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Feats tied to one's racial identity.

Name Prerequisites Summary
Adamantine Body, Tome Warforged race A warforged feat which doesn't make us cry.
Adamantine Resilience Construct Type You gain DR/Adamantine equal to 1 + 1/2 your ECL.
Alchemical Bite Mighty Jaws or any creature with a Bite Attack, Masterwork Bite or Masterwork Body, Craft (Alchemy) 4 Ranks You treat your teeth with special substances to overcome damage reduction
Ascended Super Saiyan 12th level Saiyan Warrior, Unlocked Super Saiyan transformation Through training you have asended to a level beyond a Super Saiyan. As such, when you transform into a Super Saiyan, you may choose to "asend" and be even more powerful.
Assume Direct Control Sentient Illusion You can swap bodies at any distance, with a willing target.
Bark of My Bones Sylvari, Craft (armorsmithing) 5, Knowledge (Nature) 2, Leaves of My Skin feat Sylvari has mastered the creation of a more heavy and strong armor.
Bloodshaper Grey Vampire You can shape blood into weapons and objects.
Boiling Waters Elnade, 5 HD You can superheat your body to become hasted and with fiery benefits.
Brave Dragonblood Surge Mitahnese Human When you use Dragonblood Surge, you purge most status effects.
Cast In Hands Signcaster, Hands Aghast racial ability (2 hands or more) You can use your many floating hands to cast more than one spell at once.
Chosen by Zarus Human You are super effective against non-humans.
Clear Waters Elnade, Hide 6 ranks You can turn especially transparent.
Controlled Curse Accursed Mark racial feature You can slow down the effect of your curse considerably.
Corrosive Spittle Gorgoneion Your hairs can spit globs of acidic poisonous substance.
Crushing Slam Power Attack, Slam attack You are adept at using your arms, fists and body as a natural weapon.
Cursed Rage Accursed Mark racial feature and the rage class feature. Your anger at your curse make you even stronger.
Dark Mage Accursed Mark racial feature You no longer gain curse token from using evil magic.
Dexterous Bowmanship Elf You're an elf who is even better than normal with a bow.
Donkey Kick BAB +6, Strength 23, Onocentaur (3.5e Race), Power Attack, Improved Natural Attack When threatened, Onocentaurs can unleash a devastating kick
Doppledasein Union 1st level only, Must be a doppledasein and have the twin ability. Both doppledasein fuse into a single being.
Dragon Spit Mitahnese Human You unlock a fire spit breath weapon.
Drowblooded Elf 1st Level Only, Elf Race (except Drow) You gain darkvision, resistance to spells and count as a drow for prerequisites.
Durable Shield Astral Shield racial ability; and either BAB +1 or 5 ranks in Concentration. Your Astral Shield has more health.
Elemental Avatar Hardiness of the Elements You gain the full Elemental type.
Elfsight Elf Subtype Your vision greatly improve.
Energy-Resistant Shield Astral Shield racial ability; and either BAB +1 or 5 ranks in Concentration. Your Astral Shield takes less damage from one type of energy.
Evershifting Mark Ska'drin, 1st-level only. Your racial Ska'drin mark never settles. While this means you will never be considered an adult by your kind, it also means your innate magic is always changing and evolving.
Extra Stripe Color Adventure Dragon You show hereditary Adventure Dragon powers you didn't know you had.
Fey Glare Fey Type You gain the supernatural ability to blind or stun targets with a look.
Fey Grace Fey Type Your Charisma improves your saves and AC.
Fey Skirmisher Elf or Fey type You've learned that staying and fighting isn't the smartest idea. As such, you've adopted the hit-and-run tactics of guerrilla fighters.
Fey's Resilience Fey Type You gain Damage Reduction/Cold Iron.
Fiendish Vestige Rage Tiefling Race, Barbarian's Rage class feature You tap into your fiendish potential while raging.
Freezing Waters Elnade, 5 HD You can chill your body to gain bear's endurance and gain frigid benefits.
Frieza Clan 1st Level, Frost Demon, any non-good alignment
Full Power Form Mutated Frost Demon, Frieza Clan feat, 12th Level, Ki Demon class
Full Power Super Saiyan Unlocked Super Saiyan transformation, Remaining in the Super Saiyan transformation for one whole week continuously, while eating sleeping, playing, fighting, etc., 12th level Saiyan Warrior You have acclimated yourself to the strains of your Super Saiyan transformation , and have made it as tho it were your natural form. In doing so you have learned to conserve your energy.
Full of Surprises Plushie subtype You are full of surprises; your spell-like abilities are more versatile.
Gallipot of My Blood Sylvari, Craft (armorsmithing) 9, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Leaves of My Skin feat, Bark of My Bones feat Armor made armordener now better synchronized with his body.
Gigantism Human Race, 1st Level Only You are extremely tall and strong for being a more human.
Gnomish Illusion Gnome You gain additional spell-like abilities.
Gokiburi Grip Gokiburi, Str 13 or Dex 13, Climb 4 ranks Your multiple leg allow you to grapple surfaces and climb like a spider.
Gokiburi Persistence Gokiburi, Con 13, Concentration 4 ranks Even mortal wounds will not stop you from your goal.
Gokiburi Sensitivity Gokiburi, Wis 13, Listen 4 ranks Your keen sense of sound improves.
Golden Psychic Potential Must be a Golden One. As a Golden One, you can tap into your incredible psionic potential.
Greater Draining Kiss Must be a Fellion Your draining kiss is much more potent.
Greater Mark of the Ska'drin Ska'drin, Improved Mark of the Ska'drin, 10 HD. Your racial Ska'drin mark improves again, building upon your ancient, innate power.
Greater Shiba Scream BAB +16, Improved Shiba Scream (3.5e Feat), Canin, Shiba Scream (3.5e Feat) Your Shiba Scream practically bursts ear drums
Greater Spellborg Improved Spellborg, At least one Spellborg Adept Improved Augmentation You gain even more benefit for being a Spellborg
Greater Structural Integrity Replicant Increase Structural Integrity by 3.
Greenblood Rage Orc Subtype, Barbarian's Rage class feature You can take an extra standard action when you rage.
Guardian of the Forest Fey Skirmisher, Base attack bonus +4 The forest comes first. It is after all, the font of all life.
Half-Elf Emissary Half-Elf Gain a constant tongues effect, and daunt creatures in battle.
Halfling Boldness Halfling When you resist fear, you are your most brave.
Harden Flesh Shapechanger Subtype You can spend a full-round action to greatly lower damage done to yourself.
Hardened Shield Astral Shield racial ability; and either BAB +2 or 7 ranks in Concentration. Your Astral Shield is tougher and harder to damage.
Heart of Athas Athar Homunculus
Human Adaptability Human You gain a floating bonus feat which can be swapped out.
Human Bastard Human Humans are second only to Dragons in terms of friskiness! You were born from some interspecies erotica!
Human Charm Human Every creature considers you one of their own for the purpose of interactions and disguises.
Human Durability Human Gain bonuses against hostile environments. Counts as Endurance.
Human Flexibility Human Gain a racial feature from another LA 0 humanoid, and count as any humanoid subtype.
Human Proficiency Human Gain 3 floating proficiency feats to assign to anything.
Human Skillfulness Human Gain 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level, and a free floating 5 skill ranks.
Human Tool Use Human You are very good with tools, and can work with a lack of tools on the fly.
Hybrid Vigor Half-breed or mixed-breed race, inherited racial template or bloodline Remove a minor racial penalty and get some minor boosts.
IGTN/Pseudoelemental Being Elemental-Bodied You are a psuedoelemental being, with rare and unique powers.
Illuminator, Elan and Psicraft 15 ranks., Elan 12 HD. Skills: Knowledge (Psionics) 15 ranks a feat that allows Elans to perform the changing ritual to "make" a new Elan
Improved Courageous Recovery Character level 5th, Courageous Recovery Your courageous recovery ability become a maneuver-like ability.
Improved Mark of the Ska'drin Ska'drin, 5 HD. Your racial Ska'drin mark improves, building upon your ancient, innate power.
Improved Shiba Scream BAB+8, Canin, Shiba Scream (3.5e Feat) Your Shiba Scream becomes more earsplitting than before
Improved Soul Imprint any one other Racial feat, Succedaneum You gain an additional Soul Imprint with additional sizes and creature types available.
Improved Spellborg At least one Spellborg template You gain more benefit for being a Spellborg
Iron Nails Shapechanger Subtype You can turn your nails into deadly weapon.
Jaws of the Feral Beast Canin, BAB +15, Mighty Jaws (3.5e Feat), Masterwork Bite (3.5e Feat) or Masterwork Body (3.5e Feat), Improved Natural Attack You have developed your bite to truly devastating levels
Lavamuncher Dwarf Race You ate lava, gaining the fire subtype and the ability to spit lava at-will.
Leaf Bearer Constitution 17+, Oakforged, Photosynthesis racial ability You have more vibrant foliage, and can heal yourself when exposed to sunlight and water.
Leaves of My Skin Sylvari, Craft (armorsmithing) 1, Knowledge (Nature) 1 Sylvari gets the basic skills of creating armor of his own body.
Local Style None Your fighting style is the paragon of how your race wages war.
Loyal Hound 1st Level Only, Human or Halfling You have a loyal dog friend, he is a good boy.
Maddening Screech Racial sonic-based ability or Succedaneum You gain the Maddening Screech ability.
Magnesium Flame Mitahnese Human, Dragon Spit Your mitahnese breath weapon has a higher crit range and is very bright.
Mark of the Caring Ursine 1st level only, Bear Genasi You were just born more caring than other bears.
Master Hypnotist Snakeblooded Human, Spellblood Snake Bloodline The power of your bloodline allow you to enslave others to your will.
Masterwork Bite Canin or other Dog-like Humanoid/Monstrous Humanoid, Base Attack Bonus +5 Your teeth are of excellent quality
Mighty Jaws Canin, BAB +10, Improved Natural Attack, Masterwork Bite (3.5e Feat) You have trained your jaws to make your bites more devastating
Mutated Wings Fey or Outsider Type You gain weak wings which can carry you for some time.
Neutralizing Venom Gorgoneion Your snake hairs carry a powerful neutralizing venom, which can be used to hold creatures.
Nightsnipe 1st Level Only, Nightsprite Race You gain many of the traits of a snipe.
Nobody Shift Nobody Level 4 Alters the physical make-up of a Nobody into a different type of lower Nobody.
Novacharger Must be a Novaen You have a stronger and more versatile nova blast.
Nymph Grace Naiad Race, Fey Grace Your naiad heritage grant you the unearthly grace ability of a nymph.
Obscuration Aberration, Construct, Elemental, Fey or Outsider type You gain supernatural nondetection protection against divinations.
Orc Resilience Orc Subtype As an orc, you are one tough motherfucker.
Oroboros Tattoo Athar Homunculus, Heart of Athas The Oroboros is a symbol of infinity and immortality, by bearing its mark you gain some of its power.
Oversized Halfling or Goblin, 1st Level Only You are medium instead of small, that make you a bit stronger and faster than other creatures of your race.
Perfect Spellborg Improved Spellborg, Greater Spellborg, We Can Rebuild Him Class Feature One of your Spellborg abilities gets an upgrade.
Physical Incarnation 1st Level Only, Tiefling Race You gain the Evil and Damned subtypes as well as other bonuses and a single flaw.
Product of Legacy 1st Level Only, Dwarf, Human or Elf Race You are the product of a bloodline of heroes, thus gain additional skill points, hit points and ability score bonus.
Protect the Weaker Wergard, Restore Body class feature, 5 HD+ Protect one of your ally in combat.
Puppy Dog Eyes Canin, Bluff or Diplomacy 4 Ranks You are adept at getting your way by giving someone a mournful look
Puppy Dog Eyes, Greater Canin, Bluff or Diplomacy 12 Ranks, Puppy Dog Eyes, Improved Puppy Dog Eyes Your mastery of begging is astounding
Puppy Dog Eyes, Improved Bluff or Diplomacy 8 Ranks, Puppy Dog Eyes, Canin You are getting even better at getting what you want through begging
Racial Save Focus 1 racial HD Adjust which saves are your good and poor saves for your racial HD.
Racial Talent Racial Hit Dice Your racial hit dice count towards scaling class features.
Radiance Absorption Must be immune to [Light] effect as a virtue of your race. You absorb light and radiation and can draw power from solarite.
Radiation Immunity Xilliadine Race, Con 15+ Some Xilliadine slowly develop an odd mutation making them immune to radiation instead of merely resistant.
Rage of the Youkai Youkai Oni Race, ability to use Rage as a Barbarian You add your Youkai Oni level to rage-granting classes and gain the ability to keep going by drinking booze.
Regenerative Shield Astral Shield racial ability; and either BAB +2 or 7 ranks in Concentration. Your Astral Shield has more health.
Reinforced Carapace Nerubian, character level 4 Your carapace is becoming stronger. It becomes possible to wear medium armor.
Retributive Shield Astral Shield racial ability; and either BAB +3 or 9 ranks in Concentration. Your Astral Shield is hurts your attackers.
Root Climber Strength 17+, Oakforged, Grasping Roots racial ability You have learned to do more with your roots.
Saiyan Elite Saiyan race, Given extensive training from a Saiyan Elite who has this feat. The training of elite Saiyans allows them to surpass the weaknesses of 'lesser Saiyans'
Self-Detonate Replicant, 7 HDs You gain
Sentient Poltergeist Sentient Illusion You can inhabit items now too.
Shapechanger's Fit Shapechanger Subtype You can don or remove armor very easily and fit in about any armor.
Shapechanger's Resilience Shapechanger Subtype You gain Damage Reduction/Silver.
Shattering Screech Maddening Screech You gain a Shattering Screech that deals sonic damage.
Shiba Scream Canin, BAB +2 You can emit an ear-piercing shriek
Silk Spray Nerubian, character level 2 You can throw a silk spray on a flying creature to make it loses its Fly property.
Sociopathic Christmas Christmas Elf, Wis 15- Unlike most other christmas elves, you like causing injury. You like it a lot...
Sorodei Flight Sorodei, 7th level You unlocked the secret of flight of the ancient Thei.
Spellwarding Shield Astral Shield racial ability; and either BAB +3 or 9 ranks in Concentration. Your Astral Shield's Spell Resistance applies against more things.
Spider Mutant Drow Race OR must have been exposed to baleful polymorph (spider) or similar spell You have the ability to create spider web, either from your ancestry or through accidental transmutation.
Spider Web Nerubian, Silk Spray feat You can throw a web that behaves like the web spell.
Spiderhost Nerubian, Reinforced Carapace feat You can summon spiders into battle.
Stone Shoulder Dwarf You gain a +4 bonus to bull rushes and trips, and may make a free bull rush on a charge.
Super Rebound Improved Bull Rush, Pineblam Goblin When striking foe with your pinball slam, you cause them to be projected on on side and you on the other.
Superior Merform Atargaian You gain the full benefit of merform, the shapechanger subtype and the ability to turn into fishes and eels.
Taelantian Nobility 1st level Only, Human Subtype You gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (Nobility) as well as the ability to swim and breath under water.
Tail Defense Saiyan race, must have been subject to tail paralization at least once Once bitten, twice shy, this Saiyan wont be letting you grab his tail again!
Targeted Cloaking Microforged Conglomerate, Dodge You recolor yourself to disappear from the view of your chosen target.
Thousand-Hand Style Concentration 4 ranks, Hands Aghast racial ability (2 hands or more), Multiweapon Fighting You can use your additional hands for combat.
Thousand-Spell Style Thousand-Hand Style, Cast In Hands, Combat Casting You can fight in a flurry of spells and skeletal fists.
Tomeforged Warforged Gain built-in armor, benefits of Tome fantastic armor.
Toon's Resilience Toon Race Toon physic grant you improved durability.
Trained Golden Eyes Mitahnese Human You have trained your golden eyes to be able to detect long term aura and pierce magical deception.
Transformer Dragon Adventure Dragon, Alternate form with limited ability scores You transform exceptionally well for one of your kind.
Ultra Super Saiyan Ascended Super Saiyan You have pushed yourself and found a way to become immensely physically strong, but there are some drawbacks.
Unconventional Human Learning Human, 1st level only, INT 11 or more Your thirst for knowledge gives you access to additional unconventional abilities, which you master as you learn and experience.
Underdark Scout Drow Race You have stronger than normal darkvision and are able to navigate the underdark more easily.
Underground Ambush Nerubian, character level 4 The ability to dig and attack the enemy from underground.
Ursine Mark-Caster Bear Genasi, Mark of the Caring Ursine, Caster/Invoker Level 1st, Spellcraft 6 ranks Use that magic mark on your belly to cast spells instead of hand-waving and gibberish.
Vampire Bite Grey Vampire You bite attack deal more critical damage and allow you to grapple opponents freely.
Versatile Dragonblood Surge Mitahnese Human You may quickly cast spells with Dragonblood Surge much more efficiently.
Vine Lasher Dexterity 17+, Oakforged, Grasping Roots racial ability You have gained greater control over your natural vines, allowing you to use them to lash foes and manipulate objects.
Vivacious Waters Elnade You can use part of your body to create animated objects.
Watch Dog's Bark Canin, Spot 4 Ranks, Listen 4 Ranks Canin are perceptive creatures and can easily notice potential danger. When they see, hear, or smell trouble, they will, much like their canine cousins, bark, growl, and shout warnings to alert their companions.
Web Mastery Nerubian, Spider Web feat, Silk Spray feat Your Silk Spray and Spider Web feats become more effective.
When All You Have Is Muscle Half-Orc Apply your strength to a whole series of things.
Xeno Apotheosis 9 HD, must have the xenoblooded subtype. You become fully xenotheric.
Ysgardian Berserker Einherjar Race You are able to rage like a barbarian.

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