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Foxwarrior's Homebrew
Classes Abstruse Cardshark, Alchemist, Variant, Arcanist, Bardbarian, Battle Chef, Battlebrute, Bender of Air, Bender of Earth, Bender of Energy, Bender of Fire, Bender of Time, Bender of Water, Bloodcloud Assailant, Bloodcloud Mage, Body Sprouter, Cantripologist, Carnage Zealot, Carrier of Bceilieod, Cauldron Chanter, Champion of Pretapodr, Channeler of Saidar, Channeler of Saidin, Channeler of the True Power, Chi Blocker, Chosen by Gadlnaom, Combo Maker, Communal Possession, Demonsouled, Divine Entity, Divine Word, Eldritch Horror Paragon, Insidious Parasite Path, Eldritch Horror, Unspeakable Abomination Path, Elemental Blade, Flame Alchemist, Inanomancer, Knowledge Mage, Kobold Paragon, Literate Mage, Lucky One, Magic Unleasher, Martial Warrior, Master Expert, Master of Everything, Monster Gourmet, Mystic Cardshark, Necrocarnal, Necrocarnal, Revised, Nonlinear Fighter, Paladette, Planar Blade... further results
Feats Additional Element Affinity, Adventurous Wordcasting, Aim through Clouds, Alchemical Conspiracy, Argument by Poetic Language, Assume Direct Control, Astrological Spell, Attack Blocker, Axe Mastery, Barracks Builder, Bend Multitasker, Bender's Challenge, Bending Enhancement, Bending of Weakness, Bond of Murder, Brutal Shooter, Cape Resonance, Chakra Disabler, Clap Your Hands, Clear Waters, Combat Crafter, Concentrating Words, Crippling Poker, Critical Statement, Cruel Fate, Cult Spell, Dancing Wizard, Dancing and Stabbing Wizard, Despotic Furor, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Dodgy Sort of Fellow, Efficient Monster Crafter, Electric Torture, Esoteric Multiclasser, Eternal Thought, Evocative Wordcasting, Expanded Corpse Investment, Expanded Word Focus, Extra Bends, Extra Signature, Extra Stripe Color, Extra Weapon, Extra Word Knowledge, Extra Words, Extraordinary Mage, Fast Talker, Feared Summoner, Feet of the Blackbird, Fists of the Kalashnikov, Grab Air, Homeworld Bound, Hurtling Hitter, Impressive Wordcasting, Improv Artist, Improved Bending Enhancement, Improved Bending of Weakness, Improved Ki Strike, Improved Perfectly Timed Shooter, Improved Self-Perfection, Improvised Weapon Proficiency, Increased Monk Armor, Increased Monk Speed, Increased Vault Supremacy, Infinite Charger, Infinity and Beyond, Inner Peace, Outer Obliteration, Inner Tranquility, Outer Annihilation, Instant Elemental Armor, Instant Sprinter, Interminable Intestines, Invert Weave, Item Eater, Kind Fate, Knockout Punching, Mad Bomber, Manipulative Shooter, Manipulative Wordcasting, Marathon Runner, Martial Script Eater, Martial Script Reader, Messiah's Kick, Minor Superpowers, More Than A Full Deck, Multiclasser, Multilimb Fighting, Necrotic Poisoner, Nerve Fry, Overkill Crafter, Overly Violent Fellow, Page Turner, Parry Everything, Perfectly Timed Shooter, Permanent Body Parts, Pocket Vault, Pretty Cool Blow, Professional Worder, Protective Beast, Protective Wordcasting, Psychic Thesis, Relaxed Caster, Reliable Pinger, Ridiculously Skilled Fellow, Rites of Noon, Ritual Litany, Running Fanatic Fellow, Sacrifice Spell, Savantish Fellow, Seeing Red, Sentient Poltergeist, Shardseeker, Shielded Killer, Sight of the Ground, Single Weapon Fellow, Skill Genius, Skin of the Leopard, Smart Shooter, Sneaky Wizard Fellow, Special Combo, Specific Spell Specialty, Star Thrower, Stealth Speaker, Stealth Wisdom, Stubborn Fellow, Studious Soulsmith, Sturdy Fellow, Subtle Spells, Super Quicken, Super Quicken Power, Supreme Commander, Targeted Cloaking, Temporary Resurrection, Transformer Dragon, Tricky Fingers, Unbelievable Spell, Unforgotten, Unlimited Potential, Unnatural Opportunist, Unweave, Very Reliable Pinger, Wave Grabber, Weave Angreal, Wolfblade Tactics, Word Focus, Word Intonation, Words of Canceling, Wordy Alchemist, Worldly Monk, Zen Combat Fellow
Character Options Alchemical Truthseer, Avatar, Bookish Wizard, Encounter-Based Wordcasting, Hollow Ones, Human-Pact Warlock, Righteous Paladin, Selfich, Ultrametamagical Sorcerer
Class Ability Components A Life For A Life, Accept Soul, Alignment Aura Dowsing, Amphibiate, Animate Graft, Animate Statues, Antibite, Antimaneuver Field, Awaken Mediocrity, Balor Burst, Beam of Radiance, Bestow Voice, Blanket Domination, Blood Brotherhood, Breath of Cold, Breath of the Dretch, Brilliant Blade, Brilliant Blade, Greater, Broadcast, Choking Death, Cloud Control, Cold Gem, Construct, Contagion, Greater, Contingency Other, Contract, Craft Artifact, Create Hypercube, Create Object, Crowns, Crystals, Cure Friendly Fire, Curse of the Annoying Speech Impediment, Dance of the Vrock, Defuse Hostilities, Destructive Bark, Detect Survivors, Disenchant, Divine Shield, Doors, Ears, Earthshaking Growl, Eldritch Circle, Expand Area, Eyes, Eyes of the Retriever, Fabricate Birdcall, Fang Attack, Feelings of Generosity, Final Salvation... further results
Equipment A'dam, Alchemical Arm, Amazing Deed, Angreal, Antiring of the Underdog, Assault Rifle, Balefire Pocket Watch, Bowl of the Winds, Box of Holding and Traveling, Choeden Kal, Decanter of Endless Kittens, Dull Dagger, Enhanced Reality Headset, Extendoglove, Fireball Launcher, Fluted Black Rod, Forgettable Mask, Gemstone Array, Glider, Helmet of Metal Feathers, Lasgun, Lesser Fireball Launcher, Machine Gun, Mad Philosopher's Stone, Magic Missile Revolver, Major Angreal, Major Deed, Mayhem Blindfold, Minor Angreal, Minor Deed, Mirror of Determinist Horror, Monocular, Not So Handy Haversack, Oath Rod, Paradox Arrow, Phantom Limb, Pictorial Mirror, Picture Frame of Entrapment, Picture Frame of Exceptional Realism, Picture Frame of Weakened Barriers, Pigeonholing, Pistol, Polarity Shard, Radioactive Gem, Robomage, Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, Sa'angreal Weapon, Slide Rule of Alternatives, Sniper Rifle, Variant, Spell Jammer... further results
Other things Adventure Dragon, Alien Codex, Bceilieod, Cashooie, Devourer of Sin, Eldritch Horror, Encased Titan, Gadlnaom, Gralgir, Handy Watchbeast, Makari System, Maxwell's Demon, Microforged Conglomerate, Paradise, Plane of Pictures, Pretapodr, Red Fox, Red Fox, Riding Duck, Sentient Illusion, Tall Grass, The Great Snake, Time Hunter, Tree Insect, Vigilante Essence, Vratimsgot, Vulpe, Wreitedes, Zergling