightning Storm, Solid Fog, Ice Storm, Extended , Acid Fog, Control Weather, Horrid Wilting, Meteor Swarm, Storm of Vengeance You suffer no penalties (such as to Listen, ranged attacks, or ability to make ranged attacks at all) due to weather conditions or wind of any kind.
Wind Wings of Cover (RotD) ([Air Descriptor]), Wind Wall, Sleet Storm, Wings of Flurry (RotD) ([Air Descriptor]), Control Winds, Defenestrating Sphere (Spc), Control Weather, Whirlwind, Summon Elemental Monolith (Spc) (Air only, no concentration required, only one at a time), Greater Whirlwind (Spc) Immune to own SLAs of this sphere and their effects and Listen is always a class skill with no listen penalties from wind effects.

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