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Acid Domain[edit]

The domain for melting people's faces.

Granted Power[edit]

You may cast acid arrow at-will. Unlike normal acid, however, the acid from this effect does not ignore hardness when used against an object.

Acid Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Spew acid
  2. Acid sheath
  3. Acid rain
  4. Enervation
  5. Acid fog
  6. Transmute water to acid
  7. Energy drain
  8. Spell corrosion
  9. Meltdown

Air Domain[edit]

The domain dealing with powers over wind, lightning and so forth.

Granted Power[edit]

You can make a melee touch attack as a standard action that deals 1d6 electricity damage per character level. If used against a creature wearing metal armour or mostly made of metal, this attack roll gains a +2 bonus.

Air Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Obscuring mist
  2. Chain lightning
  3. Air walk
  4. Whirlwind
  5. Control winds
  6. Elemental swarm (cast as an air spell only)
  7. Stasis energy field
  8. Flaying wind
  9. Gate (to an air-dominant plane only)

Anarchy Domain[edit]

The domain of those who want to see the world burn, and laugh while it happens.

Granted Power[edit]

You are immune to confusion. Additionally, any effect that discerns specific information about you (such as your alignment, your thoughts and so on) has a 20% chance of simply not working.

Anarchy Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Lesser confusion
  2. Ashe's spell seizure
  3. Confusion
  4. Bestow curse
  5. Spell turning
  6. Reverse gravity
  7. Limited wish
  8. Symbol of insanity
  9. Astral projection

Artifice Domain

For making things.

Granted Powers[edit]

Quartermaster - You may create enough food and water each day to feed one person per character level. As with the create food and water spell, this food becomes inedible after 24 hours.

Artifice Domain Spells[edit]

  1. make whole
  2. tiny hut
  3. secure shelter
  4. minor creation
  5. mage's magnificent mansion
  6. phase door
  7. Stromberg's frozen court
  8. maze
  9. Lord Eiji's sky castle

Blood Domain

The domain for blood and gore.

Granted Powers[edit]

Stanch – You gain fast healing equal to your caster level, which can heal you up to a maximum of half your total hit points. In addition, when reduced to below zero hit points, you automatically stabilize and are not at risk of dying of blood loss.

Blood Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Holt’s hemorrhaging hematoma
  2. blood brothers
  3. rapture of rupture
  4. Ishara's instant infarction
  5. freeze blood
  6. avasculate
  7. blood storm
  8. Elush’s explosive exsanguination
  9. avasculate, greater

Chance Domain

The domain for taking risks, and hedging your bets.

Granted Powers[edit]

When rolling to determine the effect of a spell with variable effects, you or targets who are affected by the spell roll twice and you choose which of those rolls is the actual outcome. Saving throws, attack rolls, or damage rolls cannot be rerolled in this fashion, only rolls that determine the spell‘s effect when successful casting has already been established.

Chance Domain Spells[edit]

  1. entropic shield
  2. blur
  3. song of discord
  4. shadow conjuration
  5. unlucky backlash
  6. prismatic spray
  7. mass insanity
  8. prismatic sphere
  9. shades

Chaos Domain

For those who like Giant Frog.

Granted Powers[edit]

You receive a +2 bonus on saves against mind-affecting abilities.

Chaos Domain Spells[edit]

  1. lesser confusion
  2. shatter
  3. rainbow pattern
  4. mirage arcana
  5. spell turning
  6. prismatic spray
  7. word of chaos
  8. symbol of insanity
  9. phantasmagorical image

Conquest Domain[edit]

The winning domain.

Granted Power[edit]

Every time you win an opposed check against an opponent aware of your presence, that creature becomes shaken for 1 minute afterward.

Conquest Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Death knell
  2. Crushing despair
  3. Greater command
  4. dimensional anchor
  5. Hold monster
  6. Antimagic field
  7. Mass hold monster
  8. Hijacking dispel
  9. Gate

Contract Domain

The domain for getting and staying in power.

Granted Powers[edit]

Mind-affecting effects that you produce affect even creatures that are normally immune to them. Mindless creatures are still unaffected.

Contract Domain Spells[edit]

  1. telepathic bond
  2. tongues
  3. lesser geas
  4. geas/quest
  5. mark of justice
  6. planar binding
  7. limited wish
  8. oath of blood
  9. wish

Corrupt Domain[edit]

A domain of the evil powers of the demons.

Granted Power[edit]

Once per day, you can declare that one of your spells or spell-like abilities deals vile damage instead of its normal damage type. You may make this decision after any other dice rolls for the spell have been made, but before damage has been rolled.

Corrupt Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Erzebet's skull bomb
  2. Elush's eye-blasting explosion
  3. Rapture of rupture
  4. Turn to the abyss
  5. Elush's epiphyseal erosion
  6. Elush's elemental extraction
  7. Torn from within
  8. Elush's explosive exsanguination
  9. Apocalypse from the sky

Destruction Domain

For breaking things.

Granted Powers[edit]

You may add one point of damage per character level to any source of damage that is dealt by you to an object.

Destruction Domain Spells[edit]

  1. sound burst
  2. shatter
  3. shout
  4. greater shout
  5. sympathetic vibration
  6. destruction
  7. implosion
  8. mass harm
  9. apocalypse from the sky

Diabolic Domain

The domain of the wicked powers of devils.

Granted Powers[edit]

Once per day, you may turn all damage dealt by a spell into vile damage instead of its normal damage type.

Diabolic Domain Spells[edit]

  1. polar ray
  2. calm emotions
  3. Erzebet's soul-flensing ligature
  4. path of diabolism
  5. blessing of the nine
  6. hellish fumes
  7. Norton's bone-freezing explosion
  8. trap the soul
  9. white incantation

Dragon Domain

The draconic domain.

Granted Powers[edit]

Dragon Disciple - You have scales, which grant you a +1 natural armor bonus. This bonus increases every 3 caster levels thereafter; if you have another source of natural armor, add half of the lower value to the higher bonus. You also gain two claws as natural weapons, which deal damage based on your size (1d6 for a Medium creature).

Dragon Domain Spells[edit]

  1. fang attack
  2. greater magic fang
  3. fly
  4. dragon's breath
  5. arms of the tyrant lizard
  6. storm of vengeance
  7. overbite
  8. art of the gigantes
  9. shapechange

Dream Domain

For sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares.

Granted Powers[edit]

You may speak to sleeping beings as though you were using the speak with dead spell on them (at a caster level equal to your own, minimum 1), with a minimum of one question asked. This is a supernatural ability usable once per day per character level, with a save DC of 10 + 1/2 your caster level + your Wisdom modifier.

Dream Domain Spells[edit]

  1. sleep
  2. dream
  3. Rien's spontaneous regression
  4. vision
  5. persistent image
  6. project image
  7. weird
  8. Rien's false reality
  9. astral projection

Earth Domain

Your ally is something that there is a ton of. It's a good place to be.

Granted Powers[edit]

By remaining still for a whole hour while in contact with a stone surface, you may gain all the benefits of stone tell.

Earth Domain Spells[edit]

  1. magic stone
  2. tremors
  3. stone shape
  4. wall of stone
  5. earthquake
  6. elemental swarm (cast as an earth spell only)
  7. transmute rock to lava
  8. gemcraft
  9. gate (to an earth-dominated plane only)

Envy Domain

For the jealous type.

Granted Powers[edit]

If an opponent within a distance of 5 feet per level would be the beneficiary of an effect that does not deal damage, only operates on willing targets, or has a range of Personal, you may take an immediate action to make a ranged touch attack against them (doing so does not provoke an attack of opportunity). If this touch attack is successful, you negate the effect.

Envy Domain Spells[edit]

  1. rage
  2. Cain's curse of covetousness
  3. sibling rivalry
  4. Tholan's attribute theft
  5. find the path
  6. antimagic field
  7. mass polymorph, tome
  8. discern location
  9. eye of the gods

Evil Domain

For the dark-hearted.

Granted Powers[edit]

Whenever one of your spells or abilities affects at least one enemy creature, one creature affected, chosen by you, becomes shaken for 1 round. This cannot increase another fear effect, and cannot itself be increased.

Evil Domain Spells[edit]

  1. undetectable alignment
  2. desecrate
  3. fear
  4. bestow curse
  5. unhallow
  6. symbol of fear
  7. blasphemy
  8. eclipse
  9. demise unseen

Family Domain

Because Life and Death are sisters.

Granted Powers[edit]

Blood Out, Blood In - As a standard action, you may give up a number of hit points and heal a creature within Close range that shares your creature type by the same number of hit points. If you sacrifice a prepared spell, you may multiply the number of hit points healed by the level of the expended spell.

Family Domain Spells[edit]

  1. ancestral weapon
  2. blood brothers
  3. sibling rivalry
  4. all in the family
  5. evince lineage
  6. sins of the father
  7. spiritual channeling
  8. schism of the helix
  9. cloister

Fire Domain

For heated situations.

Granted Powers[edit]

Targets that take damage from your [Fire] spells burn. This lasts indefinitely until the flames are quenched by a [Water] effect, full submersion in water, exposure to an airless environment, or a creature using a standard action to snuff them out.

Fire Domain Spells[edit]

  1. produce flame (no limit to CL-based damage)
  2. fire shield
  3. delayed blast fireball
  4. wall of fire
  5. internal explosive
  6. elemental swarm (fire elementals only)
  7. Ishara's fiery transfiguration
  8. merton
  9. gate (to a fire-dominant plane only)

Gluttony Domain

For those who do it BIG.

Granted Powers[edit]

You gain a distended jaw that grants you a bite attack as a primary natural weapon that deals damage based on your size (1d8 for a Medium-size caster). You gain an effective enhancement bonus on this bite attack equal to one third your character level.

Gluttony Domain Spells[edit]

  1. enlarge person
  2. Shylock's revenge
  3. devastation inhalation
  4. heroes' feast
  5. righteous might
  6. emulate Ouroboros
  7. overbite
  8. art of the gigantes
  9. devour soul

Good Domain

For those with nice dispositions.

Granted Powers[edit]

Whenever one of your spells or abilities affects at least one allied creature, one ally affected, chosen by you, becomes a zealot gaining all the morale benefits of the Fanatic attitude for 1 round. This does not count as a change in NPC attitude, but does not stack with the normal NPC Attitude benefits.

Good Domain Spells[edit]

  1. shield other
  2. consecrate
  3. create food and water
  4. sympathy
  5. hallow
  6. refuge
  7. holy word
  8. greater spell immunity
  9. gate (calling mode only, good-aligned only)

Greed Domain

For those who can't get enough.

Granted Powers[edit]

As a full-round action useable at will, you can drain the life force from all creatures within 5 feet per caster level, dealing 1 point of damage per caster level. Hit points drained from a target with a Challenge Rating greater than or equal to your caster level -2 are then used to heal you, and any extra hit points are bestowed as temporary hit points. This power does not stack with other abilities that grant temporary hit points.

Greed Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Ishara’s enticing directive
  2. vampiric touch
  3. phantasmal thiefSpC
  4. maintenance
  5. magic jar
  6. consumptive field
  7. limited wish
  8. greater consumptive field
  9. wish

Hatred Domain[edit]

For those who combine anger and contempt with a fair amount of violence.

Granted Power[edit]

You may re-roll 1s for any damage dice you roll. The second result stands, even if it's another 1.

Hatred Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Rage
  2. Mass inflict light wounds
  3. Locate creature
  4. dismissal
  5. Symbol of pain
  6. Disintegrate
  7. Repulsion
  8. Trap the soul
  9. Shadows of the mage-lords

Healing Domain

For those who want to mend, not break.

Granted Powers[edit]

Whenever you use a spell or ability that restores hit points, ability damage, ability drain, or negative levels to another creature, you may heal yourself for a number of hit points equal to your character level. This occurs only when you use the ability - if the ability later heals more, you don't get additional healing. If the ability restores any of these things to you as well as another creature, you don't get this additional healing either.

Healing Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Remove paralysis
  2. Neutralize poison
  3. Mass cure moderate wounds
  4. Restoration
  5. Heal
  6. RevivifySpC
  7. Mass heal
  8. Greater restoration
  9. True resurrection

Hellfire Domain

For those who like fire (and Hell) a little too much.

Granted Powers[edit]

Any spell you cast that has the [Fire] descriptor now ignores an amount of fire resistance equal to your caster level. The fire damage dealt may not be reduced below your caster level, regardless of the size of the resistance or immunity.

Hellfire Domain Spells[edit]

  1. flame strike
  2. scorching ray
  3. incendiary cloud
  4. minute meteors
  5. wall of fire (automatically made permanent)
  6. destruction
  7. implosion
  8. hellfire void
  9. meteor strike

Hellrime Domain

For the cold-hearted bastards in the world.

Granted Powers[edit]

Any spell you cast that has the [Cold] descriptor now ignores an amount of cold resistance equal to your caster level. The cold damage dealt may not be reduced below your caster level, regardless of the size of the resistance or immunity. In addition, any non-magical fires within the area of one of your [Cold] spells are immediately extinguished without fail.

Hellrime Domain Spells[edit]

  1. cone of cold
  2. freezing sphere
  3. ice storm
  4. wall of ice
  5. freezing fogCArc
  6. creeping chills
  7. glacial juggernaut
  8. blizzard
  9. fimbulvetr

Insanity Domain[edit]

Mad! Mad, I tell you!

Granted Power[edit]

Once per day, you may force one of your spells or spell-like abilities to affect a creature that they wouldn't ordinarily due to immunities. You must declare this before any part of the spell is resolved, and if the spell fails to work, the use of this ability is still used up.

Insanity Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Lesser confusion
  2. Mirror image
  3. Confusion
  4. Phantasmal killer
  5. Insanity
  6. Sasha's separate psyche
  7. Irresistible dance
  8. Symbol of insanity
  9. Phantasmagorical image

Knowledge Domain

For those who want to know everything about everything.

Granted Powers[edit]

You may use legend lore at will, with all normal restrictions on casting time. You may also make any Knowledge check untrained for which you add a competence bonus equal to your character level.

Knowledge Domain Spells[edit]

  1. clairaudience/clairvoyance
  2. detect thoughts
  3. true strike (useable as a swift action)
  4. scrying
  5. true seeing
  6. find the path
  7. greater scrying
  8. brain spider
  9. foresight

Law Domain

For those who follow the rules.

Granted Powers[edit]

Any creature with a lawful alignment is one step friendlier towards you than normal (to a maximum of Friendly). This is only an 'initial attitude' - if you take any actions that harm or offend them, their attitude will adjust appropriately.

Law Domain Spells[edit]

  1. command
  2. locate object
  3. greater command
  4. spell immunity
  5. find the path
  6. antimagic field
  7. dictum
  8. discern location
  9. imprisonment

Light Domain

Your glorious light pierces the shadows in the hearts of liars and traitors, as well as exposing those who lurk within the more literal darkness.

Granted Powers[edit]

You radiate bright light as a daylight spell, which you may suppress at your leisure.

Light Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Sasha's searing light
  2. sunbeam
  3. invisibility purge
  4. sunburst
  5. true seeing
  6. Sasha's sunny day
  7. scintillating pattern
  8. greater prying eyes
  9. supernova

Lust Domain[edit]

A domain for those who like to vamp their way out of problems.

Granted Power[edit]

Your mind-affecting enchantments can affect creatures that would normally be immune to mind-affecting effects. Note that other immunities and restrictions apply as normal - this won't bypass something like immunity to compulsions, for example, even if they happen to be mind-affecting.

Lust Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Nealan's unbuckling
  2. Dream
  3. Suggestion
  4. Charm monster
  5. Mass suggestion
  6. Symbol of persuasion
  7. Mass hold monster
  8. Dominate monster
  9. Bind thrall

Magic Domain

For dealing with all things mysterious and magical.

Granted Powers[edit]

You may counterspell as an immediate action, and any dispelling checks you attempt gain an additional +2 competence bonus.

Magic Domain Spells[edit]

  1. greater dispel magic
  2. Ashe's spell seizure
  3. Ashe's transformative counterspell
  4. spell resistance
  5. Globe of invulnerability
  6. antimagic field
  7. Sasha's dispelling screen
  8. hijacking dispel
  9. Norton's copied casting

Metal Domain

For those who adore the periodic table.

Granted Powers[edit]

Any metal weapons you wield are treated as any other kind of metal you wish for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction; they are also treated as magical for the purposes of overcoming DR and attacking incorporeal creatures.

Metal Domain Spells[edit]

  1. heat metal (and chill metal)
  2. rusting grasp
  3. solidify
  4. stoneskin
  5. wall of iron
  6. flesh to metal
  7. iron body
  8. guillotine
  9. nightmare steel cage

Pain Domain[edit]

For those who like it rough.

Granted Power[edit]

You are immune to any spell or ability that is based on pain.

Pain Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Acid arrow
  2. Vampiric touch
  3. Hold person
  4. Enervation
  5. Symbol of pain
  6. Disintegrate
  7. Energy drain
  8. Dominate monster
  9. Eternity of torture

Peace Domain

Violence is beneath you.

Granted Powers[edit]

After a combat round in which you do not deal damage to or kill anything, on your next turn you may take a swift action to heal any creature you can touch (including yourself) a number of hp equal to your Wisdom modifier + one half your caster level.

Peace Domain Spells[edit]

  1. sanctuary
  2. calm emotions
  3. resilient sphere
  4. antipathy
  5. symbol of sleep
  6. defuse hostilities
  7. resurrection
  8. mind blank
  9. cloister

Plague Domain

For spreading ailments of both body and mind.

Granted Powers[edit]

Carrier: If a target dies of a spell you cast from this domain's spell list, one single creature within 5 feet of the victim at the time of death (if any) is also affected by the spell, attempting any saves as needed.

Plague Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Aarnott's epidemic
  2. Ekbom's imaginary insects
  3. rapture of rupture
  4. all in the family
  5. Rien's rotting touch
  6. creeping chills
  7. energy drain
  8. zombie apocalypse
  9. white incantation

Plant Domain

The domain for getting close to nature.

Granted Powers[edit]

Tap the Earth - When you take no actions for a full hour, you gain fast healing equal to your character level until you take actions again.

Plant Domain Spells[edit]

  1. tree shape
  2. entangle
  3. transmute metal to wood
  4. wall of thorns
  5. transport via plants
  6. animate plants
  7. shambler
  8. entmoot
  9. sow the seeds

Portal Domain

Like doors, but way cooler.

Granted Powers[edit]

As an immediate action, you may teleport 10 feet.

Portal Domain Spells[edit]

  1. dimensional transference
  2. portal party
  3. Sasha's switcheroo
  4. dimension door
  5. plane shift
  6. teleport
  7. greater teleport
  8. teleportation circle
  9. gate

Pride Domain

For people who know they're better.

Granted Powers[edit]

Your time is naturally more valuable than that of other people. By spending an immediate action at the beginning of a combat round, you may move up one place in the initiative count. The initiative order then resets to normal for the next round.

Pride Domain Spells[edit]

  1. command
  2. Ekbom's egotistical episode
  3. transformation
  4. polymorph other, tome
  5. demand
  6. crown of glory
  7. summon opponent
  8. art of the lilliputian
  9. bind thrall

Protection Domain

For those who are cautious, paranoid or both.

Granted Powers[edit]

Opponents cannot automatically hit you on a natural roll of 20, nor do you automatically fail saves on a natural 1.

Protection Domain Spells[edit]

  1. sanctuary
  2. protection from energy
  3. resilient sphere
  4. guards and wards
  5. wall of force
  6. forbiddance
  7. repulsion
  8. greater spell immunity
  9. mantle

Shadow Domain[edit]

A domain for the shadows.

Granted Power[edit]

You can see perfectly through darkness of any kind, including magical darkness.

Shadow Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Deeper darkness
  2. Blindness/deafness
  3. True darkness
  4. Black tentacles
  5. Power word blind
  6. Screen
  7. Greater shadow conjuration
  8. Greater shadow evocation
  9. Shades

Slime Domain[edit]

For those who like their magic icky.

Granted Power[edit]

Once per day, you can convert a successful critical hit against you into a normal hit. You must do this before the damage or other effects of the critical hit are determined.

Slime Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Grease
  2. Rusting grasp
  3. Gaseous form
  4. Regenerate
  5. Transmute rock to mud (can be used on worked stone)
  6. Destruction
  7. transmute rock to lava
  8. Elush's explosive exsanguination
  9. Imprisonment

Sloth Domain

For doing less and forcing others to do the same.

Granted Powers[edit]

If you would be affected by an effect with a duration longer than "Instantaneous", you may opt to render yourself unconscious for 1 minute or the duration of the spell, whichever is shorter. Doing so supercedes the normal effect you would have suffered and purges it should it still affect you at the end of the period of unconsciousness.

Sloth Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Elush's leaden investiture
  2. noncompliance
  3. deep slumber
  4. Ishara's inactivity incantation
  5. hero's coma
  6. temporal stasis
  7. waves of exhaustion
  8. the day the earth stood still
  9. time stop

Solidarity Domain

For those who work with their comrades to achieve victory.

Granted Powers[edit]

You may use the aid another action as a free action once per round and gain Vexing FlankerPHII as a bonus feat.

Solidarity Domain Spells[edit]

  1. bless
  2. summon monster
  3. greater heroism
  4. field of blades
  5. summon horde
  6. mass heal
  7. resurrection
  8. teleportation circle
  9. Norton's copied casting

Sorrow Domain

Remember, kids: Down the road, not across the street.

Granted Powers[edit]

Anyone who successfully attacks you is filled with feelings of regret for the action, incurring a -2 morale penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls, and Armor Class on their next turn. Mindless creatures are unaffected by this ability.

Sorrow Domain Spells[edit]

  1. silence
  2. path of the lost
  3. slow
  4. modify memory
  5. eyebite
  6. programmed image
  7. weird
  8. word of ire
  9. winds of memory

Strength Domain[edit]

The domain dealing with raw physical might.

Granted Power[edit]

Your melee attacks deal damage as if they were one size category larger. Additionally, you can ignore the penalties to speed from medium armour or carrying a medium load, and treat the penalties to speed from heavy armour or a heavy load as if they were medium. Lastly, you receive a bonus equal to your character level on any Strength checks you make.

Strength Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Holt's interposing hand
  2. Bull's strength
  3. Holt's forceful hand
  4. Stoneskin
  5. Holt's grasping hand
  6. Telekinetic sphere
  7. Holt's clenched fist
  8. Trap the soul
  9. Holt's crushing hand

Time Domain[edit]

For those who live life in the fast lane.

Granted Power[edit]

For up to a total number of rounds each day equal to your character level, you may act as if under the effects of haste. You may divide this time over multiple uses, but must declare at the beginning of each round if you are considered hasted or not. The rounds of use need not be consecutive. This is a supernatural ability.

Time Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Expeditious retreat
  2. Delayed blast fireball
  3. Haste
  4. Vision
  5. Outlast the ages (no XP component, focus component has no price minimum and can be enchanted normally, but must be a wearable item)
  6. Temporal stasis
  7. Sequester
  8. Turn back the pendulum
  9. Time stop

Trickery Domain[edit]

The domain of the sneaky and the sly.

Granted Power[edit]

You gain hide in plain sight (as the shadowdancer). Additionally, you gain Bluff, Disguise and Hide as class skills. These are always class skills for you, regardless of what class you may take.

Trickery Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Disguise self
  2. Nondetection
  3. False vision
  4. Greater invisibility
  5. Mislead
  6. Screen
  7. Clone
  8. Art of the lilliputian
  9. Demise unseen

Tyranny Domain[edit]

The domain for lording it.

Granted Power[edit]

Any enemy to whom you deal melee damage takes a -3 penalty on saves against your abilities for 6 rounds afterward. Additionally, if those creatures were immune to mind-affecting abilities or fear abilities, they instead gain a +4 bonus on saves against such abilities for 6 rounds instead.

Tyranny Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Command
  2. Scare
  3. Hold person
  4. Black tentacles
  5. Hold monster
  6. Wall of iron
  7. Forcecage
  8. Maze
  9. Imprisonment

Undeath Domain

The domain for cheating death.

Granted Powers[edit]

You gain Tomb-Tainted Soul as a bonus feat.

Undeath Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Tasha’s tomb tainting
  2. summon monster (undead only)
  3. animate dead
  4. second coming
  5. Sasha's skull servant
  6. etherealness
  7. Sasha's skeleton crew
  8. zombie apocalypse
  9. demise unseen

Vengeance Domain[edit]

A domain for taking revenge.

Granted Power[edit]

Whenever you become the target of any ability or attack, you can deal 3 damage to the source of the ability or attack as a free action useable outside of your turn. This damage cannot be used over a range greater than Medium, or if you are not aware of the attack or ability. For every 3 character levels above 1st, this damage increases by 3.

Vengeance Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Greater dispel magic
  2. Shatter
  3. Hijack spell
  4. Bestow curse
  5. Lesser planar binding (demons only)
  6. Contingency
  7. Power word kill
  8. Discern location
  9. Shadows of the mage-lords

Vermin Domain[edit]

Quick-quick!. The domain of things that chitter and bite.

Granted Power[edit]

You gain a natural stinger attack. This deals 1d6 damage for a Medium user, always adds 1.5 times Strength modifier to damage rolls, and contains a poison equivalent to that of a monstrous scorpion one size smaller than the user.

Vermin Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Spider climb
  2. Faith's reactive nest
  3. Stinking cloud
  4. Black tentacles
  5. Cloudkill
  6. Antimagic field
  7. Symbol of weakness
  8. Symbol of insanity
  9. Wail of the banshee

Violation Domain

The domain of things disgusting and gross.

Granted Powers[edit]

Creatures slain by your spells rise as skeleton or zombie versions of their former selves (you choose upon creation) at the beginning of the next round. These undead are not under your control, but you may turn them normally (or attempt to control them through other means) afterwards.

Violation Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Erzebet's skull bomb
  2. Elush's eye-blasting explosion
  3. animate dead
  4. black tentacles
  5. feeblemind
  6. reincarnate
  7. finger of death
  8. dominate monster
  9. winds of memory

Vivisection Domain

For turning things into other things they’re not in painful, imaginative ways.

Granted Powers[edit]

You gain a slam attack that deals slashing damage and gains iterative attacks with your base attack bonus, dealing 1d6 points of damage for a Medium creature. If you already possess a slam attack that deals greater base damage, you may now have the option of dealing slashing damage with it without a penalty to attack rolls.

Vivisection Domain Spells[edit]

  1. blossom of razors
  2. contagion
  3. alien limb
  4. polymorph other
  5. eyebite
  6. avasculate
  7. torn from within
  8. gutwrench
  9. avasculate, greater

Voltage Domain

For electric personalities.

Granted Powers[edit]

Any spell you cast that has the [Electricity] descriptor now ignores an amount of electricity resistance equal to your caster level. The electricity damage dealt may not be reduced below your caster level, regardless of the size of the resistance or immunity.

Voltage Domain Spells[edit]

  1. lightning spear
  2. Ohm's electrified equipment
  3. chain lightning
  4. wall of thunderbolts
  5. ball lightning
  6. lightning strikes twice
  7. stasis energy field
  8. Delilah's dispersal current
  9. apocalypse from the sky

War Domain[edit]

The domain of fighting men and women.

Granted Power[edit]

You gain the Martial Weapon Proficiency (if necessary) and Weapon Focus feats for your deity's favoured weapon as bonus feats.

War Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Spiritual weapon
  2. Greater magic weapon
  3. Magic vestment
  4. Blade barrier
  5. Power word blind
  6. Power word stun
  7. Power word kill
  8. Symbol of death
  9. Supernova

Water Domain

For those who like it wet.

Granted Powers[edit]

You gain a swim speed equal to your base speed, and may also breathe underwater as easily as you breathe normally.

Water Domain Spells[edit]

  1. sating the thirst
  2. fog cloud
  3. control water
  4. solid fog
  5. drown
  6. elemental swarm (water elementals only)
  7. mass drown
  8. monsoon
  9. gate (to a water-dominant plane only)