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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Druid class. You may be looking for the SRD:Druid Spell List.

Druid Spells

0th-Level Druid Spells

Air Dry: Wet clothes are such a drag. Dry clothes are where it's at.

Altimeter: You always know what altitude you are at compared to sea level.

Cook: Cook food to make a delicious meal.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse Fruit Tree: Just like Jesus, you doom a tree to never bear fruit again.

Dark Shadows: A basic darkness spell that creates non-magical darkness.

Detect Disease: You determine whether a creature, object, or area is diseased.

Detect Mineral: Detect a particular mineral or element in the ground.

Detect Voltage: You can detect the electrical networks around you.

Discern Birthdays: Reveals birthdays

Discern Lighting Level: Determine how bright of light is shining on you

Entoutcas: Summons a translucent force umbrella, for deflecting rain and/or lowering the brightness of the sun.

Faerie Glow: Outlines single target with light, canceling blur, concealment, and the like.

Fan: Generates a small local wind to cool you off and blow away gases.

Frosted Shell: Coat an object or square in a thin layer of ice, making use of the object difficult.

Ignite: Start a fire with a gesture and word.

Incubate: This spell regulates the temperature, humidity, and environmental effects of a "nest".

Instant Bread: Create bread from nothing more that wheat or flour.

Know Distance: You can determine the distance away something is.

Miracle Morning: Have a good start each morning!

Prismatic Point: You generate a fine point of light that inflicts damage of various types.

Refrigerate: Cools objects, and keeps them as such.

Repel Liquid: Cover an object or a person in a liquid repelling substance.

Simple Ice Creation: You create a small nonmagical item out of ice.

Sponge: A magical sponge absorbs liquids, as well as releasing them.

Summon Butterflies: You conjure a swarm of harmless butterflies which fly away as soon as they are summoned

Summon Chicken: Yes, you summon one or more chickens.

Summon Nature's Ally 0: Calls creature to fight.

Summon Stray: Summons a stray cat (or similar animal). No, you can't control it. It is useless.

1st-Level Druid Spells

Aarnott's Epidemic: The target comes down with a disease of your choice, which with some coaxing can be accelerated rapidly.

Alter Gravity: Increase or decrease gravity on a target.

Analyze Object: A greater form of identify which works on non-magical objects and delivers a more detailed mundane information.

Armor of Helplessness: A spell that makes you seem like a less threatening opponent on purpose, making it hard for foes to attack you.

Atmospheric Visualizer: You can visualize the sky as if it was clear and at any time.

Boiling Sphere: You conjure a hovering, superheated, steaming, boiling sphere of water that occupies a 5 foot square.

Cloth Shape: Like wood shape but for cloth objects.

Collect Humidity: Leech the humidity from an area, making it less humid and making water.

Condemning Smite: You condemn someone to be smote, and smote they shall be if you can hit them.

Cone of Pebbles: Fire pebbles at your foes

Curative Touch: A rework of cure spells, designed to be more effective in and out of combat.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Desolate, Lesser:

Detect Heat: You detect heat sources visually.

Detect Parentage: Disc determines if subjects are parent and child.

Diving Spider's Bubble: Create a bubble of air on your head to breathe underwater.

Dry Ray: Water evaporates before your eyes, dessicating creatures and drying objects.

Dust Bomb: Throw a ball of dust and grit which obscures vision and reveals invisible beings.

Enfluffen: You make things fluffier! Poof poof poof!

Extinguish Ball: Make a fire-eating ball which extinguishes flames. Can explode to extinguish a large area, or used to counterspell a single magical fire effect.

Extraplanar Disruption: Disrupt an extraplanar creature's connection to reality, reducing attack and defense and making it easier to banish them.

Fireproofing: Coat an object in a thin magical patina that protects it from fire damage.

Flee: You run from the scene with your tail between your legs.

Foot Trap: Trap an area with a "bear trap". It deals no damage, but briefly ceases a creature's movements.

Galea's Drenching Orb: Throw a ball of water that puts out fires.

Gust Bellow: Project a 15 ft cone of wind in front of you, a sort of long lasting but short range gust of wind.

Helpful Lick: You lick someone's face and they feel better.

Hood of the Cobra: Gain bonus on Intimidate checks and improve your ability to instill fear

Ice Crystal Phalanx: You create a line of freezing cold which leaves sharp ice crystals in its wake.

Ice Slider: Generate an icy path which allows passage without provoking attacks of opportunity

Increase Susceptibility: You make your hapless victim more susceptible to diseases.

Leaping Lightning: A bolt of lightning jumps from creature to creature.

Leather Seed: Let a tree grow to create leather or let it consume the insides of a dead creature, leaving only its skin.

Lesser Dispel Magic: As dispel magic, but +0 on check and fewer options.

Lesser Refresh Magic: As refresh magic, but +0 on roll and fewer options.

Light Laser: Shoot a beam of light, deal damage and possibly blind.

Lightning Arrow: You fire an arrow made of lightning which deals damage, even if it fails to pierce SR.

Love Ward: A favorite of adventurers, bards, and sorcerers in magic college. This spell protect you against the negative side effects of lovemaking.

Magic Mushroom Dust: Spread some hallucinogenic spores about, causing opponents to suffer a 20% fail chance to act.

Mantlehearth: Amplify the life-giving warmth of the earth.

Mastercrafting: Turn a non-masterwork item into a masterwork item.

Maw of the Predator: You gain a powerful bite attack as your transform your head in the head of an animal.

Nasciphysic: You become aware of the general health and well being of the natural world around you.

Palefire Missile: As the magic missile spell except it deals slightly higher fire damage and tag opponent with faerie fire.

Parachute: Create a parachute to slow your fall. Longer lasting than feather fall, but only for one person and with a few downsides.

Pathfinder: Obtain a vision of the correct path to take, shortening overland movement times, improving tracking, and teleporting with greater accuracy.

Perseverance: Grant a creature or several allies a second saving throw against a negative magical effect.

Pizizzap's Annoying Allergen: An annoying allergy that troubles a victim for a short period of time.

Poison Breath: Exhale a cone of quickly-dissipating poisonous gas.

Polish: You cause a stone or metal surface to become extremely smooth and polished.

Quickwind Shield: Protect yourself from projectile attacks as an immediate action with a brief small-scale wind wall.

Ray of Winter: You project a ray of cold that deal damage and potentiality slow down opponents.

Razor Grass: Sharpen and harden mundane grass.

Reattach: Reattaches a severed limb.

Resuscitating Jolt: Bring a target back from the brink, with a shock.

Sasha's Searing Light: Channel light to your hand to create a damage dealing ray.

Sating the Thirst: Drain water from a foe, dealing damage and causing fatigue while rejuvenating yourself.

Schizochroal: You get freaky bug eyes, now you can see everything!

Shape Cloud: Shape fogs and clouds, allowing you to make passages as needed.

Sky Eye: Project a sensor above your head up to 20 ft/level high, to gain a superior vantage point when viewing.

Solar Paneling: Attach a sunlight absorbing panel to an object or creature, giving it power, sustenance, or able to charge a focus component.

Sting Dart: Fire a poison stinger that injures and leaves painful sore welts.

Stork Call, Lesser: Makes one adult, conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another willing creature of the same species.

Summon Esper I: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Summon Fossil: Summon a fossil creature.

Terrain Arcana: Enhance the ground with a constant magical effect, which grants its benefit or penalty to anyone standing on that square.

Withstand Energy: Grant resistance to one element based on caster level.

Withstand Energy Variant: In an instant, protect yourself from energy damage.

2nd-Level Druid Spells

Albedo Armor: Gain snow armor which reflects light and ablates fire.

Alter Physiognomy: A more powerful transmutation version of disguise self.

Avian Observers: Compel a small flock of birds to report on something specific occurring in the area, but only after the effect has happened.

Bang Rounds: Create cherrybomb-like caltrops to either throw out immediately as explosives, or set as a trap.

Biting Mist: A fog bank that slowly digests everything inside it.

Blood Brothers: You take the target's blood and transform into a creature of his type and vice versa.

Bonfire's Rest: Magically infuse a bonfire or larger fires to increase rest's effectiveness.

Brooke's Lupine Transformation: This spell transform the user into a terrible wolf-like creature.

Catch Breath: Dispels caster’s fatigue or reduces caster’s exhaustion.

Chill Object: Can chill cloth, wood, metal, stone, water, earth, air - and fire.

Cryospray: Release a constant stream of freezing cold which can ice over your opponents.

Cure Wounds: Repair hp damage with a touch. Designed to replace the cure series of spells.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Cuttlefish Hypnotic Camouflage: You take the camouflaging properties of a cuttlefish.

Elemental Augmentation: Enhance yourself so that when you cast an elemental spell, you gain additional bonuses in that round.

Entangle: Animates nearby vines, briars and bushes to impede movement and hold creatures in place.

Fertilize: Heal swarms, flourish crops, contaminate areas, and cover objects in vines.

Fire Path: Release a gout of flame that leaves burning puddles behind.

Fluffy Bunny Beam: Turn your target (or a different target) into a fluffy bunny for a brief moment.

Focus Spell: Increase DC of next spell cast.

Fungal Infection: Irritating mushrooms sprout from the victim's skin, making it hard to concentrate.

Galea's Reverse Merform: Turn a creature into a reverse mermaid.

Heat Object: Can heat cloth, wood, metal, stone, water, earth, air - and fire.

Jaws: Invoke a water shark that bites enemies into pieces.

Kiden's Combustive Torch: A powerful and utilitarian version of produce flame.

Last Word: deal damage and silence target.

Light Steps: You gain a little spring in your step.

Look Out Below!: Create a false bridge that is perfectly real and able to support weight — until you decide that it isn't.

Miracle Morning, Mass: Have a good start each morning for all your friends!

Pizizzap's Bothersome Allergen: A bothersome allergy that troubles a victim for a short period of time.

Poison Needle: Conjure a poison dart to throw at your enemy.

Produce Dissolvent: Produce acid on ones hand for touch attacks or throwing. It is super effective at boring through objects as well.

Reject Earth: You inject a great deal of kinetic energy into a surface, which immediately blasts anything on top of it into the sky!

Rystil's Capturing Winds: Angry winds lift your target into the air, choking and stunning them.

Rystil's Frozen Step: Freeze them in their tracks. Literally.

Salt in the Wound: Inflict even more pain on damaged foes.

Sear Metal: A version of heat metal which target a single item, but is more rapid and painful.

Seeker Bee: Summon a ethereal honeybee that seeks out its target, then returns to you to rely instructions on how to get there.

Share Perception: See as someone else sees, colors by their perceptions

Shock Sting: Taze your opponents to stun them, or take them in nonlethally.

Snowman Sentry: Make a snowman which will alert you when creatures come near, and let you see and hear through it.

Spell's-Eye View: See from the perspective of your spells.

Sterilize: Destroy weak creatures, including swarms, instantly.

Stork Call: Makes one adult, conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another willing creature of the same species.

Summon Esper II: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Summon Monster: Summon an encounter of monsters.

Summon Spider Swarm: You summon a swarm of spiders, which attacks all other creatures within its area.

Suppression Mist: Create a mist that suppresses mundane fire and grants fire resistance.

Swarm of Minions: Summon two minions per level, who act like a sort of swarm providing small but consistent damage.

Tag: You tag one creature or object, allowing you to follow its movements wherever it goes.

Thundershock: Hit a target with lightning, with accompanying thunder.

Totemic Power: A replacement of the Animal's X spells.

Tremors: You cause earth to shoot up and hit people.

Twister Rush: Blow your enemy (and sometimes allies) halfway across the map, rearranging their position.

Water Gel: Thicken water, making it difficult terrain and difficult to breathe for aquatic creatures.

Weightless Object: Attended object becomes weightless.

Welcome to the Jungle: The area around you becomes natural terrain.

3rd-Level Druid Spells

Adipose Armor: Gain great defenses, but become heavily encumbered.

Animal Cohort: They laughed at your chicken animal companion, but then he turned into a ninja and they never laughed again.

Anthropomorphize Animal: Make an animal more humanoid.

Bio: Target takes 1d6 damage/level (max 10d6), 2 Constitution damage.

Borrowed Life: Temporarily raises one creature from the dead as a pseudo-zombie using the caster's own life force.

Boulder Cannon: Fire a large high speed boulder that knocks everything in its way down.

Brambleroot: Thorny bushes spring up, damaging and providing difficult terrain. If damaged, they explode into needles.

Cloudshape: Become a fog

Cocoon of Quick Rest: By manipulating quantum energy you infuse the bed with accelaration that is released into the body of who sleeps in it, allowing a rapid and restful sleep.

Cone of Rubble: Create a blast of rubble that stays behind as difficult terrain.

Cone of Steam: Release a burst of superheated steam, leaving a cloud of mist in its wake.

Create Plague Kansen: Transform a disease into a rampaging, malicious spirit.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Decaying Touch: With a single touch you cause decay and destruction.

Density: Either enlarge and weaken an object, or shrink and harden.

Earthshaking Growl: Keeping your tail low and growling from deep in your throat, you make the ground rumble and shake, knocking people over.

Elementalize Wood: Transform wood into an elemental variant of wood.

Enhance Potion: This spell raises a potion's caster level among other possibilities.

Entropic Blast: A conical blast of Entropy.

Fang Attack: You shoot your fangs at people.

Flameshape: I am the Human Torch!!

Frigid Downdraft: A column of freezing air brings down flying creatures.

Frog Touch: Reshape weak or weakened creature into harmless animal

Frostfire Spray: Release two cones of fire and cold damage. If you overlap them it becomes more difficult to resist.

Frozen Spiral Wind: You increase wind severity and create extreme cold around you, you can concentrate the wind on a creature to inflict large amounts of cold damage to them.

Gale Force: Generate a large blast of wind shaped in various forms.

Geyser: Ray of water.

Gnawing Maggots: Causes ravenous maggots to sprout from the target's body, causing bloody lacerations.

Greater Endure Elements: Endure elements now will protect you from any temperature extreme, and allows you to perform acts of physical endurance.

Hear the Earth's Murmurs: Listen in for creatures far away, as if using Tremorsense.

Hive Armor: Summon an armor of hive material, with buzzing bees ready to strike.

Honey Ambrosia: Conjure a cup of honey ambrosia, which is good for eating, patching up wounds, disinfecting, preservation, and a host of other things.

Hulk Out: Convert BAB into strength, for heavy blows at the cost of speed.

Icicle Spears: You summon spears made of ice from the ground, impaling foes with great prejudice.

Impale: Impale your enemies into the air, then watch them fall.

Leidenfrost Shell: Cover yourself in a protective shell of water, warding off fire damage.

Lesser Baleful Polymorph: baleful polymorph's little sibling

Life Support: Keep someone from dying even through they should be dead.

Lion's Roar: You feel the power of the lion invade you, and you release a devastating roar in front of you.

Magma Missile: As the magic missile spell except it deals high fire damage, deals splash damage and cause the creatures damaged by it to catch on fire .

Mantle of the Shocker Lizard: You channel the power of the shocker lizard, briefly taking on some of their properties and abilities.

Mark of Summoning: Places a mark on a creature or object that allows the caster to summon it to him with summoning magic.

Merform: Turn into a mer-creature, able to swim and breath water but having a hampered time on land.

Overfluff: Cause a furry creature to grow excessive hair, to their detriment.

Path to Redemption: Provides instructions for target’s atonement.

Pearl Shape: You alter the shape of an object made of pearl.

Persistent Nature's Ally: As the summon nature's ally spells, but when your summons die they come right back!

Piercing Evocation: Make your evocations effective against magical defenses.

Pogonip Bomb: Creature a small of pressurized cold energy that deals damage to one target, then detonates into a fog cloud.

Protection from Radiation: Protect yourself against the harmful effects of excessive radiation and [Light] effects.

Raise Slag: White-hot magma rises from the ground, scorching creatures and objects.

Rebuild the Body and Mind: Restores ability score drain.

Refit Limb: Reattaches cut off limbs that are still alive

Restful: Target sleeps better and quicker.

Rystil's Lightning Lance: A ranged touch spell with the potential to leave its target staggered.

Scorching Column: Generate columns of flame which can move on their own and take attacks of opportunity.

See Through Fog: See through fogs, smoke, and gases as if they weren't there.

Self Bolt: You stick your tail straight in the air and bring down the lightning.

Shards of Winter: Shards of ice pierce an area

Share Malady: You're hurt, but you can share your suffering.

Solar Denial: The target can no longer see the sun, and is cursed to live in darkness.

Solar Flare: A blinding flash of light erupts from your body.

Stork Call, Greater: Makes one conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another.

Summon Kamikaze Fiend: Summon a "kamikaze fiend" to act as a minion. As the name implies, they seem most effective when their self destructing on your opponents.

Swanlight: Manifests multiple lights which can be turned off and on for the duration.

Tearing Swarm: Create a partially ethereal and partially watery swarm of piranhas.

Temper: You temper materials, making them unnaturally rugged.

Temper Curse: Convert hard-to-handle conditions into easier-to-manage counterparts.

Thicken Air: Thicken the air, slowing creatures passage through it.

Vibralloy: Make the metal vibrate until it breaks like glass.

Volcanic Plume: A small eruption deals damage and knock affected creature prone, reaches into the air.

Watershape: Turn into water, passing through cracks and being amorphous.

Werewolf Transformation: Transform into a werewolf, driving yourself into a battle frenzy in the process. Be warned through, control is limited in this form.

Wildfire: Burn a target with ever-spreading fire.

Withering Glare: Briefly ages target.

4th-Level Druid Spells

Animal Convoking: Like animal messenger, but rather than send a message it seeks out a target and brings them to you.

Baleful Polyray: A variant of the Baleful Polymorph spell.

Belladone's Spore Wind: Release a wind which spreads a cloud of spores that carry random baneful effects.

Bio, Mass: As bio, but 20d6 maximum damage and affects all creatures in a spread and it deals 4 Con damage.

Call the Shadow Wilds: You summon twisted unnatural terrain that torment your foes.

Cat Pile: So many kittens! They're all so adorable! Crush your opponents under kittens, and make them fascinated.

Chapalu's Desert Control: Manipulate sand to form waves and moving dunes that can attack, reposition, reshape, and bury.

Chill Horde: Summon several Small Ice elementals to freeze something or someone.

Cold Comfort: Seal yourself in a protective layer of ice which heals you, but leaves you helpless.

Command Will of the Forest: Cause a number of animals to take on your will and personality, though it does not impart direct control.

Crystalline Beam: You invoke the power of a gem to create a line of force.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Density Control: Increase or decrease the density and size of an object.


Digestive Fluids: The creature's bite attack drips with acid which persists after the bite has been made.

Disable Vehicle: Disable to use of one or more powered vehicles for the duration.

Dragon's Breath: You bequeath upon a target the breath of a dragon.

Earth Power: Make the ground erupt with power — it's like flame strike, except that it comes from below. (Useful against foes on the ground, not so much against foes in the air.)

Earthshape: Become a rock

Enchant Item: Magically enchant weapons, shields or armor.

Eventide's Freeze Dry: A spell which freeze the moisture out of the target, dealing both cold and desiccation damage.

Feast or Famine: If the victims or this curse does not eats, they start starving.

Field of Eruption: The earth spits out random spouts of lava each round.

Fight or Flight: Target has a fight or flight response and is panicked and/or enraged.

Flame Pillars: Cause multiple random pillars of fire to spring up around you.

Fustigate: Improve blunt weapons

Galea's Energy Corona: Surround yourself in a damaging corona of magic.

Galea's Shark's Swiftness: Allies in burst may move and attack instantly.

Gravel of Grovel: Use gravel to make your foes grovel

Greater Reject Earth: As reject earth, but a much larger area centered on you.

Harper's Frozen Weapon: An advance and specialized version of chill metal, this spell cause a weapon to become completely frozen over.

Harper's Giant Snowball: Create a giant snowball which crushes and push people.

Hijack Animal: As magic jar but restricted to animals, and you may communicate in your new form.

Ice Spike: You conjure up a super-sharp icicle to impale an enemy from below.

Icicle Lance: Create a spear of ice which you can wield as a weapon, and snuff out [Fire] effects.

Improved Tree Shape: This spell works like tree shape, but you actually have tree properties.

Inversion Scope: you find yourself able to hit at long range, but unable to focus at close range. For some a buff, and others a bane.

Khonsou's Zoomorphism: Metamorphose into a myriad of different creatures.

Lightning Snake: Fire a lightning bolt that continues to persist, leaping back and forth each round as you concentrate.

Mantis Shrimp Spear: Conjures a spear that attacks faster than the eye can follow, generates shockwaves underwater.

Mass Twister Rush: Blow all of your enemies and allies around, arranging their positions as you see fit.

Megavolve: Empowers and physically changes a non-Humanoid creature (Pokemon d20)

Metal Shape: Like wood shape but for metal objects.

Minor Miracle: Miracles are granted in many sizes.

Minute Meteors: You launch small but explosive meteors from your hand.

Mosquito Drain: Summon blood sucking bugs that heal you as they attack.

Neutrality: Suppress effects based on alignment on the target.

Quickmite: Shrink two sizes smaller, yet become much much faster.

Rapid Unplanned Disassembly: Break down a vehicle, with spectacular results if they're in motion.

Refresh Magic: The antithesis of dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Respiratory Burst: Harness the power of oxygen to create an explosion that devastates minuscule creatures.

Resurrect Fossil: Resurrect fossil creatures.

Retributive Discharge: You resist, absorb, and eventually release electrical damage onto your opponents.

Rocks Fall: The DM's angry, rocks fall you die. This spell ensures the eventual death of those cursed with it.

Rolling Boulder: Summon a giant boulder to roll over your foes!

Scales of Balance: The neutral form of spells like Unholy Blight, Order's Wrath, Chaos Hammer, and Holy Smite.

Spicule Barrage: Generate flame spheres which attack, and then explode into columns of flame.

Spitting Swarm: This spell has two functions. One lets you spit forth summoned swarms. The other curses a target to spill swarms from their mouth.

Stormclouds of Dark Omens: Alter the weather to be dark, gloomy, and ripe for storms.

Summon Esper III: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Swarm Thermoball: Conjure a swarm of bees (or dire bees), then watch them encapsulate a creature and burn them to death with their own bodies!

Taunt: Taunt creatures to attack you.

Tendrils of the Hylozoth: Conjures thorny tendrils from a surface to deal damage and perform melee combat maneuvers.

Tetra Force: A blast of fire, electricity, acid, and cold strikes an area and denies safe passage.

Transfixion: Improve a piercing weapon

Tyranny of Movement: For when you want people to be tyrannous with movement!

Unmovable Flesh: Transform yourself to be extremely heavy and iron-like, becoming impossible to move by force.

Wall of Clearslime: Summon a transparent wall of slime which blocks attacks and hampers movement.

Wall of Crabs: Form a wall of crabs, providing a pinching danger to those passing by.

Warmth: Creates an orb of warm healing light.

Wasp Rider: Summon a giant wasp to ride upon into battle. Heck, put it in a higher spell slot and summon a swarm of them.

5th-Level Druid Spells

Accept Soul: Like Reincarnate, but all in your head. The target is reincarnated as a Sentient Illusion.

Aqua Snake: Create a water snake which runs into enemies on the ground and tries to knock them down.

Arms of the Tyrant Lizard: Not quite what you were expecting, this dual use spell either acts as a curse, or a strange blessing. Wither enemy arms and bolter the strength of your own!

Awaken Mediocrity: Turn one target into an ordinary peasant.

Baleform Burst: This spell transforms several nearby targets into an animal of the caster's choosing for a short time.

Baleform Chain: Channel polymorph magic through a cascade of enemies!

Bestow Voice: You grant a touched object the ability to think, feel, and speak.

Blue Fire: You unleash a bout of terrible blue flame which deal high fire damage and causes affected creature to catch on fire.

Borrowed Life, Greater: Temporarily raises one creature from the dead as a pseudo-vampire using the caster's own life force.

Call from Afar: Send a phantasmal figure to draw a target towards you.

Conductor of Storms: Surround yourself in a protective shield as you rain lightning from above.

Cone of Rust: Create a cone of rust to destroy metal

Contagion, Greater: Like contagion, but more spells to choose from.

Contract Seal: Touched creature immediately loses all contracts with called creatures.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of the Kender: You curse a creature to the most miserable experience of all time: living with a kender.

Divine Lightning: Call upon a divine bolt of lightning, which can stun foes.

Drown: Create water inside the target's lungs.

Elush's Epiphyseal Erosion: Break apart target's bones, causes pain, stunning, damage.

Evince Lineage: Give someone a racial "half-" template.

Exploding Flaresprite: Summon a living mote of fire that chases down the enemy and explodes!

Flying Swarmshape: For the duration, turn into a flying swarm.

Fogbank: A fog cloud large enough to consume a small town.

Frozen Blizzard: A whirling blizzard immobilizes targets over a wide area.

Great Lightning Arrow: An upgraded version of lightning arrows, which pierce through targets.

Greater Cone of Pebbles: Fire stronger pebbles at your foes

Ground Lightning: An area is protected from electrical damage by funneling all possible shocks into its center.

Heal Disease: You cure all afflictions hampering the diseases in the area.

Hedgehog Curse: The target is covered in spines that let no one touch them, especially not allies.

Hivecraft: You call bees from around the world to rapidly build structures for your benefit.

Last Rites: Choose the afterlife the dead character goes to.

Leziad's Lazy Loafing: Rest your wounds away, you slacker.

Measure of Character: A powerful curse which is placed upon those which fail a test of moral fiber and ethics. Through the curse, it attempts to alter behavior to the preferred course of action.

Petramorph: You damage a creature, possibly turning it to stone if enough damage is dealt.

Petrify Wood: Turn wood into petrified wood

Pizizzap's Epidemic Allergen: An epidemic allergy that troubles several victims for a period of time.

Pumpkin Explosion: Throw a ball of Halloween at your opponent. A round later, it explodes into Jack O' Lanterns.

Regenerate, Lesser: Regrow or reattach limbs. Heal some damage.

Rien's Rotting Touch: The target magically ages and rots away, sustaining penalties to physical ability scores and possibly even dying.

Scalding Mud: You unleash a cone of extremely hot mud, which deals fire damage and slowly boil away your opponents.

Slope Terrain: Raise part of the ground into a great slope.

Spider Calling: You summon swarms of spiders.

Summon Self: You summon yourself, with all of the benefits and penalties of being a summoned creature.

Supercool/Superheat Water: Render a pool of water supercooled or superheated. With the slightest jostle, it abruptly changes state.

T-Rex Shape: Turn into a T-Rex!

Thunderhead Visage: Transform your presence into a great stormcloud which rains revenge from above.

Unearthly Howl: You howl, and wolves come from the plane of shadow

Vacuum Sphere: Create a void of atmosphere in an area, silencing those within, subjecting them to low pressure, and suffocating them if they attempt to breathe.

Wall of Flesh: Create a wall of flesh, a literal meatshield.

Waves of Desolation: With a wave of extreme heat, you evaporate water, kill plant life and turn an area into a desolate desert.

Wind Wall, Balmz:

Zone of Vigor: Small zone heals living creatures.

6th-Level Druid Spells

Anti-Technology Field: This spell create a field which cause technological equipment to fail.

Arrow of White Bloom: Imbues an arrow drawn with the clearest frost.

Avasculate: You purge the enemy's blood vessels from their body, causing them to become violent, hostile tentacles.

Blazestorm: You summon a storm of fiery blaze, which scorch everything in it way.

Blood Storm: Fills an area with a horrible downpour of dark red, necromantic blood.

Constant Lightning: This acts like call lightning, but uncapped and without need for actions to focus on.

Crystal Shape: Shape glass and precious stones.

Cure Extended Wounds: Cures 5d8 damage +1/level (max +25).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse Transfer: You extract a curse from a creature and cast it on another creature

Elush's Elemental Extraction: Drain water from target, create water elemental.

Fire Hayball: Create a ball of hay on fire that rolls over your enemies.

Fire Sweeper: Create a wall of flame you can move around, running over creatures and damaging them.

Flamewind Spikes: You wave your tail in a spiral, then shoot out several beams of fire from the tip.

Great Flaming Sphere: An improved flaming sphere with several options.

Greater Awaken: As awaken, but better. It can also create elementals, and grant a single class level.

Greater Refresh Magic: The antithesis of greater dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Howl of the Shadow Wilds: Summon a pack of shadow wolves into the mind of your targets.

Hunger of the Deep: Curse a target so that they may never approach a body of water, lest that which lurks within devour them whole.

Hurricane Disc: Create a spinning disc of sharp wind, controlling it with your mind and gestures.

Io's Tears: Ground spews acid and debris into the air, damaging and blinding creatures caught within the area.

Lesser Crown of Vermin: It's not quite crown of vermin, but its close. A swarm of bugs acts both as shield and a weapon!

Lesser Healing Spirit: A mobile healing spirit for you and your allies that can also damage undead foes.

Lesser Regenerate: Like regenerate but much slower. However it does provide protection for a longer time.

Lightning Battery: Become immune to electricity, and absorb it to deploy later against attackers.

Lithos Shield: Summon an animated wall of stone which blocks line of sight in one direction.

Magma Melt: Deal heavy fire damage to a single creature and entangle it.

Poison Storm: Poison rains out of the sky with acid rain and scours the land clean of life.

Sasha's Sunny Day: Hinder or destroy enemies with harsh light.

Shout of Typhon: Bull rush and stun a mass of creatures in a 60 foot cone, with various options in strength.

Sins of the Father: Bind a creature and their entire bloodline to your cause and inject a sense of urgency into their lives.

Sky Lightning Runes: You write runes in the sky which when read cause the reader to be struck by lightning.

Steal Wings: You steal the wings of another creature for yourself.

Summon Esper IV: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Triple Jump: You jump through space, leaving blasts of fire in your wake.

Veles Whirl: A spell that draws upon the power of Veles, Slavic god of earth and water, to blend the two elements together and form a whirlpool anywhere... yes, you can make a whirlpool of dirt, rock, or trees with this spell, among other things.

Vulcan Bomb: You strike the target with a stream of lava, who suffers different effects depending upon how close they are.

Wind Shield: Protect yourself with high-speed winds that can catch and return any direct assault.

7th-Level Druid Spells

Arboreal Imprisonment: A limited version of trap the soul, which imprison the target within a tree.

Contract of the Completed Fate: Bind a magical contract with a creature you want.

Crashing Lightning: A massive lightning bolt cracks down, dealing massive electrical damage and a subsequent deafening sonic shockwave.

Cure Massive Wounds: Cures 6d8 damage +1/level (max +30).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Diamond Body: You turn your body into raw diamonds.

Drillbee Infestation: Summon a swarm of drill-tipped bees which bore into the bodies of those they injure and cause internal problems.

Flood Pump: Surround a target in watery orbs which spray high pressure blasts of water and push the target where you want to go.

Greater Resurrect Fossil: Resurrect fossil creatures.

Hag Coven: You summon a host of night hags that serve you in battle.

Healing Spirit: A slightly improved mobile healing spirit for you and your allies that can also damage undead foes.

Instant Hypothermia: You cause a creature to freeze to death instantly.

Lesser Miracle: Limited wish eye for the divine guy

Maggot Storm: You conjure a storm of ravenous maggots that lacerate the flesh of creatures in a large area.

Mass Drown: Create water inside the target's lungs.

Objective Word: A form of holy word for neutral beings, which invokes divine power words to punish the extreme alignments.

Overbite: You create a portal that swallows the target whole.

Rejuvenate: Make the target of the spell younger.

Reticulating Splines: Terraform the land around you into a shape more fitting for your desires.

Revenant Moss: Revive someone from the dead as a grassy doppelganger. The revival is temporary, but can make the difference in a tight battle.

Shards of Winter, Greater: Shards of ice pierce an area

Spiritual Channeling: Absorb the spirits of your ancestors and benefit from their experience.

Stasis Energy Field: Creates a field of electricity that damages and paralyzes.

Static Charge: You imbue an object with a strong static charge, frying whoever tries to open it.

Summon Esper V: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Summon Opponent: You summon your target to do your bidding.

Swamp of the Underworld: Turns dirt and rock into a rank bog that suctions everybody under.

Sword Rain: You call forth a storm that produces razor sharp rain.

Tabiris's Instant Epidemic: You really know how to share.

Torn From Within: Thorns tear apart the victims from within.

Toxic: Deadly toxins persistantly waste away at the enemy's body.

Transmute Rock to Lava: You turn stone to lava.

Transmute Stone to Delicacy: Convert cold, unforgiving stone into delicious delicious food.

Verdant Beam:

Vital Source: Gain a pool of healing which you can spend all at once, or over the course of the day.

Volcano: Creates a volcanic eruption under your opponents feet.

Wall of Plasma: A more powerful wall of fire, it glows with the light of the sun.

8th-Level Druid Spells

Art of the Gigantes: You cause the target of the spell to grow one size category per five caster levels.

Astral Protector: Protect an area, so that if it is ever invaded, you can summon yourself to protect it without threat of death.

Axe of Perun: An electrical supreme variant of ice axe that draws upon the power of Perun, leader of the Slavic pantheon and deity of thunder and lightning.

Ball Lightning: You create a massive ball of electricity that damages foes it crosses.

Blizzard: You bring about a giant blizzard.

Choking Death: With a curl of your tail, you cause your victim to gasp for air, their lungs and stomach being crushed to a pulp.

Constant Lightning Storm: This acts like call lightning storm, but uncapped and without need for actions to focus on.

Cure Surgical Wounds: Cures 7d8 damage +1/level (max +35).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Entmoot: Create an army of treants.

Flaying Wind: Create a blast of wind that strips flesh from bones.

Gemcraft: You transform creatures or objects into gemstones.

Greater Freedom of Movement: Gain freedom of movement, plus avoid attacks of opportunity and move faster.

Greater Healing Spirit: A more improved mobile healing spirit for you and your allies that can also damage undead foes.

Hurricane Force: Gale Force amped up to 11, the winds produced can destroy cities in the shockwave.

Hyperbite: A giant mouth appears and devours your opponent.

Illuminating Blast: Light-force wave similar to Delayed Fireball

Infinite Geyser: Blast targets with a high-pressure geyser which does not lose momentum, and will eventually reach outer space.

Ipsophagia: You inhabit the body of a recently dead sapient creature, and become them.

Perun Bolt: A superior version of flame strike which draws upon the power of Perun, the Slavic deity of thunder/lightning and fire.

Pyroclasm: Creates a swiftly expanding wake of consuming flame.

Schism of the Helix: Kill living creatures of a particular type.

Scream: A terrible scream escapes your lips, damaging all caught along its path.

Skin to Bees: Transform a creature's skin into bees. This is as deadly as you think.

Summon Esper VI: The ultimate expression of summon esper line of spell.

Svarog's Sword: A variant of black blade of disaster that draws upon the power of Svarog, Slavic deity of fire and the forge.

Table Flip: Flip the crust of the earth and bury your foes underneath.

Veles Missile: A supreme variant of magic missile that draws upon the power of Veles, Slavic deity of magic.

9th-Level Druid Spells

Apocalyptic Swarm: Recreate divine plagues, and ravage the land with an endless swarm of insects.

Atmospheric Press: Crush the opponent with the weight of the entire atmosphere.

Aurora Assault: Conjure the aurora borealis to shock foes into submission.

Avasculate, Greater: You purge the enemy's blood vessels from their body even more violently, potentially killing them and causing the blood vessels to attempt to kill their former hosts.

Bearpocalypse: Infinite bear works! Summon ALL of the bears in a swarm within a huge area.

Charge of Darkness: Charge at your enemy cross-country, encountering them harder than a Rhino.

Cloister: Keep out most magical travel and ward creatures except those of a designated type.

Create Life: You have finally achieved it, the power to create true life through magic.

Cure Fatal Wounds: Cures 8d8 damage +1/level (max +40).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Death Field: A pulsating zone of negative energy deals 3d6 + CL damage to everyone in a 30 ft radius around you for multiple rounds.

Degenerate: With a touch you cause a body to start eating away at itself.

Desiccate: You destroy plants and dessicate soil within the area of effect.

Dividing Driver: Split the skies, divide the earth, and rip your foes asunder with a single slash of a vorpal weapon.

Elemental Confluence: Call forth an Omnimental to fight.

Fimbulvetr: You summon air so cold it freezes targets solid.

Final Resurrect Fossil: Resurrect fossil creatures.

Form of the Colossus: Transform into an impossibly large colossus, able to go toe to toe with the biggest of kaiju. You are effectively living terrain!

Galaxy Stop: A powerful chronological effect which locks your opponents in extremely slow time.

Gorgon's Glare: Targets within cone become petrified, succumbing at once or slowly over several rounds.

Gravity Collapsar: The target becomes a gravity well which sucks in any loose objects or creatures.

Infernal Desert: Subject a huge area to fantastical amounts of supernatural heat, baking the surface dry.

Malificent Poison: A poison so toxic it despoils the land, and even the corpses it leaves behind are biohazards.

Masque of the Red Death: They'll pay dearly for not inviting you to the ball...

Mighty Thunderbolt: Fire one or two extremely powerful bolt of lightning.

Molten Tornado: Create a swirling tornado of molten lava torn from the earth.


Ontology Deinertializer: Everything your target has created will be unmade upon their demise

Orbital Laser: Focus and launch a beam of focused light to the surface, drilling a hole and vaporizing everything in its path.

Oversensitive: You become overly sensitive to everything, causing you to seize up as you are overwhelmed.

Regenerate, Greater: Heals damage and restores lost limbs in multiple creatures.

Rod's Boon: A competence-boosting spell that draws upon the power of Rod, Slavic deity of creation.

Sans' Karmic Bone Barrage: Dunk on mass murderers by assaulting them with a furious barrage of bones dealing damage over time.

Sharknado: Create a dreadful tornado with elemental sharks swimming in it.

Soul Booster: Gain boosts to skill checks based on essentia! It's Rod's boon for non-Slavs!

Sow the Seeds: Bind yourself to nearby plant life, allowing you to divvy up your combined life forces as you see fit.

Spell Void: Deadmagic Sphere which engulfs target.

Summon Biggest Fish: Sometimes known as Jonahsbane, this spell summons a massive sea monster to devour your foes.

Supernova: Pulls a star fragment into space and burns everything around it.

Tarrasque Ex Machina: Summon tarrasque into the sky; falls and deals damage, then goes on a rampage.

Transmute Buildings to Toothpicks: Destroy a large number of buildings in a wide area by reducing them to splinters.

True Daylight: Call forth true daylight

Under the Ice: You drop an entire glacier on the opposition. Painful dying ensues.

Wall of Ironize: The targeted object cannot be sold or used as crafting ingredients.

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