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Name Description Class
Abyssal Heritor Warlock Not all warlocks need damage reduction. For those that don't, gaining a few flavorful feats is a better choice. Warlock
Academy Graduate You were trained in a reputable military academy where you learned more about tactics than chivalry. This lead to your tactical ability being quite above and beyond the normal cavalier, but your challenge progression being stunted. This is mostly an upgrade to the Cavalier's Tactician ability. Cavalier
Academy Honor Graduate An Academy Honor Graduate has been trained at a reputable military academy and exceeded in tactical and weapon training. They eschew the uses of mounts and glorious charges to focus on commanding and inspiring their troops. This is an expanded version of the Academy Graduate archetype. Cavalier
Acrobatic Pokemaniac For the Thief-Acrobat (Dungeonomicon) who wants a pokemon companion Thief-Acrobat
Adamantine Monk An improvement to the monk, one which really does turn their body into a living weapon... and armor. Monk
Adapted Training Every monastery has its own prefered weapons. Monk (or other monk-like class)
Adjusted Duskblade This ACF is aimed at making the duskblade a valid choice at a very high level of gameplay. Duskblade
Adrenaline Surge The fury of battle gives your character a higher consciousness. Swordsage
Adventuring Barbarian An Alternate Class Feature set made to increase the power of the Barbarian class to be usable in higher level of play without going as far as the Tome Barbarian in it rework. Barbarian
Adventuring Fighter Bring the fighter in line with the rest of the party. How is he expected to adventure if he doesn't have the skills and abilities needed? Fighter
Alchemist Wizard You are a potion-making wizard, dabbling in chemicals and biology. Wizard
Alternate Crusader Recovery Change crusader recovery to be less annoying. Crusader or Paladin of the Sublime Way
Alternative Scoundrel Recovery You rely on your quick wit and fast blade. You recover maneuvers much more quickly, but leave yourself open when you do so. Scoundrel
Amaranthine Wanderer The temporal powers that manifest within an 'amaranthine wanderer' time walker are vastly different from that of a normal time walker, and allows them to focus more directly upon the raw manipulation of time and it's nuances. Time Walker (3.5e Class)
Ancestral Style You were not taught like others of your kind, instead do learning how to fight with weapons you were told a highly advanced unarmed technique. You are stunted in the development of your weapon skills but gained fantastic insight style passed from master to apprentice for generations. Any
Anointed Vindicator This is a variant for the prestige class erinys, better suited for a paladin (if you want to use the standard paladin you may simply drop any requirement or feature not compatible). Erinys
Apprentice You gain some of the spellcasting ability of your dormant talent, with some chance of backfire. Unfledged
Arbalester Rogue An Arbalester Rogue is a master of the crossbow, killing her foes left and right with a well placed bolt. Rogue
Arcane Archer Fix You combine archery and magic almost perfectly. This time however you don't suffer from crippling flaws built in your class. Arcane Archer
Arcane Combat Fighter A variant of the fighter, who possess inherent magical abilities at the cost of some versatility and ability to fight in heavier armor. Brave Fighter
Arcane Inquisitor Unlike normal Inquisitor you do not draw your powers from the divine, instead through intense studies you are able to cast arcane spells. Pathfinder Inquisitor
Arcane Sage Arcane Sages are wizards who rely on their insight, foresight and general wisdom in order to cast it arcane spells. While they lost many of the original quirk of the wizard, they have Wizard
Arcane Training Swordsage All swordsages receive training in more supernatural disciplines than other martial adepts. You, however, have a knack for supernatural techniques, focusing on them so much your nonmagical knowledge has suffered. Swordsage
Arcane Vanguard While some mages spent their time fostering a connection with an external creature, you practiced simplifying your motions to better channel your powers in situations where you'd otherwise be hindered. Sorcerer, Wizard
Arcanist Ranger You did not form a strong bond with nature, instead studying a spellbook and learning the secrets of wizardry. Ranger
Archaeologist While most archaeologist are not all dashing adventurers (most would be simple Specialists), some of them are. These unconcentional adventurers have acquired skill and moxie allowing them to survive even the most unlikely of situations. They however do not possess the awesome power of virtuous performance, instead having the ability to draw upon their own experience and insight to thrive. Minstrel
Armored Monk Turns out fighting without a shirt was a bad idea. Put on some armor and punch them in the face! Monk (or any class with a monk-like AC bonus)
Artificer Warlock A warlock who focus on crafting things, losing a lot of her inherent resistance and combat bonus feats. Bloodline Warlock
Astral Binder You are not a mere binder, instead you bind the spirit of the vestige in ectoplasmic shell. Thus being more of a summoner than those who chain vestige to themselves. Binder
Avowed Protector An ACF for bodyguards and guardians, it grant the ability to take charge of an ally or innocent and protect them. An Avowed Protector guard her charge and destroy opponents who would strike them. Fighter or Variant
Axelord Barbarian The axe is perhaps the most iconic weapon of the barbarian, although far from the only one. Some barbarian sacrifice their mobility and instinct in exhange for greater mastery over these weapons which are often mocked and cast aside by more 'civilized' people. Barbarian
Backstabbing Bard You're not a spoony bard and you don't sing. You charm your opponents and then knife them in the back. A mix of bard and rogue. Bard
Barbarian's Pride Some Barbarian do not froth at the mouth when they fight, instead they draw upon their immense pride and ego to pull through anything. These barbarian are less resilient than their brothers, but can focus their mind much better and even issue challenges and warning to their foes. However they find themselves unable to turn down dangerous challenges. Barbarian or Pathfinder Barbarian
Bardbarian A bardbarian is a bard who act like a barbarian. It involve a lot of fighting and singing. Bard
Bardic Familiar Trade Suggestion and Mass Suggestion out for a familiar and other bonuses. Bard
Barrage Sharpshooter Rather than carefully placed shots one at a time, the barrager excels in overpowering his enemy with a hail of arrows. Sharpshooter
Battle Binder Battle Binders focus more on physical fighting skills, using vestiges to augment their combat abilities at the expense of some of their versatility and mental defense. Binder
Battlelock A warlock whose eldritch blast manifests as a corporeal weapon, and takes on a more martial stance. Warlock
Battlemage Where your brethen focus on large-scale combat, functioning as magical artillery, you've mastered some of the basics of small-scale combat. Warmage
Beastmaster Rather than improve your own combat capabilities, you've recruited some animal friends to do some fighting for you. Ranger
Becursed Blademaster A Becursed Blademaster trade her familiar for a powerful cursed weapon. The Becursed Blade they inherit is bound to their soul and neither can exist without the other. Unfortunately such weapon can grow quite intelligent and vicious as both it and it master grow in power. HexbladeComplete Warrior
Bewitching Witch This alternate class feature pushes the witch closer to the Sorcerer, making her Charisma-based and granting her spontaneous spellcasting as well as spell known. Pathfinder Witch
Bird of Prey Barbarian When you rage you grow wings and break shit. Barbarian
Black Arrow Ninja The Black Arrow Clan fought not using blades, but bows and arrows. They soon faded into legend but some schools of shinobi still teach their art. Shinobi
Black-belt Pokemaniac Some Monks (Dungeonomicon) like to travel with pokmon. Hai-yah! Monk
Blackguard Spellcaster A blackguard spellcaster is a variant of the blackguard class, instead of granting it own spellcasting it instead advance previous spellcasting. Either full for classes with partial spellcasting or partial with class with full spellcasting. Blackguard or Black Knight
Blackthorn Punk The Blackthorn Punk are brawler rogues whop fights with their fist combined with spiked gauntlet. They are adept at unarmed combat and fighting in urban environments. However they lack the normal versatile proficiency of a rogue and do not deal with traps. Pathfinder Rogue
Blade Dancer A Blade Dancer is a hybrid initiator and spellcasting with access to the Dancing Goddess discipline. Codex Ranger
Blood Belt A remake of the Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy, the Blood Belt is a Bloodrager who learned how to use their body as their main weapon, at the expense of their training with manufactured weapons. Their focus on combat grant them an array of style they are able to use, but stunt their magical growth. Bloodrager
Bokor Instead of firing lasers of eldritch energy, some Warlocks are content with stabbing dolls with sharp things. Warlock
Bomber Rogue You rely less on sneak attack and trapfinidng and more on blowing things up with bombs. Rogue or Magic Rogue
Bonded Object Replaces your familiar with a bonded object. It's not as bad as the pathfinder bonded object. Any class which grants a familiar, or if you gain the Obtain Familiar featCA.
Bonus Invocationer Trade off damage reduction for more invocations Warlock
Bookish Sorcerer Become an intelligent sorcerer. Sorcerer 1
Bookish Wizard You cast your spells straight from your spellbook. Wizard
Boxing Monk The boxing monk focus on offense rather than defense, it sacrifice it ability to resist mental attacks in exchange for more bonus feat, better attack bonus and higher hit points. Monk
Broad Experience Warblade You have sampled from a wider variety of training than other warblades, and you have the techniques to prove it. You know maneuvers from a wide variety of different styles. Warblade
Brutal Charge While it takes you longer to build up speed than other scouts, none can contest that once you get going, you hit harder. Scout
Catalyst Witch Not all witches focus on familiars, some possess powerful catalyst which they cast their magic through. Codex Witch
Celestial Warlock Even though rarely, sometimes warlocks gain their powers from celestial forces and heavenly creatures. They subvert the usual trope, but they are not required to be or act good. Many aasimar warlocks are celestial warlocks. Warlock In The Dungeon
Champion This is a spell-less variant for the Paladin In The Dungeon Paladin
Channeling Sorcerer An extremely specialized sorcerer who know very very few spells but cast them with great potency. Sorcerer
Chaos Monk Typically not raised in monasteries but instead by lone wandering masters, chaos monk see the world for what it is, a rough and chaotic place. They see Order merely as a shackles, a burden humanity must free itself from. Chaos monks typically focus on the physical parts of the world, bothering less about the more esoteric part of the training however they are nothing if not varied. Monk
Charming Strike Replace Insightful Strike with Charming Strike. Any
Chrono-Ronin A chrono-ronin is a warrior who learned how to manipulate their own personal clock, allowing them to stop time, or move extremely quickly to everyone's else perception. The origin of their power is often mysterious, but as they grow in power it becomes more and more natural for them to exist while time is stopped. SamuraiPathfinder
Chronokinetic Psychic Certain psychic possess powers that few others can boast, power over the forces of time These extremely rare psychic perhaps acquired their ability far in the future and used their power to go back in time, losing most of them in the process. Or perhaps they suffered from temporal dilatation upon encountering a black hole, which fundamentally changed them and their powers. Or simply they could have studied time itself until they start understanding it.

However the cost of manipulating time and space is heavy on both the body and the mind, and a psychic who is not careful will quickly fall into madness. Their body and mind split between various timelines and soon leaving only a husk of their form selves. || PsychicPathfinder

Civilized Monster An elegant monster for a more civilized age. Monster
Classic Healer Trade out armor proficiencies and gain arcane spell failure for ranged healing, more spell slots, and superior healing abilities. Cleric
Cloistered Archivist You concentrate even more on your studies than other archivists. Archivist
Cloud Dancer Monk You step on the clouds and run through the air. Monk
Codex Bard This alternate class feature bridge between the 3.5e Bard and the Pathfinder Bard, which had quite a few class features (as well as the way bardic music work) that I disliked. Bard
Codex Hexblade This alternate class feature aim to make the Hexblade a class that is usable in high and very high level of play. It grant a superior form of spellcasting, more skills, a few more bonus feat as well as the ability to actually have any impact with the stupid hexblade's curse ability. Hexblade
Codex Marshal This ACF fix the base attack bonus issue of the marshal as well as making it major aura more relevant. It also add some interesting class features to the mix. Marshal
Codex Rouge A High to Very High adjustment of Ganteka's excellent Rouge class. Rouge
Combat Magician A combat magician is an adept of both the battlefield and the esoteric world of magic. Sorcerer
Combat Stylist Rangers and Wandering Heroes can sacrifice their companion for more combat styles. Ranger, Wandering Hero
Commando Some fighter do not simply relies on brute strength, the commando also relies on stealth and cunning to take down his enemies. Fighter
Commando Pokemaniac For the Assassin (Dungeonomicon) who keeps a deadly companion Assassin
Confounding Dwarven Defender A dwarven defender who uses spell-like abilities in order to not suck. Dwarven Defender
Cooking Bard A cooking bard is exactly what it sound like, it a bard who inspire not with words, dance or song, but by making succulent food. Bard
Cool Mastermind The Cool Mastermind is an extremely capable manipulator with a tendency to pull quick one. They however do not possess any alchemical abilities, simply relying on their moxie to get their job done. Investigator
Corrupted Death Knight Not all Death Knights make oath of servitude to concept, some are enrolled in the army of death through bad luck or by pledging oneself to a dark lord. These death knight do not have an oath, they cannot fall, for their power is inborn. Many Corrupted Death knight are the result of negative energy tainting the world. Although most Corrupted Death Knights are evil, they do not need to be, a few strive to be brave soul despite their curse. Death Knight
Court Sorcerer A Sorcerer trained by a Court Wizard learn to tap into her bloodline, but also possess the ability to draw upon intense arcane studies. A Court Sorcerer possess less spells per day and spell known that a normal sorcerer, but is able to prepare her spell known like a wizard prepare her spells. Sorcerer (or variant)
Courtly Fighter The courtly fighter is hybrid between the bard, swashbuckler and fighter. Fighter
Crane School Shinobi While most shinobi fight with strange exotic weapons, the crane school focus on their skills with unarmed combat. The school was ultimately destroyed by a band of roaming monks, who sought to prove themselves. The remaining students wandered and joined other schools, but their tradition survived and many shinobi today possess their fighting style. Shinobi (and Sublime Shinobi)
Cunning Barbarian A Cunning Barbarian is slightly less sturdy and well armored than the typical barbarian. However they use their cunning to evade attacks while fighting dirty. Barbarian
Dabbler of the Forbidden You dabble in terrible, forbidden rituals. As a result you do not have the usual close link with your vestiges but instead can greatly empower which vestige you can bind, at the cost of your sanity. Binder
Dark Bairn A dark bairn is a witch chosen as a child, lacking a familiar but possessing a mark on their body where they draw their powers. Most dark bairns are taken as a child to be given as offering, but survive the process with a dark mark on their body where their sacrificial wound would be. Some dark bairns are chosen by their patron as a child, drawn to the wood by a strange voice where they vanish for a time and return with an odd mark on their body. They grows into adults with strong connection with an unseen force, granting them strange abilities.

A dark bairn has an innate connection through their patron, but not one under the patron's control. Some dark bairns rebel from their unwilling covenant, using power stolen from their patron to thwart them. All the while others embrace the connection, and study the art of witchcraft in isolation. || Pathfinder Witch

Dark Hexer A dark hexer is a hexblade who completely eschewed the art of combat, instead focusing on throwing curse around. Hexblade
Dark Occultist A strange breed of Mindrender who are more carefully gifted in the art of reading and bending mind, they are more telepathically focused than the typical mind render but lose access to some of it power high. They possess less powers, but through their research are capable of changing them. Mindrender
Dark Scoundrel Not all Antipaladin are armored champions with heavy weapons that strikes fear in the heart of men. The dark scoundrels are wily and tricky, preferring to use deceit and trickery to gain upper hand rather than brute force. Antipaladin
Darkest Shadow Devotee Although the Darkest Shadows answer no prayers, and many churches frown upon it, you know better - why give up such a source of power in the service of your god (and yourself, while you're at it)? Cleric
Deadwood Druid Your druid casting no longer helps the plants and animals. Instead you embrace all the energies of the world, fire, frost, storm, and even that of life and death. Druid or any classs with druidic spellcasting
Death Eye A Death Eye is a mentalist which draw incredible energy from death, becoming deadlier but losing important support abilities. Mentalist
Death Pact Warlock Throughout history, countless magical secrets have been discovered, hoarded, and taken to their inventor's grave. Necromancy being what it is, those secrets aren't always as lost as some might want to think. Many Warlocks rise to power on the back of the ancient lore held by Lich Queens, Vampire Lords, or Ghost Princes. Some of these were even Warlocks in life, passing on their knowledge in a twisted sort of apprenticeship. Others employ magic like speak with dead to learn of these forgotten magics without needing to consort with unliving horrors, or simply plunder the tombs of ancient mages. Regardless of the source of their power, those who follow this path inevitably surrender to the temptation of eternal unlife. Warlock
Deathdealer Ranger A deathdealing ranger is essentially an assassin-ranger hybrid. Ranger
Deathmoth Disciple The Deathmoth Disciple hail from a forbidden tradition, enshrining the Deathmoth, a terribly poisonous flying insect as a sacred being. The Deathmoth Disciple are skilled in the use of poison, including eventually creating the legendary toxin itself. Unlike the typical Iaijutsu Master, they sacrifice their ability to react quickly and instead become extremely skilled in delivering injury and contact poison through their favored weapons. Iaijutsu Master
Dedicated Manifester Wilder Trade out wilder's gish-traits like BAB and HD for more powers known. Wilder
Dedicated Marksman A dedicated marksman is a ranger that lose some of her versatility for greater skill at ranged combat, especially when it come to dealing with the denizen of nature. Ranger
Dedicated Shaman You are a dragon shaman dedicated to a single energy totem. Dragon Shaman
Deepdweller Warlock Warlocks of the depths have a strong with connection with aberrations, vermins and magic of the sea, caves and Underdark. They exist in two variants, depending on their environment, be it marine or underground. Warlock In The Dungeon
Deity's Champion You are truly a champion for your deity, able to face down any foe in combat. Favored Soul
Delving Scoundrel A delving scoundrel is essentially a maneuver-using picaroon, getting a few of it mobility class and feature and a few of it tricks. It come ast the cost of some of it offensive ability as well as it ability to avoid magical detection. Scoundrel
Demon Barber You grow no hair on your own. Your great power comes from the hide and hair of the beasts you pull it from. Variant Hairbinder
Depths Pact Warlock The sea is vast, powerful, and full of secrets. Naturally, many are tempted to turn those secrets to their own ends. Most die. Drowned, killed by storms, or eaten by the beasts of the sea. But enough survive to tempt more to try. Warlocks who have dived beneath the waves to uncover the secrets of sunken cities, ancient sea monsters, or the gods of the depths find that they soon become more at home in the sea than on land. Such spellcasters are prized among seafaring cultures, their ability to foresee and eventually control the weather excusing a great deal of eccentricity. Warlock
Determined Summoner A determine summoner possess potent summoning abilities, but share a link with her summoned monster and is staggered when they are slain and her summoning abilities are very rigid compared to most. Wizard
Devilsouled Some evil incarnum users make pacts with Devils instead of worshiping demons. Demonsouled
Devoted Cleric A Devoted Cleric does not have the same combat prowess of a cleric but possess an extra domain. Cleric
Devoted Druid You are more devoted to the ideal of spellcasting, sadly this severely hamper your ties with nature. Druid
Devoted Ranger You are not as good tracker as other ranger but you have increased divine powers. Ranger
Diabolic Cleric A diabolic cleric is not devoted to a God, but rather to the Powers of the Nine Hells. Cleric or OraclePathfinder
Disciple of Eilistraee A specific cleric to the goddess Eilistraee the Moonmaiden. Cleric
Disciple of The Living Shadow You are a disciple of the terrible shadow school. Shinobi
Discipline Specialist You are a super specialized psion, to the point you cannot even normally learn powers of other discipline. However in exchange for your extreme dedication you gain some nifty abilities. Psion
Disciplined Wilder You lose the ability to elude touch attack in exchange for the ability to draw powers from a discipline. Wilder
Divine Spark Paladin Not all Paladins are powered by their Gods, some carry their own divine spark within them which is further empowered by their own righteousness. They cannot be stripped of their power, going after their core beliefs cause their divine spark to shrivel and weaken then considerably. This alternate class feature is designed for those who like the idea of the Code of Conduct, without all the hassle rulewise it causes. Paladin
Divine Warlock You are a warlock powered by either divine ancestry or the direct intervention of a deity, you do not rely on your deity as much for power but need it help to attain your full potential. Warlock
Divine-Blooded You have a tinge of deific blood flowing through your veins, which greatly alter the way you channel your divine spells. Cleric
Domain Archivist You use both prayer and study, and your deity recognizes that, granting you power at the cost of your physical toughness. Archivist
Draconic Duskblade As a duskblade you draw your powers from the draconic blood within you, altering your magical abilities slightly. DuskbladePHB2
Draconic Paladin The draconic deities these paladin serve grant them the abilities of dragons rather than healing and traditional spells to help them to vanqish evil. Paladin
Dragon Knight Paladin
Dragon Progression You are dragon and level up as a dragon, dragon dragon. Trueblood Dragon
Dragonfire Ascendant A version of the bloodline warlock for the dragonfire adept, allowing you to have some mad fun alongside the wizard. Dragonfire Adept
Dragonmark Pact Warlock Magical abilities often manifest in bloodlines. The most famous examples of this are the Dragonmarks. Most who bear them have little interest in finding out how they work, preferring to instead spend their time exploiting the gifts they've been given for profit. Some, however, instead seek to master the secrets of the Marks. Most learn little beyond a few tricks for using their mark more efficiently, but others uncover truths about these powers that many feel are better off hidden. Warlock
Dragoon Edgemaster The Dragoon Edgemaster is a master combatant who does not bother with heavier armor and magic, instead possessing heightened weapon skills and the ability to strike with incredible speed. Dragoon
Drifting Justiciar There are few vagabond paladin who eschew the use of the heaviest armor and instead rely on their agility to fight. These paladins travel light by foot to dispense justice far and wide. Paladin
Dual Specialist Specialize in two schools, but you are more restrained in your casting. Wizard
Dual Specialist Psion You have access to the special power list of two psionic disciplines. Psion
Dungeon Delver A dungeon delver is a fighter who is an expert at delving in ancient ruins, killing what inside and take the treasures. They may or may not have any archaeological interest in the thing they steal, but it generally a good thing for them to know about ancient civilizations if they want to survive through a delving. Fighter
Dwarven Lorekeeper While not restricted to Dwarves this ACF has roots in Dwarven tradition as Dwarven Bards were less charismatic or musically inclined as other bards. Bard
Eddanic Paladin A Norse-flavored paladin who smites down giants, calls upon the power of thunder and war, and bonds with a raven familiar. The eddanic paladin is not as effective against undead, and she possesses a different code of conduct than the typical paladin. She also does not possess a special mount, which reduces her mobility options. Paladin
Educated Barbarian Not all barbarian are braindead maniacs, the educated barbarian is a a clever warrior more than capable of using his brain to bring down the opposition. In exchange for a weaker rage progression and increased MAD, the educated barbarian gain much needed versatility. Barbarian
Eldritch Bard A bard whose arcane talents run to invocations rather than spellcasting. Bard
Eldritch Curse You do not possess an eldritch blast, instead you are able to spread a dangerous invisible curse. Warlock
Elemental Specialist This alternate class feature allow the Wu Jen to specialize in an elements of her choice, much liike a wizard spelcailize in spells. Wu Jen
Elementalist Warlock Some warlocks have ties with the Elemental Planes and with genies, deriving their powers from them, either by a connection of blood, a pact or study. Many warlocks genasi follow this path. Warlock In The Dungeon
Elements Pact Warlock Most interactions between mortals and genies are transient. Wishes granted for freedom, in trade, or simply on a whim. But there are stories of those who came away from the genies with more. Not some temporary boon or magical working, but real and lasting power. It's unclear weather this power is something anyone could wish for, or if it represents a deeper relationship. Some claim these individuals are genie outcasts, stripped of the bulk of their powers and forced to wander among mortals. Others hold that this state is a punishment for mortals who's wishes overstepped the bounds set by the genies, or that these Warlocks have simply managed to tap into whatever power source the genies draw their strength from. Warlock
Elite Investigator This ACF is meant for the Investigator Pathfinder class and allow it to play in H or VH environment. It grant more 3.5e compatible mechanics and spellcasting. Investigator
Enchanting Bard A bard who focused all her talents into spellcasting, becoming a potent wielder of magic in the process. Bard
Encounter-Based Wordcasting You are too impatient to wait a whole day for more words. Any class with Wordcasting
Enduring Cardshark The Enduring Cardshark is capable of lasting more than a single encounter at low level and is much like the warlock. Abstruse Cardshark
Erudite, Spell to Power Variant A less stupid version of spell to power for the erudite. Erudite CP
Erudite-ish Sorcerer Why have only a few spells you can cast now? Why not have... As many as you like? Sorcerer
Evangelist Most religions need people who spread them, many of these people are clerics, paladins and other believers. The evangelist is a divine bard, they sacrifice their superior arcane spellcasting and some of their later bardic music for slightly weaker divine spellcasting and orating spell. Bard
Expanded Unique Powers Tired of being limited to such a tight selection of unique powers per day? Get some more! EruditeCP
Expanded Variant Paladins Why should the extremes get all the fun? Introducing paladins for LN, NG, CN, NE, and TN. Paladin
Explorer An explorer is a ranger alternate class feature which focuses less on combat and more on exploration and skills. She lacks most of the martial training of the ranger, being less able to fight and unable to access martial weapons. Instead they focus on teamwork and improving their allies, as well as adapting to their environment. Pathfinder Ranger
Fae Pact Warlock Many Warlocks appeal to the fey for their power. While the stories of children wandering into the woods and returning with terrible gifts of Mab or Oberon are largely exaggerated, even stumbling upon a dryad grove, nymph's pool, or satyr revel can be a path to tremendous magical power. Provided, that is, you can convince the fae you are worthy of their attention, and survive receiving it. Most who follow this path become simple hedge witches (in many cultures, "witch" refers almost exclusively to fae-sworn Warlocks), but the truly powerful among them find themselves drawn into the otherworldly machinations of the great courts. Warlock
Familarbound Caster You know how most wizards have a familiar? Well, in your case, you are the familiar. Any class with a familiar
Familiar Warlock You are less resilient but gain a familiar. Warlock
Fan Fighting Monk You eschew the traditional martial arts, you relies on fan with hidden blades within as well as the ability to create high winds. Monk
Fanatical Pokemaniac For Barbarians (Races of War) who want to also be pokemasters, fighting alongside their best friends. Barbarian
Favored Enemy, Revised A better version of the ranger feature ranger
Favored Sole Gain divine favor to move better favored soul
Favored of Dragons Similarly to other draconic classes, a favored of dragons admires the magical and physical power of dragons, and, through a draconic deity, gains a spark of their power in its spirit.

Wielding this draconic flame their bodies and souls change in the shape of a dragon, gifting them with an energized breath, claws and arcane spells. || Favored Soul In The Dungeon

Favored of Nature This is a variant for the favored soul base class.

The favored of nature is another nature-oriented divine spellcaster, that has a special tie to the natural world, its habitants and its forces. They don't manipulate nature around them rather they channel its strength through themselves, taking the aspect of animals, plants and elementals, while maintaining some of the feature of the classic favored soul. || Favored Soul In The Dungeon

Favored of the Fiends This twisted soul is not serving divine beings but fiendish ones. The favored of the fiends is a champion of corruption and wickedness. They indulge in sins of various kinds and their fiendish patrons lend them some powers through a form of magical pact stolen from deities, that grants far more power their patrons should be able to give. Favored Soul In The Dungeon
Feat Sorcerer Lose your familiar and gain bonus feats. Sorcerer
Feat Wilder Not all wilder go crazy when they wild surge, some have a calmer mind and focus on other things. Wilder
Fencing Fighter A fencing fighter use a single one-handed or light in one hand and nothing in the other. Kind of like a diet swashbuckler. Fighter
Fetish Witch Not all witches relies on familiar for their spellcasting. The fetish witch use powerful fetishes to commune with dark spirit, who in turn advise and inspire her. This complicit relation make these witches more like clerics than wizards. Patron Witch
Fiendblooded Knight Known as corrupter, fiends get their taint over entire bloodline. Some of these souls become irredeemably tainted and become warlocksCA or are slaughtered for it. However mercy take many forms and some of these tainted child are taken in monasteries to be trained to resist evil. The Fiendblooded Knight is a Paladin who mastered their own inner demon and plan on using the power of 'evil' to defeat evil.

On the other hands, those who oppose good also seek those child and some Fiendblooded Knights belong in the ranks of servants of evil. Perhaps this is more common than the occasional brave soul facing and defeating corruption and much more willing to delve into the depth of their abilities. || AntipaladinPathfinder, Paladin (and Variants) or PaladinPathfinder

Fiendish Pact Warlock When it comes to the trade of souls for power, few do more business than the fiends. Among every people of the world, there are those desperate enough for power to accept even the most terrible of prices. Contrary to popular expectation, these are not all howling madmen, or fools seduced by false promises of power. Many who offer up their souls do so with eyes open, believing their cause important enough to be worth risking everything for. Of course, many of these stories end in tragedy nonetheless, with victorious Warlocks defeating invading armies only to inflict back the cruelties their people suffered tenfold, calling up demonic servants to extract a terrible revenge on those who have wronged them. Warlock
Fiendish Warlock Warlocks are already often connected with fiends, but this time it's for real. A fiendish warlock use powers derived from demons, devil or yugoloths. They are more offensive than standard warlocks. Warlock In The Dungeon
Fiendslayer You are specifically trained in the art of fiendslaying, relentlessly killing the denizen of the lower planes. Ranger
Fighting Warlock You are more focused on fighting than pursuing your bloodline. You are more resilient and powerful than the average warlock. Bloodline Warlock
Fire-Breathing Shinobi The reliance on sneak attack and assassination for many is a weakness, the school of the fire lizard has abandoned such technique. While the school was destroyed in a tragic and totally-unrelated fire, their technique is still passed on onto shinobi who prefer a more direct approach to combat. Through breathing exercises and ingestion of alchemical reagents the shinobi is capable of mimicking many creature and unleash a dangerous breath weapon. Shinobi
Fistful Acrobat A Fistful Acrobat has neglected her skills and some her trickier class feature to perfect the art of self-defense. She gain improved ability to fight unarmed and unarmored as well disarming and tripping her foes. Combine well with the Grimoire Acrobat. Thief Acrobat
Flavorless Blue Mage The Blue Mage class was obviously created with a specific campaign setting in mind, and many of its abilities reference creatures and organizations that are not defined in the given material; And because it's so ill-defined and specific, it doesn't fit the usual customization that D&D classes tend to exhibit. The class is absolute genius, using an obvious Incarnum theme with a completely unique set of rules. However, I'd like to draw inspiration from this and create my own variant, both with my own ideas and my takes on the original author's ideas, and with a more vague, malleable fluff that is closer to the Totemist/Necrocarnum in style. Blue Mage
Flesh Golem Domineer A rather simple alteration to the Golem Domineer turn it from a construct controller to a mad scientist who play with the very toys of the Gods. A flesh golem domineer has a less resilient proto-golem, but one that boast higher hit points and healing potential. Ultimately they also trade a powerful partial spellcasting that deal with construct and teleportation for another powerful partial spellcasting that deal with biological stuff. Golem Domineer
Fleshbender The druid turns from a scion of nature to a freak collection of genetics and grafting, enabling transformation into many beasts. Druid
Flower Pact Druid A Flower Pact Druid has no problem with civilization, as long as it behave itself. They oppose those who slay the children of nature, for food or clothing. They sometime oppose normal druids, who do not have such compulsion. Hippy Vegetarian Druids essentially. Druid, Geopsyche or Naturalist
Flowering Blossom Monk A flowering blossom monk is a Charisma-based monk with a focus on mobility. Monk
Flowing Style Shinobi The Flowing Style Shinobi is practicing a style of rapid strikes with her weapon, basing their movement on flowing water. Unlike their stealthy counterpart, they do not rely on sneak attack to get the job done. Rather they use consecutive deadly attacks used in quick succession to bring any foe down. Ninja (Pathfinder)
Flurry Monk Monks are fast but can't take advantage of it, they need to stand still to flurry. Well, not anymore. Monk
Flurry Sniper Not all mystic sniper rely on precision damage, some prefer to turn their foes into pincushions instead. Which tend to work regardless of immunities and whatnot. Mystic Sniper
Flurry of Blasts Gain the ability to shoot multiple blasts, devastating opponents. Warlock
Focused Sorcerer A sorcerer who specialized in one or more schools of magic, gaining additional benefits. Sorcerer
Focused Trance Instead of flying into a berserker rage, your psychic powers flare up and you can tap into an inner reserve of energy you didn't know you had. However the transformation is taxing on your body and mind. Wrathmind
Follower of the Fao The Way of The Fao is a foreign tradition to the Druidic World. It teaches that the true power of nature can be attained through every part of it, including one's inner self. The Follower of the Way as a result hone their mind in their own spiritual pursuit and thus are not reliant on nature to gain their powers. On the other hand the ability to transform through Channel Anima and Wildshape are themselves foreign to their own way. Druid or Geopsyche
Footsoldier Knight Not every knight fight on the back of a valorous steed, you are one of them. Tome Knight
Full Bab Monk There are better monk fixes out there, but just in case, take this. Monk
Gadgeteer A Gadgeteer Scoundrel is skilled with mechanical devices and strange artifacts and is capable of wielding with great effectiveness. A gadgeteer has mainly access to the crazy gadget discipline, her specialized maneuvers and one other discipline of her choice. In exchange for the more limited scope of abilities, she refreshes her maneuvers much quicker and has access to a broader range of abilities, at least initially. Scoundrel
Gallant Chevalier A remake of the Gallant archetype. A Gallant Chevalier is a brave and armored knight who swore themselves to the code of chivalry, They usually clad themselves in protective plates and fight against all odds. A Gallant Chevalier seek to uphold chivalry and are particularly keen at fighting vicious monsters which menace the countryside. Cavalier
Geisha About as historically accurate to real Geisha as the monk is to real monks , this alternate class feature is for oriental flavored bard. Geisha lack the ability to cast in armor but receive multiple class features to make up for it. Bard
Glacial Rider A glacial rider is a mighty cavalier riding on an icy steed. These cavaliers do not ride living mounts, instead creating theirs with ice, snow and magic. A glacial rider eschew the use of tactics, instead relying on their limited hexes and combat skills. Pathfinder Cavalier
Grand Order Knight A grand order knight is a cavalier following the united philosophy of two orders. Their relentless pursuit gives them access to effectively a highly customized order, but your lack of focus makes your challenge ability suffer setbacks and limit your combat abilities. Cavalier
Gravebound Warlock Not only clerics and necromancers dabble with the undead. A small cabal of death-worshipper warlocks exists in secrecy. They have either done a pact with some powerful undead or their blood is touched by the taint of undeath, as in the case of mortifs. Warlock In The Dungeon
Great Skald A great skald is a poet-warrior who seek ever greater battle and challenge, then turn these tales into poems and song. They are less quick and sturdy than most barbarian but can inspire great valor in combat. Barbarian or Pathfinder Barbarian
Green Beast Tamer A green beast tamer is a unique type of worldseer who eschewed the art of spellcasting and combat to purely focus on an unique aspect of nature itself. They are able to call a mighty creature made from the essence of nature itself, a green beast. Often resembling an animal a green beast appear to be made from terrain and plants, they are loyal to the wordlseer and represent their bound with nature itself. Even if a green beast is slain nothing is lost, indeed the green beast are only a small part of the worldseer and nature's essence and is easily recreated even if utterly destroyed. Worldseer
Green Knight The green knight is a martial focused druid, eschewing much of their spellcasting abilities in exchange for pure combat abilities. A green knight is especially proficient at using slashing weapons, such as scimitars, to hunt down the foes of nature or her fey liege. A green knight still gain access to a mighty companion and spellcasting abilities, which make her a great foe to face. Druid
Grenade Adept A fighter who trades some of his martial training for the ability to dabble in alchemical destruction. Fighter
Grim Mercenary A mix between the Fighter and the GunslingerPathfinder, a grim mercenary uses grit to perform various deeds. However what they gain in battle hardened toughness and skill they lack in sheer venerability. Pathfinder Fighter
Grim Mystic While other grim focus on martial prowess you have developed much stronger spellcasting abilities. You also gain the ability to steal spells from the memories of the dead, building a dangerous repertoire of spells. Grim
Grimoire Acrobat Less thief, more acrobat! Thief-Acrobat
Grimoire Fighter You learn to deal massive damage with weapons that you've mastered. Fighter
Grimoire Paladin You trade some of the protection of your deity to punish the enemies of your faith. Paladin
Grimoire Ranger Where other rangers are tougher in certain conditions and call upon animals to stand at their side, you find that the only help you need in vanquishing your foes comes from within. Ranger
Grimoire Rogue An alternate rogue who's a bit more customizable and stands out compared to other rogues. Rogue
Grimoire Soulknife Honing your Mind Blade allows you to perform at far higher levels when compared with other soulknives. Soulknife
Grimoire Tenken An alternative to the tenken which focuses even more on speed and special techniques. Tenken
Grimoire Totemist You lose some of your natural speech with animals for enhanced ferocity. Totemist
Grimoire Witch Some witches prefer intellectual pursuit, although far from all witches who use a old grimoire are intellectuals. Usually a grimoire witch is a botched wizard or a follower of the old way. Patron Witch
Guided Mystic Rather than developing a bond with a familiar, you are guided by one or more spirits. Any class that grants a Familiar, or the Obtain Familiar feat.
Guild Thief A Guild Thief is a Rogue ACF with less focus on traps and more focus on the art of crime. A Guild Thief also possess a unique blend of skirmish and sneak attack, making them versatile mobile flankers. Rogue
Gunkata Monk You're a monk from the school of gun-fu. Monk
Gunslinger Scoundrel Not all scoundrel smell like rose and blood, some smell like black powder and rose! The Gunslinger Scoundrel is a ranged variant of the Scoundrel, losing the ability fight effectively in melee in exchange for ranged ability. Their ability to use maneuvers is also reduced considerably, losing about half of their maneuvers known and access to many disciplines. In exchange they gain a higher HD, base attack bonus and some additional special abilities and feat. Scoundrel
Hairfighter Instead of bothering with spellcasting you use your possessed hairs as an enhanced machine of war. Hairbinder or Variant
Harbinger This is a spell-less variant for the Hexblade In The Dungeon Hexblade
Healer Chemist A Healer Chemist embrace violence a little less and instead receive much greater healing capabilities. They reject some of the darker science of the chemist and instead focus on alchemical healing as well as mundane healing. Chemist
Healing Helper Some wizards call energy from the plane of positive energy to serve them, rather than a familiar. Wizard
Heresiarch It is very unusual for a False Prophet to come from the ranks of a deity's clergy. However sometime a cleric become disillusioned or convinced or a falsehood in the doctrine, if these clerics are allowed to bloom they may become heresiarch. An Heresiarch is the originator of an heresy, and through it they gain their own divine powers even without the approval of their patron. Sometime heresiarch are clerics other deities or even fiend worshipers who work as undercover clerics and fool the general populace as well as other cleric for their dark master. False Prophet
Hexer You gain access to the ability to prolonging the suffering of your opponent and manipulate curses. Sorcerer
Hexing Fury You have anger issues, which sometime interfere with your ability to cast spells but grant you additional combat might. Hexblade
Hideskin Warrior You eschew armor to instead train your body, gaining an invincible hide-like skin. Barbarian or Bloodrager
High Invoker You have a really weak eldritch blast, but you have lots of invocations. Warlock (or variant)
High Roller Improve the spellcasting of a regular Gambler. Gambler
Highborn Knight Not all knights are hulking brutes smashing through the battlefield in the heaviest of plate, the Highborn Knight represent a more refined, but still resilient and willful, version of the sublime knight. It combine many of the abilities of the Duelist and Swashbukcler, however it come at the cost of their ability to use heavy armor effectively and battlefield resilience. Sublime Knight
Hollowblood Magus The Death Magus draw her power from destruction, feeding off death in order to fuel her abilities. While most do so like a cleric, using death and destruction as a channel of some sort. Others can manifest their abilities as a Sorcerer do, most likely due to fiendish or other dark bloodline dwelling in the Magus's family history. Death Magus
Holy Bolt Most paladin face threats with a melee weapon in hands, often a sword or a shield. However a few prefer more advanced weapons, such the crossbow. The holy bolts focus on ranged combat over melee combat, and master the crossbow in particular. Pathfinder Paladin
Holy Squire You have a young and hopeful apprentice who follow you around, hoping to also become a paladin of legend one day. Paladin
Horse Lord You trade the versatility of a bonus feat for a powerful mount and the ability to use it correctly. Fighter
Human-Pact Warlock By forming a pact with a powerful human overlord, you or your ancestor have been granted mystical Human powers. This is a complete refluffing and partial remechanizing of the Body Sprouter. Body Sprouter
Humble Champion Not all paladins are clad in shining armor, nor wield the sword and shield. Some prefer a lonely, ascetic existence, while others may live and work side-by-side with the poor and vulnerable. Others take up the mantle of humility as a personal choice and demonstration of piety and service to their cause, while continuing to work and train alongside the more traditional paladins of their order. On rare occasions, a deity may test a chosen warrior's devotion to the faith and not to glory, imposing these restrictions upon them for either a set amount of time, or permanently.

Whatever the reason, these paladins find that devotion and faith can provide just as much power and protection as manufactured arms and armor. || Paladin

Hunter This is a spell-less variant for the Ranger In The Dungeon Ranger
Hunter's Trance While some of your tribesmen learn to channel their inner fury to enhance their strength, you have learned to concentrate and focus yourself, greatly enhancing your senses and allowing for great feats of agility. Barbarian
Ideal Fist An unarmed version of the ideal fist, turning into an ideal version of themselves whenever their heroism is needed. However unlike the ideal arsman who can rely on the unlimited power of an artifact, the ideal fist is limited by the limits of her physical body. Ideal Armsman
Idolater A variant of the False Prophet class, an Idolater is actually a (usually) genuine worshiper of a "false deity". The deity may be an actual but forgotten deity, a dead god or it might simply be a blasphemous graven image with not being behind it. Unlike a Cleric the Idolater do not draw spells through faith and work, rather they take an insidious shortcut through abominable means. False Prophet
Ill Omens Whenever you or your opponents get a stroke of good luck, you're able to balance it out with some bad luck. Hexblade
Incarnum Monk This is a variant for the monk base class. This class uses the incarnum rules from Magic of Incarnum. Monk In The Dungeon
Infinite Lotus Disciple You are in-tune with the Infinite Lotus in a way your brother and sister martial adepts are not, at the cost of some diversity. Any martial adept class
Inspired Oracle You do not draw spells from your mysteries, instead you draw your inspiration on your divine philosophy. Oracle
Ironclad Samurai Not all Iaijustu Master use incredible speed to take their foes, some embrace a more diligent and patient approach. They often allow their foe to take a shot at them, dodge or allow the attack to bounce off their armor and immediately strike them down. These masters are often intimidating, training and honing their body and voice to make themselves true obstacle on the field. The Ironclade Samurai fulfill more the role of a tank than a striker, using her added hit point and mobility to focus on dangerous target and draw their ire for themsleves. Iaijutsu Master
Jousting Paladin A paladin with a mount right away, and powers which are much more mount focused. Paladin
Judge of Existence, Magical A Judge of Existence for magical campaigns.
Jurassic Ranger A jurassic ranger is a ranger who deal with dinosaur and other giant creatures, at the cost of her spellcasting abilities. Ranger
Kami Ritualist An alternate take on the Ward Spiritualist, the Kami Ritualist does not call upon a phantom. Instead she uses her medium abilities to commune with nature spirits, which leads her to have a strong body and mind. The kami ritualists place a lot of importance on sacred objects and follow a strict martial regiment. This leads her to have a wide understanding of unarmed fighting styles and how to use the spirit of her implement. Pathfinder Spiritualist
Katana Disciple Not all samurai wears heavy armor and carries banners, some prefers to be duelist perfecting their art. The katana disciple is a master of sword-fighting, eschewing heavy armor and become unparalleled champion of the blade. Pathfinder Samurai
Ki Blade Through endless meditation and practice a Mind Blade user gain the ability to channel her psionic power in more monastic ways than their brethren. The Ki Blade do not wear armor, instead having learned the ability to project a shield of psychic energy over her body. A Ki Blade also learn a more advanced and specialized psychic strike, although it carry risks and can only be used against those unaware of her presence. Some Ki Blade eschew the user of a blade and become soulfists. Soulblade or Soulknife
Ki Blaster Unlike the standard Ki Master, the Ki Blaster focus on her Ki Blast to the detriment of her close combat capacities. She gain more ki blast and they tend to be stronger, she also gain the ability to augment them. Ki Master
Ki Bruiser While you still possess the ability to blast apart your foes, you really prefer smashing their face in. The change in your training routine made you tougher, but less likely to evade enemy blasts. Ki Master
Ki Hyperarmor You do not have the constant passive protection afforded by damage reduction, instead however your ki act as a second skin. Ki Master
Ki Mystic The Ki Mystic is a Ki master who enjoy great harmony with her ki, however it come at the cost of being less sturdy and the need to focus before unleashing hell. Ki Master
Knight Nurse Not all Paladins seek to destroy evil, some are protectors and rescuers. The Order of the Knight Nurse focus on providing medical relief to communities besiege by war. They are adept of both magical healing and mundane medical healing and possess the ability to defend themselves. While they can, like normal Paladins, be decked in the heaviest armor and wielding martial weapons, they lack the ability to detect and smite evil. Paladin
Knight of Darkness A Knight of Darkness is a less martial focused antipaladin, trading away some fighting capacities and smite good ability for better spellcasting and touch of corruption abilities. They often find comfort and support from dark patrons, who have them fight for various dark goals. Some knights of darkness pursue their own personal goals, such as vendettas, rampant nihilism, madness and desire for utter destruction or even more sympathetic goals such as fear and despair over their coming death.

The Knight of Darkness is inspired by villains from the Final Fantasy series and other RPGs. Despite this, its flavor should be flexible and suited for most games. || Antipaladin

Knight of the Wood A ranger with several paladin traits, as they champion the cause of nature. Ranger
Knight-Aspirant A Knight-Aspirant seek ever greater challenge to prove their worth. They rarely bother with tactics, instead cloaking themselves in moxie and defeating their foes with sheer tenacity. A Knight-Aspirant is capable of fighting outside of his armor as well as inside of it and possess a greater level of weapon mastery over his tactical peers. Cavalier
Lay on Hands Crusader Most Crusaders learn to better steel their wills against foreign assaults. Your will, however, is already plenty sharp, so you have instead spent your time practicing your healing abilities. Crusader
Learned Cleric You do not prepare spells like a cleric, instead you prepare from a book much like a wizard. Cleric
Life Sight Some rangers mastered the ability to see other's life force as a way to gauge their strength, rather than getting animals to be friendlier to them. Ranger
Lifedrinking Sorcerer A little bit of a fix for Lifedrinker, but as a base class. Sorcerer
Lightly Armored You do not wear cumbersome armor like your brethren, preferring lighter loads. When wearing light or no armor you are quite proficient at getting out of the way. Any
Logical Paladin You're the thinking man's paladin. Working for the greater good is the only logical choice. Paladin
Lone Ranger You forsake the use of an animal companion in exchange for the ability to engage foes more readily. Ranger
Loner Ranger A ranger who forgoes a companion for more power alone ranger
Looter Fighter Instead of crafting you prefer looting, stealing and pilfering. Who needs to make magic items when you can pry them from the hands of your dead enemy or in the tombs of their ancestors? Brave Fighter
Loreseeker Savant A Loreseeker Savant has little time to assist others and focus almost exclusively on discovering ancient or new lore. This lead them into being much more potent spellcasters, although to a lesser degree to wizard, but retaining the skilled aspect of being a savant. That said they make for much less useful skill helpers, losing many of their team friendly abilities. Savant
Machinist Fighter A machinist fighter is a fighter who know his or her way around machine and technology. Fighter
Mad Warrior Swordman Instead of acting quickly with finesse, a Mad Warrior Swordman act with great anger to strike down her foes. This alternate class features trade away the ability to act quickly and the ability to wear medium armor for the ability to rage. Iaijutsu Master
Maestro A maestro is a wizard who specialized in the art of conducting, casting spells like a mundane maestro would conduct an orchestra. Many maestro are also Bookish Wizard reading their spellbook like sheet music. Pathfinder Wizard
Mage Gunner Some mages prefer blasting their foes with magically enhanced bullets, rather than speaking incoherently and weaving their hands randomly. Sorcerer/Wizard
Mage Hunter A ranger dedicated to hunting spellcasters. Ranger
Mage of the Empyrean You are an arcane caster who also gain power from the studies of the Empyrean planes. Sorcerer or Wizard
Magic-User Spellthief Some Mystic Spellthief prefer using magic items over defeating spellcasters and train as such. Mystic Spellthief
Magical Red Magus You sacrifice some of your martial prowess and the ability to fight with two weapons in exchange for more magical might. Red Magus
Magiknight While trained as a Paladin, a magiknight possesses a strong measure of magic in their own blood, much like a sorcerer. The pursuit of arcane prowess has led them to never properly make a spellcasting connection to their deity and has hampered their combat training, but left them with potent spellcasting. Paladin (or Antipaladin)
Maneuver-like Monk This alternate class feature turns the monk into essentially a maneuver sorcerer, with few maneuvers known but having all of them readied. Monk (SRD version only)
Manipulator Bard A manipulator bard is more focused on manipulating other more than cheering on the sideline. Bard or Minstrel
Martial Adept Barbarian The core Barbarian with a smidget of aditional rage fun and some Tome of Battle goodness added. Barbarian
Martial Adept Factotum This ACF gives the factotum a more "mundane" feel by giving him Tome of Battle maneuvers instead of arcane spellcasting. Factotum
Martial Adept Fighter The core Fighter with some flexibility and Tome of Battle goodness added. He needed it. Fighter
Martial Adept Monk The core Monk with some Tome of Battle goodness added. He needed it... A LOT! Monk
Martial Adept Paladin The core Paladin with more smitiness and some Tome of Battle goodness added. Paladin
Martial Adept Ranger The core Ranger with some Tome of Battle goodness added. Ranger
Martial Adept Rogue The core Rogue with some Tome of Battle goodness added. Rogue
Martial Aptitude Warblade Rather than wasting your time playing around with various weapons, you've been studying hard, and have mastered a discipline that is a mystery to most Warblades. Warblade
Martial Artist You sacrifice your studies and deep contemplation of the multiverse in order to punch people more effectively. It seems to be working out ok. Monk
Martial Beguiler This Beguiler ACF trade away the ability to detect traps as well as spellcasting versatility in order to gain some martial prowess. BeguilerPHII
Martial Ranger Forgo your usual weapons and use what nature gave you: your fists! Mix monk fighting styles with ranger. Ranger
Masked Binder A masked binder do not bind vestige to herself, instead she bind them to various ritual masks. She is capable of switching between vestige easily, however she lack sheer versatility. Binder
Master Elementalist You do not have a connection with animal and nature as other Druids and Worldseer, however you possess innate talents with the elements. Druid or Worldseer
Master Hacker You are such a good hacker that you are able to hack enemies, hack health, hack the planet, hack the everything! Truenamer
Mastermind Rogue A Mastermind is a rogue who use deception, manipulation and planning to win the fight. They possess uncanny abilities to deceive and manipulate outside of combat, granting them great social agility. The Mastermind need a high Intelligence to plan and grant herself non-negligible skill bonuses, however it also has an inherent problem with MAD. Both a high Dexterity and Charisma scores are highly beneficial to her in combat and out. This makes the Mastermind tricky to play, especially given that she sacrifice much combat effectiveness for skills. Rogue
Masterwork Monk Punching is an inferior weapon in D&D. But you're a monk! Show them how to really do unarmed strikes! Monk
Medical Ninja Instead of focusing on exotic weapons, your training was focused on unarmed combat, pressure points and using ki to restores the body and spirit. A medical ninja is less suited to pure combat situations, but their medical knowledge and ki ability make them valuable allies. Pathfinder Ninja
Messianic Soul The Blood of the Gods run in your vein, making your abilities much more personal than the typical favored soul. This alternate class feature improve the Favored Soul at the cost of some of their martial abilities. Favored Soul
Militant Spellcaster You give up your familiar and some of your spellcasting ability to become better at fighting. Sorcerer, Wizard
Moderate Casting A nerfed casting subsytem for lower level games. Any Spellcasting Class
Monk Archer A monk archer is a monk who fights with ranged or thrown weapons. Monk
Monk of the Voice A monk from an ancient order, that channel their ki through their voice. This allowed them to defeat their opponent with a simple whisper, and open the gate to a known with a shout. Sadly an betrayal from within caused the downfall of their order, it last members scattered to the wind, teaching a few apprentices in the way before their way is lost followers. Monk
Monk of the Wilderness A monk of the wilderness is a monk who do not live a monastic lifestyle, instead focusing on living a natural life much like a wild animal. monk of the wilderness is often combined with rage monk. Monk
Monstrous Wildblade The Monstrous Wildblade is a monster in the skin of a man, a beast only waiting to erupt. A monstrous wildblade is not bound by the natural code of conducts wildblades normally are, instead they are driven by their instinct and must either attempt to resist it and embrace it. These monsters are not in peace or harmony with themselves, nevermind the forces of nature. Wildblade
Mountain Barbarian You don't dodge attacks, you soak them. Barbarian
Mountain Druid You are just as comfortable clothed in the fruit of the mountains as with the skin of animals, and are comfortable with tools crafted from its ore as well. Druid
Musical Paladin A Musical Paladin often follow a deity of art and music, inspiring allies instead of smiting their foe with divine powers. That said these paladin are no less martially inclined than their standard brethren. Paladin
Musical Pokemaniac For the Bard (Frank's Revision) that wants a co-star Bard
Mysterious Mime A mysterious mime is a bard who relies on a very peculiar method of acting. Using her strange powers she can create imaginary walls, which behave much like a vaunted wall of force. Pathfinder Bard
Mystic Cavalier Sacrifice some general mount-riding ability for a special mount of your very own. Cavalier
Mystic Form Sometimes also referred to as the ultimate form, this form allows you to access the peak of your current potential, giving you immense power. Ki Warrior, Saiyan Warrior, or Ki Demon.
Mystic Pokemaniac For Psions who wish to share their mental gift with a pokemon Psion
Mystical Hero A mystical hero is much like a normal Transforming Hero except with powerful, but still limited spellcasting. When they don the transforming hero outfit it is not with their fist or heroics that they save the day, but with the power of their mystical art. Transforming Hero
Mystical Paladin A Mystical Paladin possess much more powerful spellcasting, becoming somewhat powerful spontaneous casters. However their combat skill are diminished. Paladin or Pathfinder Paladin
Mystical Ranger A mystical ranger is more attuned to magical power than a typical ranger, but her martial skills suffer in return. Ranger
Natural Psychic A natural psychic is very similar to a sorcerer, her psionic powers are a result of her bloodline or perhaps experiment done to her ancestors. In any case a bit of taint from psionic creature remains in her blood, although it grant her new strange abilities. Psion
Naturalist A Naturalist is a druid or worldseer with a more scientific approach of nature, which come at the cost of her combat abilities. She use her mind rather than her sense to empower her abilities. Druid, Geopsyche or Worldseer
Naturopath A mix between the druid and chemist, the naturopath lose some of the mad science available but gain some druidic powers. Chemist
Necrocarnum Knight Instead of spellcasting you have access to the ability to wield necrocarnum. Death Knight
Necropsion You are a psion who can use necromancy-like power. Any Psionic
Nightshade Monk You are a sneaky monk that deal with people by striking pressure points while they are not looking. Monk
Ninja Ambusher Not all ninja wait in the shadow to strike their foes, some prefer agile moment to constantly strike at their foes and inflict a lethal amount of damage. The Ninja Ambusher does rely on stealth and flanking, but not for it kill, as it able to prowl the battlefield with great agility to strike her foe in a most unexpected angle. Shinobi
Ninja Exorcist Not all shinobi are Assassin, some temple train specialized priestess in the art of banishing evil spirits and allow good spirits to rest. These shinobi wander the world and seek out and destroy the threat of undeath wherever they find it. They are usually accompanied by a benign spirit or a hallowed bird, which aid them on their journey and allow them to channel holy energy. Shinobi
Ninja Pokemaniac For the Ninja (Tome, by not-silly one) who also wants a pokemon Ninja
Noble Cleric While you are devoted to the Gods, you are of noble stocks. You have learned to harness divine energy with strength of personality instead of through contemplativeness. You may possess a high office in the clergy, or believe you deserve one. Cleric
Occult Mentalist An occult mentalist possesses potent psychic powers, although in a limited array. Pathfinder Bard
Occult Tattooist The strange traditions of the warlocks never cease to surprise more mainstream magic-users. Some warlocks use fiend blood or other strange ink to tattoo their dark magic directly onto their skin. These warlock wear their magic and origin on their sleeve, but are able to share it with allies and minions. The dark rituals and occult scarification has a cost, the warlock become unable to project her eldritch blast outward as they normally could. Warlock
Occult Wilder A version of wild surge for the pathfinder psychic, reminiscent of the wilder's. PsychicPathfinder
Order Herald You were chosen as an herald for a powerful order, keeping their history and legends alive and bolstering knights into combat. Skald
Order of the Flame, Variant A slight redo of the Order of the Flame that does not force a character to smite all the mooks before going for the boss. An Order of the Flame can have essentially unlimited challenge, but doing so embolden her and reduce her AC significantly. Cavalier
Pack Mother Druid A druid who sees their calling as the role of the alpha wolf in a pack, instead of as a caretaker of the natural order. Druid
Pain Point Monk Strike key nerves with your blows to inflict pain and break your opponents will to fight. Monk
Paladin of the Gate A paladin of the gate is a paladin focused on fighting and destroying eldritch abomination and other creatures that lurk in the dark and chaos. Paladin
Paladin of the Light Paladins of the Light usually come from Pelorian Faith, The sun god. Most paladins of the light follow Pelor's teachings in some fashion. They are charitable and usually go out of their way to help others. They strive to do the utmost good wherever possible, they are not constrained by order or chaos. Paladins of the Light are known to go on crusades to rid the world of Undead and Evil in all forms, but do not Blindly chase those such evils. Paladin
Pathfinder Wrathmind This alternate class feature modify the Wrathmind to fit with the Pathfinder barbarian and psychic warrior instead of the 3.5e version. Wrathmind
Patron Warlock You did not get your powers from a pact made by your ancestor, you made the pact yourself. You lose access to your Bloodline Powers and Ascension, instead you gain the power of a patron, who of course you need to please... Bloodline Warlock
Penetrating Fist Punch through your foes Monk
Performing Wizard You are a showman of a wizard, it's time to show the crowd real magic! Wizard 1
Phantom Thief Also known as a gentleman thief, the phantom thief is often a master of guile and disguise. Often born in wealth and privilege, they are known for having a code of honor they deign compromise. Unlike a normal rogue they have little in the way of attacking a flanked target, like a coward, instead focusing on their skills and more typical combat abilities. Rogue
Pheonix Vicar Clerics who have devoted their life to the study of fire can become Phoenix Vicars. Phoenix Vicars can only have one Domain. Cleric
Philosophical Monk Some people don't need to believe in an ordered universe to punch things really hard. You are one of those people. Monk
Poisoner You are not the kind to poison your weapons and use poison in combat. Rather you are skilled at poisoning drink, meal, furniture and killing or incapacitating your victim when they expect it the least. Any
Polearm Master Monk You come from a tradition of monk which had less emphasis on unarmed combat, instead training it students in the way of the polearm. Monk
Positive Connection Some barbarians have a connection to the plane of positive energy and simply heal faster, rather than taking less damage. Barbarian
Positive Song Some bards draw on the energy of the positive energy plane to heal their friends, rather than bewitching their enemies. Bard
Positive Strike Some rogues learn to channel positive energy with their attacks rather than how to avoid traps. Rogue
Power-to-Spell Sorcerer You can select psionic powers instead of spells with some restriction. Sorcerer
Prankster Pokemaniac For the Jester (Dungeonomicon) who needs a partner in crime. Jester
Primeval Totemist The dragon shaman has access to the power of the mighty primeval dragons in exchange for the versatibility of his breath weapons. Dragon Shaman
Prodigious Training Some swordsage factions allow their recruits to choose their abilities according to their own aspirations. If some martial adept choose speed, others learn more fighting skills. Swordsage
Proteus Collectivist A variant of the Proteus class, the Proteus Collectivist is based on the Vitalist. They gain increase ability to manifest powers on allies as well as support class features and at the cost of their Class Mnemonic ability and increase MAD. The Proteus Collectivist need both high an Intelligence for it skills and powers and a high Charisma for her class feature. Proteus
Psilosopher A psionic Version fo Sulacu's Excellent Philosopher class. The Psilosopher tap into the depth of the mind in order to draw her powers, making her a flavorful if limited version of the Psion. Philosopher
Psion Loremaster For Manifesters instead of Casters Loremaster
Psionic Bard Bards, now with MIND BULLETS! Bard
Psionic Biomancer Unlike others in your class, you focused on the developments of psionic powers through medical experiments instead of gaining power over nature. Biomancer
Psionic Champion Convert the Abjurant ChampionCM class to psionics. Abjurant Champion
Psionic Interference Your powers are very subtle but also strangely disrupted when wearing armor. This lack of physical defense lead you to adapt using flahses of isnight for defensive purposes. Any Manifesting Class
Psionic Jaunter A variation of the Jaunter class which use psionic powers instead of spellcasting. Jaunter
Psionicist A alternate class feature for psionic character loosely based on the 2nd edition ruleset. Any Psionic Class
Psychic Fist The psychic fist is a martial artist who honed her skills alongside her psionic power. She usually focused on defeating her fors with quick consecutive blows, or a single decisive attack. Psychic Warrior
Psychic Hellion This alternate class feature alter the Picaroon's full sneak attack progression and grant it the ability to manifest powers with great efficiency, but very limited in the discipline she can use. Picaroon
Psychic Hexblade Replace hexblade casting with psionics. Hexblade (or Dark Hexer Hexblade)
Psychic Magelock A psychic Magelock draw your power from occult sources rather than arcane source, with all strength and weakness which come with it. Magelock
Psychic Marshal You are a marshal with psychic power, because why not! Marshal
Psychic Rider Through a connection with nature spirit or perhaps the planet itself, some psychics establish a link with a mount. These psychics possess a trusty steed or other mount and have access to nature magic. Some psychic riders become protectors and servants of natural spirits alongside druids, while others use their ability for their own gains. PsychicPathfinder
Psychic Shaman The Psychic Shaman draw from the collective mind of spirits, greatly changing her methods of casting in the process. Pathfinder Shaman
Psychic Soulknife For the soulknife who devotes more energy towards the power of the mind, rather than the power of the blade. Soulknife
Psychic Wellspring Warrior Give the psychic warrior more power points, at the cost of health. Psychic Warrior
Pugilist Fighter You are a fighter who fight with fisticuffs, not hindered by large weapon or massive plates of steel to cover your muscular body. Fighter
Pursuer of Vengeance This is a variant for the prestige class erinys, better suited for a ranger, (if you want to use the standard ranger you may simply drop any requirement or feature not compatible). Erinys
Pyroblade You do not create a whip of fiery ectoplasm, instead you fashion an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. The pyroblade lack the reach of the fire lash but deal higher damage and is able to take attacks of opportunity. Pyropsyche
Pyrogenius A variant of the Pyropsyche which is a full manifester rather than a partial manifester. A Pyrogenius possess much greater psionic might, but are quite a bit more lacking in their martial prowess. Pyropsyche
Quivering Blow Revised quivering palm monk
Radiant Anima Monk The Radiant Anima Monk is a master of both her ki and positive energy, to the point of synthesis. Monk
Rage Monk You're an angry monk! Screw peace and harmony and feeling the flow of the universe, you're gonna rage out your ki so hard you break reality! Monk
Rage, Simple Math Barbarians don’t have time for lots of math. This is a variant to the rage mechanics to make its effects easier to implement, but it also may be a power buff to Rage as a side effect. Barbarian
Raging Hulk A Raging Hulk for non-humanoids, and anti-magical environment. Raging Hulk
Ranged Scoundrel You are a scoundrel that use ranged weapon instead of melee weapon. While less useful than melee weapon for maneuvers, it allow you to focus on staying alive. Scoundrel
Ranged Soulblade Lightsabers aren't for everyone, why not try lasers instead. Soulblade
Rapid Blast You've gained enough proficency with your eldritch blast that you're capable of firing it off much more quickly than normal. Warlock
Rapid Charge You gain the ability to make a quick attack-less charge. Any
Ravenveil Initiate Sorceress who draw power from an ancient abyssal artifacts. Sorcerer, Tome
Reciting Truenamer A reciting truenamer is essentially a 'wizard truenamer', possessing a unique Book of Recitals she need to study to 'ready' her utterances. She has access to a lot more utterances known, however she suffer the problems of a prepared caster; she is unable to spam her utterances and she is limited to the utterances she readied. Truenamer Rebuild
Retrained Armor Proficiency Instead of training to use armor, you trained to do something else. Any
Ribbon Herald Some paladins make pact with outside entities to uphold justice and virtues. These paladins are guided by familiar which provide them with counsel and magical abilities. The ribbon herald uses their power to transform into an idealized version of themselves. Pathfinder Paladin
Riftstriker The Riftstriker is a more martial-focused jaunter, who rely on the clever use of portals to fight her foes. While they are more versatile fighter than most jaunter, they tend to be less knowledgeable and do not possess the disrupting touch ability. Jaunter
Righteous Bow A rare breed of Paladin prefer fighting using ranged weapons, usually forsaking the glory of a shining plate of armor and longsword in hand. Instead they prefer fighting with lighter armor with some kind of ranged weapon, using rudimentary melee weapon as backup. Unlike the name, a Righteous Bow need not to fight with a bow. Paladin or Pathfinder Paladin
Righteous Paladin You believe you're Good, and effects that detect this agree. This doesn't mean it's true. Paladin
Roar of the Universe Release a deadly roar containing the language of the universe Truenamer
Rookie You gain some of the combat ability of your dormant talent. Unfledged
Royal Knight A Royal Knight is a Paladin who pledge themselves to a mortal ruler instead of higher powers and ideals. Paladin or Antipaladin
Royal Scion A royal scion is a character descended from royalty, whether the bastard of the current king or the descendant of the first monarch of the land. They are less versatile than a normal bard, but inspire their allies with bold tactics and draw from the strength of their lineage. Pathfinder Bard
Runecaster Remove vocal components, but use somatic components to inscribe glowing drawings on a surface in order to cast your spells. Any class with spellcasting.
Sage Wizard You are a wise wizard, and your arts seem closer to divine than arcane. Wizard 1
Saint's Helper You called out to an archdevil and realized too late that you misread your new patron's name. If you've ever wanted to work for Santa, now's your chance. Warlock
Samurai Pokemaniac For the Samurai (Races of War) who wishes to have a pokemon brother in arms. Samurai
Sapphire Soul Sapphire souls are a special kind of favored souls. Blessed with incarnum from birth or after training, they meld their divine prowess with the power of incarnum, shaping the divine soul of their deity and the mystic forces that it exudes. They gain a unique incarnum ability that mirrors the domain feature of the cleric in the form of a powerful soulmeld called divinemeld. They bind these melds in their Divine Soul chakra, manifesting the glory of their deity. Favored Soul In The Dungeon
Scholarly Monk Scholarly Monks focus on studies and versatility rather than martial arts. Monk (or other monk-like class)
Science Wizard You're a scientist of magic, not unlike an artificer. Your magic is really all magic items. Wizard
Scientific Flammenwerfer You are a scientist who built a very dangerous weapon, you understand it better than anyone else could and can easily modify it further. Flammerwefer
Scoundrel Blademaster The Scoundrel Blademaster is much more of a reckless duelist and daredevil, possessing greater combat prowess at the cost of her maneuver variety. Scoundrel
Scourge of the North You are a Raider from the North, master of cold, fog and the sea. Barbarian
Self Familiar Instead of a familiar, you gain benefits based on emulating a creature you could choose as a familiar. Any with a familiar
Self-Experimenter Maybe it because you ran out of test subjects or perhaps you have a twisted sense of ethic, but you make dangerous bizarre experiment upon yourself. This grant you strange and powerful abilities beyond most chemist but distract you from Chemist
Sensible Repertoire Fix some oddities in the way the Erudite learn powers. Erudite CP
Shadow Bard A shadow bard possess the ability to move and strike from the shadow as a rogue, she also possess multiple roguish spells and the ability to manipulate shadow and darkness to her whim. Bard
Shadow Companion Your animal companion is a shadowy construct from the shadow plane. Any class which grants an animal companion.
Shadow Paladin Not all Paladins fight in the light, some prefer the cover of the shadow to do their work. These paladins have a mildly different code of conduct, allowing them to associate with evil creature and later take them out with lies and poison. Those Paladins know that in in light's triumph against the darkness, there will always be shadows. Paladin or Pathfinder Paladin
Shadow Stalker While most rangers are most comfortable while in nature, others can flourish in any environment as long as they are cloaked in shadows and darkness. Ranger
Shadowstriker Monk The Temple of the Shadow Cobra was handled by worshipers of the eponymous deity. They became capable over time, to draw their ki into weapon made of shadows. The Temple was destroyed by Paladins, but the technique is still passed on, hidden away in monasteries in the form of jet black scrolls. Monk
Shaman Militant Dragon Shaman
Shining Sword Paladin A shinning sword paladin is a clear improvement over the base paladin, gaining better spellcasting and class features. Paladin
Silver Swordsman Not all swashbucklers are lightly armored dastardly dashing foes. The silver swordsman, known for the silver full plate they tend to wear, fights while wearing the heaviest of armor. A silver swordsman is able to wear heavy armor, but lacks the inherent nimbleness of the typical swashbuckler. Pathfinder Swashbuckler
Simple Scoundrel You are a Scoundrel without access to their normal maneuvers, instead you benefits from improved combat prowess and access to more Specialized Maneuvers. Scoundrel
Single Blow Monk The one-inch punch, the five-point death palm, the falcon punch, monks with this ACF are focused at doing one extremely deadly attack per round instead of flurrying. Monk
Singsword A singsword trade her ability to cast spells in order to use maneuvers, she is also much better at defending herself. Codex Bard or Minstrel
Skill Trickster Barbarian A Skill Trickster Barbarian use her skill tricks to get ahead in and out of combat. Barbarian
Skill Trickster Bard Replace bardic knowledge and countersong for some skill tricks and skill trick related abilities. Bard
Skill Trickster Fighter You trade your ability to use heavier armour in exchange for skill trick goodness. Fighter
Skill Trickster Rogue You use a lot of skill tricks and can use them more often at the expense of the ability to find and disarm traps. Rogue
Skinless Druid These druids eschew using hides and materials made of creatures as armor. Druid
Smite Opposing Alignment Crusader You find it hard to channel your righteous might against those of a similar viewpoint to yours; however, those with opposite views draw your ire even more fiercely. Crusader
Sorcerer Supreme The name is deceptive, a sorcerer supreme is a sorcerer with a supreme focus in a single school of magic. Sorcerer
Sorcerous Theurgy Your divine ability come from a divine spark within yourself or perhaps through intensive studies of the divine powers themselves. Any Divine Spellcasting Class
Soulbinder Wizard There are many things which drive great men and women to the path of wizardry. In this case, intense grief can lead an arcane caster in a foolish attempt to preserve someone they care about. This always goes wrong, causing the soul to become a shadow of its former self or be trapped inside an object. The soulbinder wizard has managed such a tragic feat, and the intense study of necromancy which allowed this deed to be achieved granted them great talents Wizard
Soulfist The Soulfist has learned how to channel her inner psionic strength into her fists, granting herself a deadly weapon. She may even shape her psionic energy into a deadly gauntlet. Soulfist are also frequently Ki Blades. Soulblade or Soulknife
Soulpriest A variant of the Warpriest, which is based of the Oracle instead of the Cleric. Warpriest
Soundblaster Bard As a bard you focus on sonic spells, at the loss of other spells focuses. Bard
Special Attack You switch out extra attacks for one massive one. Any (other than primary casters).
Spellcasting Lifedrinker You give up some of your maximum Lifewell points to advance in your spellcasting. Lifedrinker
Spellcasting Ranger You gain spellcasting with a lot more bite, at the cost of some combat ability. Ranger
Spellcasting Spellcarved Soldier A Spellcarved Soldier that actually advances casting. Spellcarved Soldier (Races of Eberron, page 166)
Spellmaster Bard You are not quite as inspiring as a normal bard, but your spellcasting abilities rival with the best guys around. Bard
Spellweave Monk A spellcasting monk who transforms their inner energy into power. Monk
Spirit of Psychomachia Replace your special mount with a spirit which guides you and grants bonuses. Paladin
Spiritfinder Shaman This Alternate Class feature combine elements from the Pathfinder Shaman and the Spirit ShamanCD. Pathfinder Shaman
Spiritshaper Druid You surround yourself with spirit energy rather than turning into animals. Druid
Spiritual Barbarian A spiritual barbarian does not distrust magic like most of her kin, instead she embrace it as part of her spiritual tradition. Codex Barbarian
Spontaneous Druid This alternate class feature turns the druid into a spontaneous spellcaster instead of a prepared spellcaster. Druid
Spontaneous Wu Jen Trade the wu jen prepared spellcasting for spontaneous spellcasting. Wu Jen
Staff Duelist The staff duelist is an expert of using pole-like weapons to poke at his foe, strikes them with great strength and easily parries their attack aside. Duelist
Staff Fighting Monk Some monks focus on the quarterstaff to a great degree! Monk
Stalking Acrobat The Stalking Acrobat is a Thief Acrobat with greater skillful and combat potential, at the cost of of it ability to find traps. This ACF is meant to improve the thief and combat aspect of the Thief-Acrobat in High or Very High games, especially at earlier levels, given it is likely the weakest tome class. Thief Acrobat
Star Pact Warlock Far beneath the surface world, beneath even the great cave-cities of the dwarves and drow there is a world older than man. Older than writing. Older even than the gods. But not older than magic. In the bones of the earth, there lurk horrors fetid with eldritch knowledge who have been practicing their mystical arts since time began. Among their slaves there number Warlocks, and all of these are sworn to the Great Old Ones, the stargods that dwell beyond and beneath this reality. Most among them die in the wars of their inhuman masters, but over the years, some have escaped and spread their arts among the people of the world. Those who devote themselves to this path learn great and terrible secrets, learning to warp space, time, and even magic itself, but are warped in turn by the touch of beings beyond mortal comprehension. Warlock
Starseeker Cleric Rather than choosing two domains and chasing away undead, you can embody a constellation, blast foes, and ward or heal allies. Cleric
Starspawn Warlock These warlocks, also know as starborn or cosmic warlocks, have an affinity with the multiverse, the night sky and forces and creatures from the Far Realm. They are renowned prophets and madmen. Warlock In The Dungeon
Stealthy Combatant Unlike most stealthy types that strike opponent's weak points for extra damage you prefer a more flexible approach to combat. Any that grant sneak attack dice.
Steel Sage You prefer to rely on steel and skills rather than insight. Monk or other class gaining Wisdom to AC (or another ability scores).
Stormsoul Adept This is a variant class for the prestige class stormtamer, better suited for a monk (if you want to use the standard monk you may simply drop any requirement or feature not compatible).

You have conquered the Storm Dragon and gained dominion over the Storm within you.

If you have monk levels, you may opt to choose this variant. Your flurry of blows may substitute Two-Weapon Fighting as a prerequisite. || Stormtamer

Street Thug You eschew the finesse of swashbucklers and charlatan, relying on brutality and your dishonorable fighting style to get what you want. You are a punk, a hooligan and troublemaker at heart. This ACF sacrifice the finesse class features to make the Picaroon a tough as nail and a fearsome street fighter. Picaroon
Strength of Conviction Your righteous zeal lends strength to your attacks and those of your allies. Paladin
Sublime Acrobat A sublime acrobat mix acrobatics and martial combat at the cost of trapfinding and delayed sneak attack progression. Thief-Acrobat
Sublime Biomancer A sublime biomancer has biological-oriented maneuver instead of spells, making her a fierce combatant. Biomancer
Sublime Blacksmith You are a maker of legendary blades. Sublime Samurai
Sublime Commando You trade your sudden strike progression and a few class features for the ability to initiate martial maneuvers. Cas' Commando
Sublime Death Knight The Sublime Death Knight is a simple ACF which combine the Death Knight class and the Paladin of the Sublime Way. Unlike the Paladin of the Sublime Way, the Sublime Death Knight do not have any fancy martial domains or special stances, instead using the power of her oath to supplement her maneuver. Death Knight
Sublime Grim You trade your spellcasting abilities for the abilities to initiate maneuvers. A sublime grim is more battle ready than a normal, using powerful martial maneuvers to tame the forces of death. Grim
Sublime Jaunter You sacrifice your ability to cast spells, including powerful teleportation effects, to instead initiate maneuvers. Jaunter
Sublime Marshal An improvement on the marshal class, which seriously suck. You gain a better bab, hit dice and martial maneuvers in exchange for your grant move action class feature. Marshal
Sublime Monk This is a variant for the monk base class. This class uses the sword magic rules from Tome of Battle. Monk In The Dungeon
Sublime Ranger A Sublime Ranger trade her spellcasting for the ability to initiate maneuvers. Ranger
Sublime Ronin You are not honorabu. This is as representative to actual histoical ronin as the Monk is to the actual historical monk. Sublime Samurai
Sublime Zen Monk You give up the supernatural abilities granted by channel ki to gain maneuvers. Zen Monk
Sudden Striker Scoundrel A sudden striker scoundrel prefer a full progression of Sudden Strike over a weak sneak attack progression. Scoundrel
Sudden Striker Shinobi You have full sudden strike progression instead of limited sneak attack progression. Shinobi
Superstar Bard Hell yeah! A superstar bard is good with crowds and music, but a little inferior in the spellcasting department. Bard
Superstitious Barbarian You don't quite trust mages and gain benefits against them while raging. Barbarian
Surge Sorcerer You gain wild surge in exchange for your bloodline. Pathfinder Sorcerer
Survivor Spell-less Ranger This ranger forgoes his divine connection and spellcasting in favor of raw surviving power and a likewise tougher companion. Ranger
Swiftblade Shinobi Not all ninja strikes from the shadow, some prefer to take fights head on and use mobility and tricks rather than dirty blows to bring their foes down. The swiftblade shinobi prefer to bound between opponents with great speed rather than striking her foes hapless. Pathfinder Ninja
Talented Barbarian The talented barbarian focuses on training his body, improving its ability to survive in the wild. He gains various bonus feats as a result, at the cost of his uncanny ability to avoid traps. Barbarian
Tech Salvager The wonders of ancient civilization are often lost to time, and some adventurous sort often brave ancient ruins and abandoned sites in search of their technology. The tech salvager seeks wonders of the ancient time, eschewing natural skills to become better ruin delvers. Ranger
Technical Pokemaniac The scientists of the pokemon world - a Rogue with a companion Rogue
Telekinetic Blademaster Not all fighters use sheer physical prowess, some who are adept of the occult have learned the art of wield weapon telekinetically. These strange fighters rely on their Dexterity as they wield weapons without touching them, eschewing strength and instead using sheer mental prowess to damage their foes. Brave Fighter
Templar While you aren't as learned in your deity's ways as other clerics, you've taken the time to better train yourself for battle. Cleric
Temporal Manipulator You manipulate time and space not through careful study, but through your own innate magic. Time Mage
Theurgist You draw your spell from inner faith rather than logic. Archivist
Third Eye Psion Trade a psionic bonus feat or psicrystal for a third eye. Psion or other class with psicrystals
Threatening Threat Where other threats learn to defend and themselves against bullrushes and the like you develop a more straight-forward combat defense as well as learning to attack for even more damage when you have the perfect attack. Threat (3.5e Class)
Thug Some rogues prefer to beat things up before they try to rob them. Rogue
Tomb Raider An alternate class feature for the Thief Acrobat that make it into a more capable fighter and explorer, at the cost of her ability to deal precision damage. Combine well with the Grimoire Acrobat. Thief Acrobat
Tormented Black Knight Not all of those who dwell the dark path do so with joy. While envy, pettiness and wrath are human emotions, so are guilt and regrets. The tormented black knight is one who starts to sway from the lower path, or find themselves too numb to care. The pull of darkness is very strong, and not many can truly break free. A tormented black knight is often overwhelmed by their emotion, becoming enraged by their own actions, the powers that led to their fall and discounted, or even the whole world. Some of them find grim determination to continue to fight the forces of good, while others turn against them, become unlikely champions. A tormented black knight can be a dark hero, or a nihilistic destroyer, not all who stray from the path find light. Pathfinder Antipaladin
Tough Wizard Trade class ability for "Arcane Toughness" Wizard
Trapper Ranger A trapper ranger focus less on fighting or spellcasting and more on trapping her foes, she use a clever combination of traps in order to gain the upper hand in combat. Trapper ranger make for great ambusher, being able to prepare their battlefield ahead of time. Finally the trapper has the option to use Intelligence for many of her class features, although her spellcasting is still Wisdom-based. This allow a ranger who ignore her spellcasting (or trade it away) to focus on skills and other Intelligence related focus. Ranger
Trapspringer Bard You are wary of traps, though some of your other abilities languish over time. Bard
Trapspringer Sharpshooter Giving up the ability to quickly reload ponderous weapons on the fly, the sharpshooter gains the ability to easily disarm even the trickiest of traps. Sharpshooter
Treacherous Cutthroat Unlike most antipaladins you do not rely on magical spells, instead you prefer fighting much like a rogue and stabbing your opponents in the back. Pathfinder Antipaladin
True Dancer You dance the dance of creation, altering reality with your movement. Truenamer
Truemaestro It is said that the multiverse was weaved from primal music, the Truemaestros seek that primal music and to harness their melody. They are much like truenamer, except weaving their power in strange melodies instead if garbled words. Truenamer
Two-Weapon Fighter You fight light but with a weapon in each hands. Any
Tyro You gain some of the skill of your dormant talent. Unfledged
Ultrametamagical Sorcerer You sacrifice knowledge of higher level spells for extra levels of spell slots. Sorcerer
Ultraspecialized Sorcerer An Ultraspecialized Sorcerer is a a Sorcerer only able to cast from a single spell school, however in exchange they gain several powerful abilities and the ability to switch their spells around a bit. Sorcerer
Umbral Warlock Also known as shadow warlock or dark warlock, these arcanists pledged their soul to shadows or study it and have a strong connection with the Plane of Shadows. In Eberron the first umbral warlocks were umbragen warlocks, that gave their body and spirit to the Umbra. Warlock In The Dungeon
Unarmored Duskblade All the other Duskblades you trained along were not as nimble as you, relying solely on their strength to fight, and their armor to protect themselves. You know that the armor that your comrades use will only slow you down. Duskblade
Unarmored Soulblade Some soulblades find that even armor made out of their own mental energy is a hindrance. Soulblade
Undead Soul Eater The Soul Eater class, with the ability to be undead Soul Eater
Underworld Musician Not all rogue practice low-blows and sneaky strikes, many prefer to turn to art and music to suit their needs. Some use their talents to be invited to concert halls to pickpocket and jewelry, while others stay in the underground scene and inspire their fellows. In any case a Underworld Musician is skilled in performance, while a bit lacking in combat abilities. Rogue or Pathfinder Rogue
Unevasive A character looses Evasion and/or Improved Evasion for a bonus feat. Any class with Evasion and/or Improved Evasion
Unholy Regeneration Gain fast healing in place of extra hp as an undead. N/A
Urban Witch An urban witch is attuned to the spirits of the street, capable of drawing on strange magic and containing it in drawing-like glyphs. These witches do not rely on familiars as a link to her patron, instead drawing on innate traditions of rumors and whispers. Pathfinder Witch
Use Magic Weapon Swordsage You do not know how most magic weaponry works, nor do you care; you just know that it works, and that it works better for you than it does for most others. Swordsage
Variant Dread Necromancer This variant of the Dread Necromancer remove some of the least useful ability, rework it spell list and it progression to make it better suited for a VH Game. The change include expanding their spell list and granting them significant ability changes. Dread Necromancer
Variant Elemental Flammenwerfer This is my.... cyrowerfer? Wait a moment... Flammenwerfer
Wand Wizard A Wand Wizard uses a wand instead of somatic components. A Wizard also stores his spells in his wand instead of his Spellbook. Wizard, Sorcerer
War-Lock Not all warlocks throw energy blasts... Warlock
Warmachine A Warmachine is a fighter who trained ceaselessly and attained the ability to master the sublime ways. They possess abilities that few other combatants can imitates, at the cost of their versatility however. Fighter
Warrior-poet You are able to seamlessly mix combat and art, and work to further both your physical talents and your intellectual capacity. Bard
Weapon Savant Sometimes a fighter just wants to focus on fighting with one weapon at a time. Fighter
Weaponmaster Guru Unlike other guru who focus on weapons associated with their philosophy, the weaponmaster guru focus on a single weapon to channel her essence through a single weapon she took she truly mastered. GuruPathfinder
Wereheart Rather than gaining a companion for life, being raised by animals has tainted you with a touch of lycanthropy, and this manifests in your rage. Beastheart

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