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Moderate Balance Feats[edit]

100 FistsMonkIncrease the number of attacks from flurry of blows.Dex 13, Flurry of Blows
3D Maneuver Gear ProficiencyFighterYou can use 3D maneuver gear as more than just a pair of hookshots.Balance 4 ranks
Ability TrainingGeneralAn ability score goes up.None
Ablative ArmorWarforgedYour armor plating is layered to push back explosively, reducing damage... at least for a little while.Warforged, 3rd level.
Abode of EarthElementalYou are at home within the earth.(Earth) Subtype, Burrow speed, Character level 3+
Accelerated ProgressionGeneralSlow progressions of classes (such as sorcerers to wizard, or wilder to psion) now progress faster.Spellcaster or Manifester 1st
Acceleration CombatCombatLet your legs get you out of dangerMovement speed of 60ft. Dex 16
Accurate OpportunistFighterYou sacrifice deadliness for increased accuracy.Sneak Attack +2d6
Acquire Mind BladePsionicYou can create a weapon made of your own thoughts at will.Bab +1 or Concentration 4 Ranks
Adamantine StomachMonstrousThose you swallow won't be getting out.Con 15, Swallow Whole
Adapt Psychic KnifeGeneralYour psychic knife gains the properties of a special crafting materialBAB +1, Psychic knife class feature
Adaptive DodgeFighterYou gain a cumulative dodge bonus against a single creature.BAB +1 or Dexterity 13+
Adaptive EyesightSpelltouchedYou gain several benefits to your vision.Exposure to darkvision spell.
Adaptive WeaponGeneralReassign the special abilities of a class-granted weapon.Any class that has a personal weapon that gains effective enhancement bonuses to spend on special weapon abilities such as a Soulknife.
Additional Spirit BondGeneralGain an additional spirit bond for the hairbinder.Hairbinder 1st
Advanced Dark CompanionGeneralImproved the dark companion alternate feature for the hexblade.Must have a dark companion.
Advanced Sword TechniqueFighter, TacticalGain additional combat options with any sword-like weapon.Must be proficient in at least one sword-like one or two handed weapon.
Adventuring CasterGeneralYou do not suffer from arcane spell failure in light armor.Caster Level 1st
Aged WellGeneralYou are old, but you still feel hail and hearty.Middle aged or older.
Aim through CloudsFighterYou almost always hit giant fleshy blobs, whether or not they're invisible.None
AimingFighterYou aim for the weak point, increasing accuracy and opening them up to sneak attack at range.None
Airship ImprovementGeneralGain an additional ship improvement for the airship pilot class.Airship Pilot 1st level
Alchemical BiteRacialYou treat your teeth with special substances to overcome damage reductionMighty Jaws or any creature with a Bite Attack, Masterwork Bite or Masterwork Body, Craft (Alchemy) 4 Ranks
Alchemical EnchantmentGeneralEnchant alchemical items as if masterwork ammunition.Craft (Alchemy) 5 ranks, any magical item crafting feat
Alchemical ExtractGeneralOnce per day, use a potion or oil without actually using it.Craft (Alchemy) 7 ranks
Alertness, BalmzGeneralImproved version of alertnessNone
Align Psychic KnifeGeneralyour psychic knife becomes an aligned weapon.psychic knife class feature, BAB +6
Alter GenderGeneralDude looks like a lady.Character Level 3rd, must be a race with male and female genders.
Alternative TraditionGeneralChange the ability score for a class ability (such as spellcasting) to a different ability score.1st level only
Always on LookoutGeneralYour senses are on constant alert.Listen 9 ranks, Spot 9 ranks
Amateur SpellcasterGeneralYour dabbling in spellcasting advances to full amateur abilities.Character level 6, Spellcasting Dabbler
AmbidextrousFighterYou apply full strength (instead of half strength) to off-hand attacks.Two-Weapon FightingStr 13
Analytic Fighting StyleFighterYou use your Intelligence instead of your Dexterity on attack and damage.Int 15+, Dex 11+
Anger PointMonstrous, FighterGetting punched in the face makes you angry. More than it pisses most people off, that is.None
Anima ToughnessGeneralBeings without metabolism are raised or constructed with animating force. This force now can be used to toughen them beyond the durability of their basic undead or construct frames, increasing their hit points.No Con Score, Cha 15, Base Fortitude Save +2
Animal AvatarGeneralDon't just command your animal - BE your animal!Power AnimalAnimal Sight
Animal FriendGeneralYou are a friend of little and not so little critters.Animal Tongue
Animal SightGeneralUse your animal companion's senses as your own.Power Animal
Animal TongueGeneralYou can speak with a kind of animal, sorta like a Disney princess.Knowledge (Nature) 4 ranks.
Anointed ChampionAncestral SchoolYou were inducted into a secretive order of crusaders, paladins and war-priests that teach the secret arts of Champion’s Might, a splinter school of Devoted Spirit that teaches how to directly channel divine power into martial maneuvers.One Devoted Spirit maneuver, smite class feature
ApprenticeshipGeneralNew Mentor Types for the Lower Planes.None
Aquatic AcrobaticsGeneralYou Swim, acrobaticallyAquatic or Water subtype, Swim Speed
Aquatic StealthGeneralYou Swim, stealthilyAquatic or Water subtype, Swim Speed
Armed Deflect ArrowsFighterDeflect arrows when your hands are full.BAB +1, Weapon Focus
Armed WrestlerFighterUse one-handed weapons in a grapple or two-handed weapons with an extra penalty instead of not at all.Base attack bonus +1
Armor AgilityFighterYou do not feel encumbered by armor.Proficiency in any type of armor.
Armor FocusFighterImproved AC and Reflex saves in certain armor.BAB +1, proficient in chosen armor category
ArmorbornFighterYou gain proficiency in all armor and shields, or can use them better if you already know how.1st level only
Artist of Fast DrawAncestral SchoolYou were inducted into the secret swordsmanship school of Speed of Thought, a splinter school of Diamond Mind that focuses on the art of fast-drawing weapons to attackQuick Draw, one Diamond Mind maneuver
As Young As You FeelSpelltouchedYou appear to be whatever age you want.Must have been exposed to disguise self.
Ascended Super SaiyanRacialThrough training you have asended to a level beyond a Super Saiyan. As such, when you transform into a Super Saiyan, you may choose to "asend" and be even more powerful.12th level Saiyan Warrior, Unlocked Super Saiyan transformation
Ascetic ArtistMulticlassCombine your monk and bard levels into a seamless whole.Scaling unarmed strike progression, Inspire Courage +1
Ascetic JuggernautGeneralLevels of Monk or Martial Artist stack with levels of Battle Juggernaut to determine Unarmed Strike damage and AC Bonus and Regeneration and Damage Reduction.Flurry of Blows, Juggernaut Form
Athletic, BalmzGeneralBetter version of athleticStrength 13
Augmented Damage ReductionFighterMake your damage reduction better.Must have a persistent source of damage reduction.
Average InitiativeGeneralIn an encounter with at least two other initiative rolls, you can always choose to go in the middle.None
Average OutLuckIf you roll a natural 1, the next roll is guaranteed to be at least a 10.None
AwarenessFighterYou have a keen sense to know where enemies are. You feel their presence behind walls, doors, when hidden, and around corners.None
Baast's Nimble GraceGeneralWalk as a cat, jump as a cat, dance as a cat !Dex 15
Bad BossGeneralYou grant summoned allies, followers and cohort your betrayal feats as abettors.One [Betrayal] feat
Bad Moon RisingMonstrousYou are a creature of the night. It makes you more durable and puts you in a good mood.Shapechanger Subtype
Bad Touch StyleGeneralYou can deliver abilities with a range of touch with an unarmed strike instead of a touch attack.Improved Unarmed Strike or Slam Attack
Bark of My BonesRacialSylvari has mastered the creation of a more heavy and strong armor.Sylvari, Craft (armorsmithing) 5, Knowledge (Nature) 2, Leaves of My Skin feat
Bat Out of HellFiendYou scream across the worldFly Speed
Batman In Plain SightGeneralYou can hide in plain sight even when people are talking to you.Hide in Plain Sight
Beauty IdolGeneralOnce per encounter as an immediate action, whenever you have successfully hit an opponent (even with just a touch attack) you can force a Will saving throw DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha modifier, or become fascinated for 1 round/level, or 1 round on a successful save. Also, things for pokemon contests.Cha 13
Beauty QueenGeneralYou gain the ability to seduce others with ease.Charisma 13+
Binding GrowthElementalYou grow on people.Wood Elemental Creature (e.g., Psuedoelemental Being (Wood) feat)
Black Blood SpellMetamagicYou turn energy into vile blood, dealing vile damage.Blood Sacrifice, caster level 5th.
Blade BusterFighterIf your weapons aren't hitting quite like your fists, they are now...but you might break them.Str 17, Pugilist or Scaling Unarmed Dice as a class feature
Blood BankGeneralYou can make your banked life last.Life Force class feature, maximum life force pool of at least 50 points, Bank Life class feature
Bloody ToughnessFighterYou are so tough you heal when you smack people.Toughness
Body of IronFighter, MonkGain an armor bonus to AC even if you're unarmored.AC Bonus class feature (such as monk), Con 13, Fortitude +4
Bolster TechniqueGeneralYou focus upon one of your techniques, allowing it to be far more effective than it was in the past.None
Bolt of CorruptionFighterYou may deliver your touch of corruption with a ranged attack.Touch of CorruptionPathfinder
Bomb FocusFighter, BombYou know how to create more potent bombs than usual.Craft (Alchemy) 8 ranks, and either Bomb class feature or Grenadier Dabbling (3.5e Feat)
Bondage SpecialistGeneralBondage SpecialistIntimidate 3 ranks, Use Rope Skill 3 ranks
Bonus Spell SlotGeneralYou gain a bonus spell slot at the highest level you can cast.Must have spellcasting.
Born PsionicGeneralBorn with psychic potential, you gain power points as you level.1st level only.
Born ThiefGeneralYou were born and raised as a thief and thus you have gained useful assorted skills.1st level only.
Born TinkererGeneralYou gain a bonus when using the Craft (Technology), Disable Device and Knowledge (Engineering) skills.1st Level Only, INT 13
Born ToughGeneralYou're built like a wall, it takes ages to make you fall.1st level only, Constitution 13, Base Fortitude Save +2
Bottoms UpGeneralYou know how to chug! Drink as a move action, or later as a swift action.Con 13
Brace For ImpactFighterReady an action to weather an otherwise fatal blow.Con 13
Breath Weapon SubstitutionMonstrousChange what element your breath weapon produces.Breath Weapon which deals damage
Broad MasteryFighterYou gain an increase on your ability score by leveling at 3rd level and each 3 level thereafter.3 HD
Broad PracticeFighterWhen you increase an ability score while leveling you increase three instead.None
Brutal DisarmFighterYou can disarm opponents by partially destroying their limbs.BAB +4, Str 13, Improved Disarm
Buff BodyFighterA feat that represents the benefits of a vigorous physical workout routine. In fact, you need to be pretty tough already to undergo this training!Con 13, +4 base Fortitude save.
Bundle of TerrorGeneralDespite being smaller than most people, you don't have a hard time intimidating those larger than you.Intimidate 3 ranks.
Burning RageFuryWhen you rage, you gain literal firepower.Rage 1/day
Burning ZealFighterGain a bonus to one opposed check and take ability burn after.None
Butt StrokeFighterYou can use a polearm or spear like a quarterstaffTwo Weapon FightingWeapon Focus with a spear or polearm, proficiency in quarterstaff
Cacophonous SpellMetamagicYour sonic spells are so powerful, they tear through resistances and immunities.None
Caltrop AttackFighterToss a bag of caltrops at a foe and watch it burst and scatter at their feet.None
Careful MovementFighterYour training allows you to move around the battlefield while still defending yourself.BAB +3
Careful Somatic CastingGeneralYou can ignore arcane spell failure, at the cost of increased casting time.None
Caster FocusGeneralChoose a class which does not give full casting progression (or none at all), it now gives full or partial progression... for caster level at least.Caster Level 5th
Cerulean SkillIncarnumAdd 1 + twice the amount of invested essentia on all checks involving the chosen skill.Con 13
Challenge-ObsessedFighterInitiate multiple Duel of Wills per battle and gain ability to parry using Iaijutsu FocusBAB +7, Intimidate 11 ranks, Sudden Challenge
Charismatic ProdigyGeneralYour force of personality is far stronger than it ought to be, allowing you to activate your abilities to greater effectNone
Cheap ShotFighterWhy simply feint when you could deck a bitch?Improved Unarmed StrikeImproved Feint
Chthonic GripGeneralYou can initiate grapples with your Chthonic Serpent weapons.Blade Meditation (Chthonic Serpent), Any two of Binding ConstrictorBoa StrikeChoking Python, or Anaconda Crush
Class ProficiencyGeneralYou gain proficiency of another class.None
Clear SkyMonstrous, WeatherThe surrounding weather around you is always calm.Knowledge Nature 6 ranks
Cleave and Smite EvilFighterWhen you cleave, you automatically smite without expending a smite attempt.Cleave, any Smite ability (like Smite Evil)
Cleaving LaunchFighterWhen you kill a creature, you launch their corpse as a projectile.CleaveImproved Bull Rush
Cling to LifeFighterIf you are dying it takes you longer than normal to actually perish.Endurance
Codex EnduranceFighterYou have peak level endurance.Bab +1 or Constitution 14
Colourful FlagReserveShoot obscuring beam of light as long as you have a light spell.Know at least one light spell of 1st level or greater.
Combat HealerGeneralSpend Lay on Hands to increase healing from a Devoted Spirit maneuver.Lay on hands (or similar ability), one Devoted Spirit maneuver that heals hit point damage.
Combat Reflexes, GrimoireFighterYou can make multiple attacks of opportunity per round.None
Compensate for SizeFighter, MonkYou know how to moves enemies in special ways as to eliminate their advantage over you when using specialized attacks.BAB +3
Compensate for WindFighterYou can handle high winds just fine.None
Competent BlacksmithGeneralYou are a great blacksmith.None
Competent HealerGeneralYou are a great healer.None
Competent MusicianGeneralYou are a great musician.None
Competent PatrolmanGeneralYou gain a bonus to listen and survival checks.None
Competent SailorGeneralYou are a great sailor.None
Competent ScholarGeneralYou are a great scholar.None
Complete Exotic ProficiencyFighterGain proficiency in all exotic weapons.One Martial Weapon Proficiency and 1st level only, or proficiency in all martial weapons and at least one Exotic Weapon Proficiency
Concentrating WordsWordcastingYou can spend words instead of concentrating.Have at least 1 spell word/day.
Congregate MonkMulticlassYour monk and chorister levels stack for a bunch of stuff.Effective Monk level 1, Verse of Valor +1
Constricting FiendFiendYour legs merge into a long tail, and you gain the ability to squeeze the life from your foes.Character level 6
Construct ToughnessGeneralYou are much tougher than most living construct, your body also persist after your destruction.Construct
Contagious EvasionGeneralProvide Evasion to nearby allies.Cha 13, Contagious SuccessEvasion
Contagious MettleGeneralProvide Mettle to nearby allies.Cha 13, Contagious Success, Mettle
Contemplative FocusMonkYou treat a single chosen weapon as a monk weapon and may use it with feats which require unarmed strike.Improved Unarmed StrikeWeapon Focus (any melee weapon)
Continued Mind EnhancementMulticlassSoulblade weapon enhancement continues to increase at half of normal rate while taking other classes.Mind Enhancement +1
Controlled TouchGeneralYou can control your power enough not to kill allies you touch.Must have the spirit thief template.
Cool IdolGeneralOnce per encounter as an immediate action, you can add your Charisma modifier to your attack roll and damage. Also, things for pokemon contests.Cha 13
Corpse ToughnessUndeadYou gain +1 hit point per HD and DR 5 bypassed by one type of physical damage.None
Craft Magical ImageItem CreationWith your knowledge of Spellcraft and the ability to make images. You have learned how to craft an image able to cast spell-like abilities acting like the pre-chosen spell.Effective Caster Level 5, Craft (Image) ranks 5, Spellcraft ranks 8
Craft QuicktrapItem CreationYou can create traps very quickly and efficiently.Craft (Trapmaking) 4 Ranks
Create More WaterGeneralCreate more water, with utility and combat power.Ability to cast create water as spell or spell-like ability
Critical Strike MasteryGeneralYour critical hits never have to be confirmed and you can never critically fail on an attack roll (EX: a 1 or 2 on the die roll is treated as such and is not a critical fail chance.)Crit FisherPower Critical, Savage Critical, Improved Critical, Greater Critical, Base Attack Bonus +20
Critical ToughnessFighterYou are so tough you don't get critted often.Toughness
Cross-Style TrainingMulticlass, MonkAn exchange student, studier of more eclectic martial arts, or simply someone who feels a special bond with a specific weapon, you can use a non-traditional weapon at the same level of mastery as your peers.None
Crushing SlamRacialYou are adept at using your arms, fists and body as a natural weapon.Power AttackSlam attack
Crushing SubmissionFighterYou beat opponents into submission with your mace.Weapon Focus (bludgeoning weapon)
Cure TimeGeneralUse positive energy to rewind age.Life Force class feature, maximum life force pool of at least 150 points
Cursed BloodlineGeneralYou gain the [Evil] subtype and DR 2/Good.You come from a terrible and cursed bloodline, making you more or less than a mere man.
Cursed RageRacialYour anger at your curse make you even stronger.Accursed Mark racial feature and the rage class feature.
Cute IdolGeneralOnce per encounter as an immediate action, you can add your Charisma modifier to your saving throws against one effect. Also, things for pokemon contests.Cha 13
Cyan FocusFighter, IncarnumAdd invested essentia to attack roll with chosen weaponCon 13, Proficiency with selected weapon, BAB +1
Cyan InitiativeFighter, IncarnumAdd 2 plus twice invested essentia to initiative checks.Con 13
DO YOU DOUBT THE INTEGRITY OF A BEING WHOSE MUSCLES CAN DO THIS?Skill, FighterYou can try to convince someone of your honesty by flexing your musclesBAB +3, STR 19, Bluff 6 Ranks
Dancing Blossom StanceGeneralMonks fly through the air as if on wires, balance on a single mote of dust, and walk on water.Monk 4th, Balance 7 ranks
Danger IntuitionGeneralDue to your senses, overall intuition, or just plain luck, foes seem to be unable to catch you unaware.None
Dark KnowledgeGeneralYou know things, and have been exposed to dark insight. This helps you against the horrors from beyond time and space.Int 13 or Wis 13 or Cha 13
Dark MageRacialYou no longer gain curse token from using evil magic.Accursed Mark racial feature
DaywalkerUndeadYou are resistant to sunlight.Must be vulnerable to the light of the sun.
DeadtouchedGeneralYou count as an undead for the purpose of prerequisites, gain a +1 natural bonus to AC and reduce precision damages.Tomb-Tainted SoulLM feat or otherwise healed by negative energy
Deathless Energy Drain ImmunityMonstrousYou regain the immunity to Energy Drain from when you became a Redeemed Undead and gained the Deathless SubtypeRedeemed Undead
Dedicated BodyguardFighterYou use maneuver-like abilities to be an extremely efficient bodyguard.Martial Lore 4 Ranks
Deformity, BloodVile, DeformityYour body is constantly bleeding from your pores, making it appear as though you are constantly sweating out your own blood.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVD
Deformity, Patchwork BodyDeformityYou can put yourself back together if dismembered, or use others body parts to replace your own.Willing DeformityBoVD
Depraved PhysiognomyVileThe corrupt powers that seep through your body and mind have stretched and deformed your body, forcing you into a shape more to their liking.Evil alignment.
Devoted ExtremistMulticlassPaladin and Soulborn level stack for Smite damage and Special mount progressionSmite (any one alignment), Smite Opposition
Dimensional Body StorageGeneralIf you have an artificial body part, or are artificial already, you gain the ability to store and use arm or handheld items within.Construct or otherwise possessing at least one artificial body part (such as by a graft)
Disguise in Plain SightTacticalYou can disguise even when people are directly looking at you.Disguise 4 ranks, Hide Skill 4 ranks
Dodge, Sulacu VariantFighterYou gain a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class and Reflex saves.Dex 13.
Dodgy Sort of FellowSubsidyWhen you leave the room, people look at your back and say "He's a dodgy sort of fellow, ain't he?" But only in reference to the fact that you won the battle without being hit.None
Donkey KickFighter, RacialWhen threatened, Onocentaurs can unleash a devastating kickBAB +6, Strength 23, Onocentaur (3.5e Race)Power AttackImproved Natural Attack
Draconic Heritage, IncarnumDraconicGain Knowledge(History) as a class skill, dragonblood subtype, and bonus on saves against magic sleep, paralysis and against soulmeld effects.SRD:Sorcerer level 1st
Draconic Legacy, IncarnumDraconicAdd incarnum spells to your list of spell known.Any four draconic feats.
Dragonblessed CommanderMulticlassYou are able to project your dragon shaman and marshal auras at a full strength despite your varied studies.2 draconic auras, 1 minor marshal aura, 1 major marshal aura
Dragonscales MonkGeneralYour ki is drawn from the blood of dragon, granting you multiple draconic monk abilities.Dragonblood Subtype, Monk's AC Bonus
DrenchElementalYour body puts out fires.(Water) Subtype
Drift MasteryFighterYou do not need to travel in a straight line to charge while mounted.Ride 11 ranks
Drink Life a DwarfGeneralTake fewer penalties for drinking.Drunken Master Level 1, Con 20, ECL 15
Drink MixerGeneralYou can mix drink with great talents.Profession (Bartender) 4 Ranks
Drive ChargeFighterGains superior charging benefits while mounted.Mounted Combat, Ride 9 ranks or BAB +6
Dual ProvidenceGeneralYou are able to channel positive and negative energy with equal proficiency.Able to spontaneously cure or inflict. Any neutral alignment.
Durable ShieldRacialYour Astral Shield has more health.Astral Shield racial ability; and either BAB +1 or 5 ranks in Concentration.
Ear WormGeneralYou have a memetic trap in your mind, activated whenever someone tries to get in your head.None
Efficient CastingGeneralWhen you cast spell there is a chance you don't use the spell slot.Must be able to cast spells.
Efficient CorpsecraftingGeneralOther necromancers are so wasteful. You know how to raise the dead on the cheap.CorpsecrafterLM
Efficient CraftingItem CreationYou can work on multiple items at a time, or make a single item twice as fast.Craft (Any) 7 Ranks
Eldritch AsceticMonkYour training allows you to mix your melee attacks and eldritch powers to great effect.Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Eldritch Blast +2d6
Eldritch BreakGeneralYour ray spells carry extra power in them, allowing you to break through enemy resistance more easily.Eldritch Blood, CL 9th
Eldritch DragonMulticlassCombine your dragonfire adept and warlock levels for breath weapon and eldritch blast.Dragonfire Adept breath weapon 1d6, Eldritch Blast 1d6
Eldritch PowerGeneralYour power over eldritch magic manifests in additional power for your rays.Eldritch Blood
Eldritch SkinGeneralYour damage reduction increases, now empowered with the energy of magic.Eldritch Blood
Elemental AuraFiend, ElementalYour close relationship with primal elemental forces has manifested in a damaging aura.Character level 7, must have a subtype granting immunity to a form of elemental damage
Emergency ReinvokeGeneralInvoke immediately after invocation wears offAble to invoke invocations
Endless LifeGeneralFast healing based on remaining life forceLife Force class feature, maximum life force pool of at least 100 points
Energy ResistanceSpelltouchedYou gain Energy Resistance 10.Exposure to a resist energy spell.
Energy-Resistant ShieldRacialYour Astral Shield takes less damage from one type of energy.Astral Shield racial ability; and either BAB +1 or 5 ranks in Concentration.
Enervation ExplosionPsionicWhen a psionic creature is dazed, their trapped psionic energy explodes outward uncontrolled.None
Enfeebling CharmGeneralWeaken foes resolve your charmCharisma 15, spellcraft 12 ranks, ability to cast any charm spell or spell-like ability, diplomacy 10 ranks
Enhanced Ki PoolGeneralYou have a natural affinity to using ki which allows you to harness of of you inner power than others.5th level Saiyan Warrior
Enhancement Power AttackFighterTrade weapon enhancement bonus for increased base damage.Must have held a weapon with a minimum +2 enhancement bonus.
Enlarge Psychic KnifeGeneralyour psychic knife becomes bigger and stronger, allowing for power attacks and such.Strength 13, Wisdom 15, psychic knife class feature, BAB +1
Enlarged Mounted ArcheryFighterYou can now use longbows even while mounted.Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Ride 1 rank
Eternal Mindspring of the Psionic MindPsionicEven when your power points are drained, you always have 2 left to use.Manifester level 6th
Even Luckier Than BeforeLuckWhen you use a luck reroll, the reroll gains a +2 bonus!One Luck feat or Luck Domain power
Evershifting MarkRacialYour racial Ska'drin mark never settles. While this means you will never be considered an adult by your kind, it also means your innate magic is always changing and evolving. Ska'drin, 1st-level only.
Exalted Damage ReductionExaltedYou gain or increase DR/evil.Any good alignment, Con 15
Exalted MagusExaltedAssign an item as a divine focus, turning all your spells into [Good] spells, and more.Any good alignment, Wizard level 1st
Exalted RageExalted, FuryYour holy wrath brings additional power against the forces of evil, and guarding your body against the power of fiends.Any good alignment, Rage 1/day
Exalted TurningExaltedRedeem the dark minds of the undead, turning them to the force of good before setting them to rest.Any good alignment, Turn undead
Excellent TraineeGeneralYou train extremely hard to develop your skills, and it's paid off in a big way.Intelligence 14
Exceptional TraineeGeneralYou are utterly awesome at developing your skills.Intelligence 17, Excellent Trainee, at least one Skill Focus feat
Exotic ArmourerFighterYou are proficient in exotic armors.None
Expand Astral CarGeneralA feat for King of Racers that allows your astral car to hold multiple people or additional carrying capacity.Astral Car class feature
Expand SpellMetamagicLike Widen Spell, but more versatile. Increase the area of a spell's effect.None
Expanded Armored AbilityGeneralAn ability which can only be done in certain armor types (such as a rogue's evasion or a bard's spellcasting can now be done in any armor you are proficient with.None
Expanded Word FocusWordcastingIncreases the stackability of a Word Focus.Have Word Focus for at least one word.
Expendable FamiliarGeneralThe loss of your familiar does not cause you substantial hardship.Summon Familiar
Expert Crossbow HandlingFighterYou no longer take penalties to attack when firing crossbows one handed.Proficiency in crossbows, BAB +4
Expert LearningGeneralYou are a master of many skills, which need not be in your field.1st level only, Int 13
Expert LiarGeneralYou can use your bluff instead of sense motive.Bluff 4 ranks
Exploit OpeningFighterIf a foe suffer a large enough penalty to AC it count as flanked for the purpose of sneak attack.None
Extended FamiliarGeneralThe range your familiar, homunculus, or animal companion benefits is increased x10, plus other minor bonuses.Possess a familiar, animal companion, special mount, or homunculus.
Extended ShotFighterRemove range increment penalty.Int 13, BAB +8 Point Blank ShotFar Shot
Extra BombsFighter, BombYou know how to create more bombs than usual.Craft (Alchemy) 8 ranks, and either Bomb class feature or Grenadier Dabbling (3.5e Feat)
Extra Damnation PointsGeneralYou gain extra damnation points.Damnation Points class feature
Extra Divine BlessingExaltedYou gain an extra divine blessing from Variant Vow of Poverty list.Any good alignment, Variant Vow of Poverty, 2 HD
Extra Martial RecoveryGeneralYour meditation or recalling is more efficient at refreshing maneuvers.Any maneuver-recovery mechanism that refreshes a finite number of maneuvers, knowledge of at least three maneuvers
Extra Rage, VariantGeneralYou can rage more often.Rage ability.
Extra ReflexesFighterYou get additional attacks of opportunity available.Combat Reflexes, 3 HD
Extra SurgingSurgeGet 8 extra surge points.Must be able to use combat surges.
Fairy-touchedGeneralYou count as a fey for the purpose of prerequisites and you gain a special ability.1st level Only
False HonorGeneralThrough self control and discipline, you are able to cloak your true motivations, even to the eyes of magic. This technique is extremely popular among ninjas, assassins, and other shady people.Charisma 16
False SwipeFighterNot only can you deal extra nonlethal without penalty, you can make sure your lethal doesn't kill either.Wis 13
Familiar CompanionGeneralYou combine your familiar and animal companion.Must possess a familiar and animal companion
Far ThrowFighterThrow weapons 3 range increments without penalty and increase maximum range increments.Str 15, Point Blank Shot
Fast TalkerWordcastingYou can speak your spells more quickly.Caster level 3 in a Wordcasting class
Fear Leads To AngerFighter, FuryActivate your rage instead of becoming afraid.Rage or a similar ability, cannot be immune to fear.
Fearful BraveryFighterIf you become frightened or panicked, you still have some control over your actions, though you won't be attacking.None
Feet ShooterFighterYou can shoot your bow with your feet.Bab +1, Weapon Focus (Any Bow)
FencingFighterAdd Dexterity to melee damage.Weapon Finesse Or Weapon Focus
Fey CurseGeneralYou cast Curse spell as if they were Enchantment rather than Necromancy.Must be able to cast a Curse-like spell (or [Curse] spell if you play Pathfinder).
Fey SkirmisherFighter, RacialYou've learned that staying and fighting isn't the smartest idea. As such, you've adopted the hit-and-run tactics of guerrilla fighters.Elf or Fey type
Fighting CasterMulticlassYou stack your caster level and fighter level together for stuff.Fighter Level 1
Find the Weak SpotGeneralYou are able to find the weak spot on non-living entity allowing you to critically damage it.Base Attack Bonus +6
Fist of JusticeGeneralYou correct evil with your fist!Paladin 1st
Fist of the ForestMulticlassCombine ranger and monk levels to make a pugilist protector of the forest.2nd level monk, 2nd level ranger
Fists of SteelMonkBypass hardness with your fists and punch force effects.Monk 1st
Flexible AchieverGeneralYou've figured out how to qualify for feats with different ability scores.None
Focused MindPsionicYou've learned how to push your psionic talents to the limit.One Mental Grip strike, Manifester level 1
Forbidden KnowledgeGeneralYou know things you shouldn't.Knowledge (Arcana or The Planes) and/or Spellcraft 3 ranks
Forceful InvocationGeneralBy force of will alone abilities invoked by a warlock can be made more potent, and more deadly.Access to lesser invocations.
Freehand ShieldFighterYour hand is considered free even if wielding a shield.Improved Shield Bash
Gallant HeraldGeneralYou gain paladin spell-like ability but must follow a code of conduct.Any Good-alignment, character level 5th
Gallipot of My BloodRacialArmor made armordener now better synchronized with his body.Sylvari, Craft (armorsmithing) 9, Knowledge (Nature) 5, Leaves of My Skin feat, Bark of My Bones feat
Gangsta ArcheryFighterYou can shoot your bows (even longbows) when prone or mounted, and hit multiple targets easier.BAB +1
Gear Tainted SoulGeneralYour body is animated in an unnatural way, resulting in a disconnect between your life force and your health.None
Gecko StepFighter, MonkYou can stick to walls, briefly.Balance 4 ranks or Climb 4 ranks
Ghostly HandsSpelltouchedYou can levitate and wield items near you instead of near your hands.Must have been exposed to telekinesis.
Giant Weapon TrainingGeneralThey laughed when you slaved away swinging around that sword bigger than you were. But your hard work paid off. Now everyone will know what you're compensating for!Weapon Focus, Str 13 (Str 15 for Bastard Sword and Dwarven Waraxe)
Gokiburi GripRacialYour multiple leg allow you to grapple surfaces and climb like a spider.Gokiburi, Str 13 or Dex 13, Climb 4 ranks
Gokiburi PersistenceRacialEven mortal wounds will not stop you from your goal.Gokiburi, Con 13, Concentration 4 ranks
Gokiburi SensitivityRacialYour keen sense of sound improves.Gokiburi, Wis 13, Listen 4 ranks
Grab AirGeneralOther monks need to touch a surface in order to slow their fall. You scorn such physically sensible measures.Slow Fall class feature
Grafted ArsenalMonstrousYou gain inbuilt weapon inside your arms.Must be corporeal.
Grazing DodgeFighterIf an opponent just barely hits your AC, then you take less damage and make a 5 ft step.BAB +1 or Dexterity 13+
Great RicochetFighterBounce your killing shot between multiple targets so long as you drop them all.Dex 15, Ricochet, BAB +4
Greater Armor FocusFighterEven greater AC and Reflex saves in certain armor.Fighter 8th, Armor Focus in the chosen category
Greater Find the Weak SpotGeneralYou are able to find the weak spot on non-living entity allowing you to critically damage it.Base Attack Bonus +16, Find the Weak SpotImproved Find the Weak Spot
Greater Improvised WeaponsGeneralYour skill in wielding any non-weapon object you handle as a weapon is vastly improved.Base Attack Bonus +6, Improved Improvised Weapons
Greater Ongoing RageGeneralRage even longer with your killsAbility to rage, Great Cleave, 15 Strength and 15 Constitution
Greater Spell TenacityCasterGet +1 caster level with one school of magic.Spell Focus or Spell Tenacity
Grim DesperationGrimWhen your LP pool is empty, you can choose to pay the "grim cost" in HP instead.Grim Transformation
Gsillan BeckonGeneralGrant summoned shadow creatures the psuedonatural templateAbility to cast mysteries, Augment SummoningKnowledge (Arcana) 12 ranks
HM SlaveMonstrousGain a various array of utilitarian powers,None
Hands Full of WeaponsFightershoot a 2-handed ranged weapon while holding a light or one-handed melee weapon in your other handDexterity 13
Hard FreezeFiendYour personality chills people to the bone.Must have at least one spell-like ability with the [Cold] descriptor.
Hard LightGeneralYour sprites can carry things.Mender's Sprite class feature
Hard to KillGeneralYou are harder to kill than your enemies Realize.None
Heart of Pure DarknessGeneralDamage yourself to hurt others.Evil alignment, Discernible Anatomy
Heart of the EnemyGeneralWhen you defeat an opponent, you draw energy from their death.BAB +3, Cha 13
Heavy BuildFighterYour time spent with armor or carrying a weight has lent you a build that allows you to move quickly even under the heaviest load.None
Heavy KickFighterYou can perform a heavy, devastating kick when making an unarmed strike.None
Heavy Power AttackGeneralYou are able to use one-handed weapons and light weapons more effectively with Power Attack.Power Attack
Heedful ChargeFighterYou no longer allow yourself to remain open to attacks when charging, protecting yourself from moment to moment.BAB +3, Improved Charge
HeroGeneralGain bonuses in combat if your allies begin to drop.None
Hero's BladeGeneralWield oversized weapons more easily for practitioners of Hero's EdgeStr 15, One Hero's Edge maneuver
Hidden ManifestationPsionicThe powers you manifest are shadowed and indistinct from the landscape around you, allowing you to go undetected for the most part when manifesting.Ability to manifest psionic powers
Hide in Crowd SightGeneralYou blend into crowds easily.Hide 9 ranks
High Risk DodgingFighterGain a dodge bonus, but risk extra damage if you fail.BAB +1
Honorable ExtremistMulticlassKnight and Soulborn level stack for Knight’s Challenge DC and Smite damage.Knight’s Challenge, Smite Opposition
Honorary CaninGeneralBy befriending a Canin and completely immersing yourself in their culture, you begin to develop some of their skillsHumanoid or Monstrous Humanoid; BAB +1; Must have befriended a Canin and remained friends; Must have been friends for 5 years; Must have lived with the befriended Canin and interacted with his or her other Canin friends on a daily basis for at least 4 of those years
Hope's PowerGeneralGain small morale bonuses on stuff.Cha 15
Hoplite CombatFighterAllows the character to wield a shield with a polearm.Base attack bonus +1, shield proficiency
Horsebreaker TrainingFighterYou can wield a Horsebreaker (3.5e Equipment) without taking massive penaltiesSmall, Medium, or Large Size (Huge and larger creatures don’t need this one), and Strength 23, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Horsebreaker)
Hot on WheelshoesGeneralYour hot on wheelshoes, it make you damn faster too.Dex 13+ and Cha 13+
Human BastardRacialHumans are second only to Dragons in terms of friskiness! You were born from some interspecies erotica!Human
Human CharmRacialEvery creature considers you one of their own for the purpose of interactions and disguises.Human
Human DurabilityRacialGain bonuses against hostile environments. Counts as Endurance.Human
Human ProficiencyRacialGain 3 floating proficiency feats to assign to anything.Human
Human ShapeMonstrousYou can change in a particular human from despite being a monster.Aberration, Dragon, Monstrous Humanoid or Outsider Type
Human Tool UseRacialYou are very good with tools, and can work with a lack of tools on the fly.Human
Hybrid VigorRacialRemove a minor racial penalty and get some minor boosts.Half-breed or mixed-breed race, inherited racial template or bloodline
Hydraulic AcrobaticsGeneralA feat for King of Racers that allows your astral car to do jumps and squeeze in tight spaces.Astral Car class feature
HydromancyReserveYou have the ability to control water with ease.Must be able to cast control water
I Have a Punning ClanGeneralYou and your allies are a Punning Clan.Int 13
Ice TrailElementalYou leave a trail of ice where-ever you go.Character Level 3+, (Cold) Subtype
Ignorance is StrengthGeneralYou are guarded against dark insight and mindbreakNone
Illuminator, ElanRacial, Metapsionica feat that allows Elans to perform the changing ritual to "make" a new Elanand Psicraft 15 ranks., Elan 12 HD. Skills: Knowledge (Psionics) 15 ranks
Illusionary OpportunistGeneralOpponents under illusion spells are considered flat-footed against you.None
Illusory FamiliarGeneralGain a special familiar which has no substance, but superior mental prowess.Caster Level 1st, two Illusion spells known
Impetus SpellMetamagicyour force spells ignore more effectsNone
Improve Breath WeaponMonstrousYour breath weapon damage increases.Breath Weapon which deals damage, Con 15
Improved Anima ToughnessGeneralBeings without metabolism are raised or constructed with animating force. This force now can be used to toughen them beyond the durability of their basic undead or construct frames, increasing their hit points.Anima Toughness, No Con Score, Cha 21, Base Fortitude Save +4
Improved Animal CompanionGeneralRangers gain a animal companion more worthy of their bond with nature.Animal Companion class feature, ranger level 4th
Improved BombsFighter, BombYou know how to create better bombs than usual.Craft (Alchemy) 8 ranks, and either Bomb class feature or Grenadier Dabbling (3.5e Feat)
Improved Bull Rush, VariantFighterYou do not provoke when using Bull Rush, you gain a +4 bonus on bull rush check and you may push your opponents prone.Bab +1
Improved ChargeFighterYou have worked on your charging technique to the point where you don't leave yourself vulnerable.BAB +1
Improved Crossbow SniperFighterNow you can strike so precisely with a crossbow, you deal your full Dex damage.+6 BAB, Crossbow SniperPHBIIPrecise Shot
Improved Damage ReductionGeneralIncreade your damage reduction and change the material bypassing it to another rarer alloy.Must have damage reduction bypassed by either cold iron, silver or wood.
Improved Darkvision-CEGeneralThe range of your darkvision doubles.Darkvision, 6 HD
Improved Deflect ArrowsFighter, MonkDeflect multiple arrows a round, at the cost of your attacks of opportunity.Combat ReflexesDeflect ArrowsDex 13
Improved Domain PreparationGeneralYou may prepare spells on your domain list as regular cleric spells.Must prepare spells as a cleric and have access to domains.
Improved Feint, VariantFighterYou feint at lightning speed and may use your lightning quick reflex to fool your opponent.Combat Expertise or Deceitful
Improved Feral StrikeGeneralYou greatly increase the capacity of a single natural strike you possess.Must possess a Feral Strike.
Improved Find the Weak SpotGeneralYou are able to find the weak spot on non-living entity allowing you to critically damage it.Base Attack Bonus +11, Find the Weak Spot
Improved Hit DieGeneralHit die increases one step.None
Improved Improvised WeaponsGeneralYou have elevated the "improvised weapon" to a more powerful concept, capable of wielding it more dangerously than normal.None
Improved Ink SacMonstrousImproved capacity and ability for the ink sac graft.A natural or grafted ink sac
Improved Ki StrikeGeneralOther monks ignore a few measly types of damage reduction. You ignore far more.Ki Strike class feature
Improved MasterworkGeneralAble to add additional non-magical benefits to weapons upon creation.Craft 4 ranks.
Improved Mounted ArcheryFighterThe penalty you take when using a ranged weapon while mounted reduces even further.Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Ride 9
Improved Mystic FacsimileGeneralcopy magic abilities betterMystic Facsimile, Knowledge (arcana) 12 ranks or Spellcraft 12 ranks
Improved Peripheral VisionGeneralBecause of superior eyesight, you are harder to flank.Wis 13+
Improved Rapid Natural AttackMonstrousGive natural weapons a full set of iterative attacks.BAB +11, at least one natural weapon, Rapid Natural Attack.
Improved Rapid Pact MakingGeneralAs rapid pactmaking but at-will.Rapid Pact Making
Improved RearmFighterYou resist disarms, and can arm yourself rapidly if you are ever disarmed.Int 13, Combat Expertise or Quick Draw
Improved ResistanceXenothericYour inborn energy resistances improve beyond the ordinary.Fort +4
Improved Shield Bash, VariantFighterYour technique when shield bashing allow you to retain your defense when bashing and disrupt your foes.BAB +1, proficiency with any shield.
Improved Snap KickFighterReduce penalty for Snap Kick.BAB +11, Improved Unarmed Strike, Snap Kick
Improved StigmataGeneralAs feat for the Holy Vindicator, improve your ability to use your Stigmata.Stigmata Class Feature
Improved Vehicle ManeuverabilityGeneralAny vehicles with land speed maneuverability improves it by one step.None
Improved Weapon AptitudeFighterUse your feats which associate with one weapon on other weapons, or do it even faster.BAB +1, at least one weapon-specific feat
Improved Weapon FinesseFighterHurt people with your Dexterity, and expand the weapon finesse list significantly.Weapon Finesse
Improved Whip ProficiencyFighterYour whip attacks are less useless.Proficiency and weapon focus with a whip or similar weapon
Improvised CombatantFighterYou gain improvised weapon proficiency, and can use them better than most.1st level only or BAB +1, Int 13, and Wis 13
Improvised InitiativeFighterYou always act first in the first round of combat.None
Incarnum ImmortalityIncarnumYou invest incarnum to make yourself tougher and allow you to slowly heal over time, can make you immortal with the right investment.Constitution 13
Increased BiocapacityXenothericYour maximum bio-energy charges are increased.Con 15
Increased Bonus CastingGeneralIncrease your ability score by +4, but only for the purpose of calculating bonus spells (or extra power points) due to high ability score in all classes.Spellcasting or Manifesting level 1st
Increased Monk ACMonkYou pay more attention to those around you.Monk level 1
Increased Monk ArmorMonkOrdinary monks have a bit of armor to compensate for their inability to wear any. You can either wear some or get an even bigger armor bonus.Monk level 1
Increased Monk SpeedMonkOrdinary monks are fast. Your endless devotion to speed makes you much faster.Monk level 2
Indigo ChannelingIncarnumWhen channeling a spell, you regain hit points.Con 13, Arcane Channeling.
Inertial MovementGeneralYou move 1/2 the movement you made last round as a free action.None
Inertial ShotPsionicYou can focus your mental energy into a projectile or thrown weapon to increase its damage potential by increasing the force it releases on impact.Psionic ShotBase Attack Bonus +4
Inhuman ReflexGeneralYour reflex, no matter what class is mighty.Reflex Save +5, Lightning Reflexes.
Innate SeductionGeneralYou have a talent for seducing crowds by your presence.non-lawful alignment, Cha 13+
InsectileGeneralYour body morph to become partly insectile, gaining additional sensory abilities and an unique ability.1st level Only or Knowledge (Arcana) 9 Ranks.
Insightful CombatantFighter, MonkUse wisdom instead of strength for attack and damage.Wisdom13 or higher
InsomniaGeneralYou are resistant to sleep and fatigue.Must be able to sleep.
Instant MealtimeGeneralYou can eat as a move action.Con 13
Intense PracticeGeneralYou have practiced one of your weaker ability score until it actually became good.None
Intermediate SpellcasterGeneralYou improve your middling spellcasting abilities to those of an intermediate spellcaster.Character level 15, Middling Spellcaster
Intimidating BruteGeneralYou can intimidate enemies with a show of your great strength, rather than with descriptions of what you'll do to them.Str 15, Intimidate 8 ranks
Intuitive InitiativeGeneralQuickly assess the situation and gain your footing, even if you don't act right away.None
Invincibility FramesFighterWhen you tumble, you gain a miss chance.Tumble 4 ranks
Iris MantleIncarnum, PsionicAdd invested essentia to your manifester level when manifesting power from one of your mantleCon 13, Access to one psionic mantle
Iris PactIncarnumSelect more pact augmentation abilities depending on invested essentia.Con 13, Pact Augmentation
Iron GripFighterOnce you grab someone, they stay grabbed. None escape the crushing grasp of your wrestling holds.Strength 15, Improved Grapple
Iron NailsRacialYou can turn your nails into deadly weapon.Shapechanger Subtype
Iron SkinGeneralYour skin is comparable to that of Iron.None
Iron TideFighterWith your strong blows, you can maneuver an enemy right where you want them and with a quick dash enter the space they left.Power Attack
Iron Will BalmzGeneralBetter version of iron willNone
Irresistible IncarnumGeneralMake the save DCs of your soulmelds actually relevant.Ability to shape soulmelds, ability to bind at least 1 soulmeld to a chakra, ability to bind to lesser chakras, essentia pool of at least 4 points
It Was Meant For MeGeneralTreat any area of effect spell that affects your character as if the spell was a spell directed at your character.No prerequisites
Item Focus SpellMetamagicAllows you to cast with your hands full, provided one of your hands is holding the focus.None
Jack of All Trades, Prowess VariantProwessYou can learn mundane professions remarkably quickly.None
Jagged EdgeMonstrousGain a rough skin or spines which deal damage to those attacking or grappling you.Con 15, +1 of natural armor or greater
Keen EnhancementFighterTrade enhancement bonus for increased critical range.None
Ki ArcherFighter, MonkChannel your Ki through your bowWeapon Focus (any ranged weapon), Monk 1st
Ki MetacombatFighterSpend stunning fist attacks to mitigate attack penalties from metacombat feats.Wisdom 13, Stunning Fist OR ki pool, any Metacombat feat
Kip UpFighterYou get the ability to kip up.Balance 4 Ranks
Kunai Claw StyleFighter, TacticalUse shuriken as a melee weapon, with advanced throwing weapon options and improved range and abilities.Proficiency with shuriken
Lapis AugmentIncarnum, PsionicYou can spend additional power points when using Lurk Augment equal to invested essentia.Con 13, Lurk AugmentCPsi
Lapis ChallengeIncarnumAdd invested essentia to bonus grant by Fighting Challenge.Con 13, Knight’s Challenge.
Lascivious DancerGeneralYour attractiveness and your charm gives you more confidence in the situations where you use your seduction.Cha 15 +
Leaves of My SkinRacialSylvari gets the basic skills of creating armor of his own body.Sylvari, Craft (armorsmithing) 1, Knowledge (Nature) 1
Leg DayFighterA feat meant to boost the power of your legs.None
LevitateMonstrousGain a hover speed.[Air] subtype, or knowing at least one [Air] spell
Life AnimalGeneralYour life is connected to your animal.Power Animal
Life Point ReserveGrimGain additional grim Life Points with your level.Grim Transformation
Light in ArmorFighterYour medium and heavy armor counts as light armor.Proficiency with medium or heavy armor
Liquid OozeMonstrousVampiric effects harm the attacker instead of healing them, and might apply a poison to them if you possess one.Poison Use or possess a natural poison special attack.
Living WeaponMonkYou need no weapon other than your body.Improved Unarmed Strike or a natural weapon that you are proficient with
Lockpicking HairsGeneralYour hair lash is capable of performing feats of legerdemain.Prehensile Hairs Class Features
Logical DeceptionGeneralYou trick people with your smarts, not your charisma, as well as sort out logical inconsistencies in lies. If you're really good, you'll make it seem like a good idea.Int 13, Bluff 4 ranks or Sense Motive 4 ranks
Long Arc ShotFighterShoot and throw farther with better base attack bonus.None
Long ShotFighterAs your eyes become keener, distance between you and your target becomes irrelevant.BAB +1, Spot 4 Ranks.
Lore of the Legendary LandGeneralYou are able to identify lands of note, including magical locations. You also get a discount on magical locations.Int 13 or Wis 13
Lunar HeritageHeritageThe blood of the ancestral lunars flow in your vein, you gain a part of their awesome powers.Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar
LunaticGeneralThrough some trauma your mind is shattered into pieces... the voices in your head mess with your thoughts, but also make it difficult for magic to bind your will.Cha 13
Macho MindMentalYou are scary and know how to protect from fear since you cause itIntimidate 10 ranks, must have successfully intimidated at least 20 different foes within 2 CR of your character level.
Mad BlingGeneralYou gain two additional ring slots or an additional neck slot.None
Mad SkillsGeneralClasses with less than 8+Int skill points gain additional skill points.None
Magic GunReserveYou can summon a conduit to blast raw magic at enemies.At least one 2nd level evocation
Magic WordGeneralCall a lightning bolt from the heaven by saying a magic word.Must have been visited by an epic level wizard.
Magical AttackerGeneralYour magic guides your hand, and through your intelligent predictions, wisdom based awareness, or sheer force of will, your magic touch attacks find their mark.Base attack bonus +1.
Magical DepthGeneralYou have a +6 higher mental ability for for the purposes of spells per day.Must have spellcasting.
Magical VigorGeneralExpend magic to heal self.Able to cast 1st level spells
Magically GiftedGeneralYou are magically gifted for your race, allowing you to use some innate magic and grant additional uses of racial spell-like abilities.None
Magma BloodMonstrousIgnore side effects of certain cold effects, and deal fire damage to attackers.[Fire] subtype.
Major HandGeneralYour mage hand is much more versatile and functional.Ability to cast mage hand
Major StylingGeneralHave your hair transform into more than just clothing.Hairbinder 1st, Minor Styling
Maneuver FinesseFighterUse combat maneuvers and sublime maneuvers with dexterity like a pro.Weapon Finesse
Maneuver-Like RefreshFighterIf you have maneuver-like abilities, you can refresh them quicker.At least one maneuver-like ability.
Manifest Scourge AttackGrimYou harness the full power of your Scourge Attack when not transformed.Divine Suffusion
Manifester FocusPsionicChoose a class which does not give full manifesting progression (or none at all), it now gives full or partial progression... for manifester level at least.Manifester Level 5th, Psicraft 4 ranks
Marathon RunnerGeneralYou run for long periods of time.Con 13+
Martial ApprenticeFighterYou count as having full BAB, regardless what you actually have.None
Martial DiscipleFighterGain a new martial discipline known.Initiator level 1st, Wis 13
Martial ExtremistMulticlassFighter and Soulborn level stack for Smite damage and for fighter feat qualification.Incarnum Defense, Weapon Specialization (Any).
Martial TrainingFighterYou treat an exotic weapon as a martial weapon.None
Martial Weapon MasterFighterYou may not wield a gigas giant sword but you your greatsword is just as good.Must be proficient with all martial weapons.
Mass ManifestingGeneralAdd Mass powers to your powers list.Any metapsionic feat
Master Spell CrafterGeneralCreate finely crafted items with spells.3 ranks each in two or more craft skills, or 10 ranks in a single craft skill.
Master of ArmsFighterYou gain proficient with all simple and martial weapons, additionally by practicing with a weapon you can become extremely proficient in it use.None
Master of Land, Sky, and SeaMetamagicApply the Animal of the Land, Animal of the Sea, or Skyfish templates on your summons.None
Master of ManyFighterYou can use any kind of maneuver to qualify for another.Must know at least one maneuver from at least four different disciplines.
Master of SkillsGeneralAll skills become class skills.Int 13 or Human
Masterwork BodyFighterYour body is honed to masterwork levels.None
Mediocre ManeuverMetamaneuverYou can make your maneuvers reliable but unimpressive.None
Mediocre SpellMetamagicYou can make your spells reliable but unimpressive.Ability to cast 1st-level spells.
Meditation on SlaughterEssenceYou meditated on the concept of slaughter, allowing you to redirect your essence by basing yourself on your perception.Signature Weapon, have an essence point pool.
Medium Armor MasteryFighterYou are good with the middle child of the armor family, drawing benefits from both sides.Proficiency in Medium armor.
Meldshaper ExpertTacticalGain abilities Essentia Fluctuation and Incarnum Marking.BAB +4, Essentia Pool 2, Ability to shape Soulmeld.
Melee Arrow StyleFighter, TacticalUse arrows as melee weapons, and other melee options for the bow and crossbow.Must be proficient in at bows or crossbows, BAB +1.
Metamagic SavantMetamagicUse Charisma in place of Intelligence for metamagic feat prerequisites.Improved Metamagic, Caster Level 10th, Charisma 20
Middling SpellcasterGeneralYour novice spellcasting abilities improve to middling spellcasting.Character level 12, Novice Spellcaster
Midnight MeldshapingIncarnumUse essentia to increase your meldshaper level.Con 13, ability to shape soulmelds
Mimetic ExpertFighterYou can use the mimetic enhancement better than most people.Bab +1
Mist MakerGeneralYou can make fogAbility to use or cast a spell, Spell-like ability, or supernatural ability that creates a mist, fog, cloud, smoke or simialr
Mobility, VariantFighter+4 dodge bonus to AC against some attacks of opportunity, able to make a special type of five-foot step as a swift action.Dex 13, Dodge.
Mode ChangeFighterSwap between your equipment instantaneously.None
Monastic GestaltMulticlass, MonkAdd your monk levels and another class together to determine level-dependent benefits.Monk 1st
Monk Weapon FocusFighterMonks now can apply their unarmed damage to a special monk weapon.Monk 1st
Monkey Grip, CodexFighterYou can wield larger weapons.Bab +1, Str 13
Monstrous RageFuryYou become a monster while raging, gaining the benefit of one or more [Monstrous] feat.Rage Class features
Mood MakerGeneralYou and your allies are immune to mental intrusion while you sleep, resist morale penalties, and gain stronger morale bonuses.Diplomacy 4 ranks or Perform (any) 4 ranks
MoongazerHeritageWhen you gaze at the moon, you are filled with whispers of truth and insight of the old lunars.Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar
Moral ExtremistMulticlassIncarnate and Soulborn level stack for Incarnum radiance use and Smite use.Incarnum defenseMoI, incarnum radianceMoI
Moral PerformerMulticlassBard and Incarnate level stack for Inspire courage and Incarnum Radiance bonus.Bardic Music, Incarnum radiance.
Mounted Archery, VariantFighterYou can used ranged attack correctly while riding.Ride 4 ranks
Mounted Combat, RevisedFighterYou are a skilled rider and combatant, and have brought the two together.Base Attack Bonus +1
Mounted Combat, VariantFighter, TacticalYou are trained to use a steed in battle.Ride 4 Ranks
Mounted MountFighterYour mount may mount its own mount.Ride 8 ranks
MouthgripGeneralYou hold things in your mouth, giving you an extra hand when needed.Str 13 or Dex 13, must have a mouth.
Move Like LightningGeneralYour movements are as fast as lightningDodge, Dex 16
Multi-Track DriftingGeneralYou are the master of drifting, and can move diagonal without movement loss as well as do cool slides.Balance 4 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks
MultigrappleFighterImproved Grapple or Improved Grab special ability
Multilimb FightingFighterYou get pretty good at fighting quickly with natural attacks.BAB 6+, one or more natural weapons
MumblerGeneralYou can still talk even if gagged, though not quite as accurate.Speak Language 1 rank
My Loss Is Your GainLuckWhen you fail at a check, you give bonuses to your allies. Maybe they will succeed where you have failed.None
Mystery SlasherGeneralYou were the killer all along!Kent's unassuming disguiseserial killer
Mystic Eye InheritorHeritageYou inherited speshul eyesMust have eyes
Red Eyes of Accelerated PerceptionHeritageMystic Eye Inheritor
Red Eyes of the CopycatHeritageMystic Eye Inheritor
Mystic FacsimileGeneralcopy magic you have seenImbue item, Deceive item, Knowledge (arcana) 9 ranks or spellcraft 9 ranks
Narrow MindPsionicYour ability to concentrate is as keen as an arrowhead, allowing you to gain your psionic focus even in the most turbulent situations.Wis 13.
Natural SkillGeneralYou have a natural knack for picking up new abilities. You gain 1 extra skill point per level. This ability stacks with a human's racial ability, giving them a total of two free skill points per level.1st level only.
Necessary StrikeFighterSignificantly increase your chances of striking your foe, but deal 1/2 damage.None
Nitro BurstGeneralYour vehicle has a brief burst of speed.None
No TraceGeneralYou gain a bonus to speed, and become difficult to track down.Hide and Move Silently 4 Ranks.
Nonlethal SpecializationFighterYou deal a lot of nonlethal damage.None
Novice SpellcasterGeneralYou improve your amateur spellcasting abilities to those of a novice.Character level 9, Amateur spellcaster
Now I Can!GeneralHmm, can anyone in the party swim? No? One sec... now I can!Int 13
Obtain Watchful SpiritGeneralYou gain the Watchful Spirit class feature of the Wu Jen. Knowledge (Arcana) 4 ranks or Wisdom 13+, Arcane Caster Level 3rd.
Occult ResistanceGeneralYou gain resistance to purely magical damage.None
Olympic SwimmerGeneralYou Swim gooderSwim 4 ranks or a swim speed.
One Handed ReloaderFighterYou can reload a hand crossbow with surprising ease.Hand Crossbow Focus, Two Weapon Fighting, BAB +5
One for OneGeneralYour health is a skill for you.Int 11, Con 11
Ongoing RageGeneralEvery kill fuels your rage.Ability to rage,  Cleave, Strength 13+, Constitution 13+
Opportunistic SnackGeneralYou can eat as a attack of opportunity.Con 13, Instant Mealtime
OverbearFighterUse two handed and double weapons to defend yourself. Disarm and Bull Rush easier.Power Attack
Overcome DeficiencyGeneralRemove racial ability penalty.-2 or lower racial penalty to an ability score.
Oversized GripFighterYou can use two-handed weapons with a single hand.Strength 13
Painful Energy ChargeMonstrousA creatures's Energy Charge ability can now harm the living and the undead.Energy Charge
ParryFighterLike dodge, except you parry attacks with your muscle.Str 13
Partial LycanthropeSpelltouchedYou have a human form.Anthro Subtype, Exposure to human form spell
Path of the FirstGeneralLearn Hero's Edge maneuvers and reroll slashing damage while using a Strike.One level in any Martial Adept class, Str 14
Path of the SecondGeneralLearn Hero's Edge maneuvers in any Martial Adept class and increase reflex DC.One level in any Martial Adept class, Str 14
Path of the ThirdGeneralLearn Hero's Edge maneuvers in any Martial Adept class and increase jump and attack rolls slightly.One level in any Martial Adept class, Dex 14
Pegasus MountGeneralYou can call a Pegasus as your special mount.Paladin's Special Mount
Perfect FormExaltedBecome immune to petrification and polymorph.6 HD, Any good alignment, Cha 13
Perfect SaveFighterA natural 20 auto-success for a save causes you to negate any effect.Minimum +3 base modifier for all saving throws
Perfection - GallantExaltedTrade -2 Dex for +2 Con with your stately powerful presence.Mark of Perfection
Perfection - Gaze of GodExaltedYour eyes allow you to see past illusions.Mark of Perfection
Perfection - GracefulExaltedTrade -2 Con for +2 Dex with your graceful beautiful body and poise.Mark of Perfection
Perfection - Visage of SerenityExaltedYou can use your Diplomacy score against Intimidate checks and fear saves.Mark of Perfection
Perpetual MagicGeneralI cast that spell forever ago!Must be able to use permanency as a spell or spell like ability, or able to use Incarnate as a psionic power or psi-like ability.
Persistent AlterationGeneralChange your features permanently.Transmogrify (Disguise)
Persistent HealingGeneralYour cure spell grant fast healing in addition to the normal amount healed.Must be able to cast cure spells.
Persistent Shapechange AttackGeneralShapechangers get to keep their Natural Weapons when changing form.Shapechanger subtype, Natural Weapon before changing shape.
Phantom HealthGeneralThe health gained by various effects does not cause you additional damage upon disappearing.None
Piercing GazeGeneralYou have a piercing gaze that see through lies and inflict deep fear with a look.Intimidate 4 Ranks, Sense Motive 4 Ranks
Play of the GameFighterWhenever you or an ally drops two or more opponents, you can replay that event for a morale boost.None
Poise ThroughFighterContinue with an action that provokes, even if it normally would be stopped.Concentration 4 ranks, Con 15
Poison MasterGeneralThrough practice, you have learned how to swiftly apply poison to the blade, and to make it more deadly.Craft(Alchemy) 8 ranks
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Moderate Balance Epic Feats[edit]

Blinding Speed, BalmzEpicMove faster then beforeMust have one of the scores at 25, dexterity, strength, Constitution
Extra Dark InvocationEpicGives an invocater an extra dark invocation.Must be able to cast dark invocations; Character Level 21
Great Charisma-CEEpicImprove your Charisma score by +2.None
Great Constitution-CEEpicImprove your Constitution score by +2.None
Great Dexterity-CEEpicImprove your Dexterity score by +2.None
Great Intelligence-CEEpicImprove your Intelligence score by +2.None
Great Strength-CEEpicImprove your Strength score by +2.None
Great Wisdom-CEEpicImprove your Wisdom score by +2.None
Mighty Rage-CEEpic, FuryIncrease your barbarian rage by +2 Str and Con and +1 Will saves.Str 21, Con 21, greater rage class feature, rage 3/day.
Open Prime ChakraEpic, IncarnumYou open up one of your body’s centers of power, allowing you to bind a soulmeld or a magic item to that chakra.Con 19, character level 21st
Ultimate Find the Weak SpotEpicYou are able to find the weak spot on non-living entity allowing you to critically damage it.Base Attack Bonus +21, Find the Weak SpotImproved Find the Weak SpotGreater Find the Weak Spot

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